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  1. Will our valiant warrior and his fellow braves manage to overcome the iron red knight? Will his heart's blood flow as well as his cape? Stay tuned to find out! In all seriousness thanks for this. Even if its just a sketch its cool to see those scene like that. Hope you do more!
  2. Keyboard short cut. Could never be bothered to learn them, until google drive forced me to.Still learning them but a huge time saver in hindsight
  3. Imposter ditto to copy whatever sweeper the ennemy throws at me.
  4. Who would you hand the bomb-setting maid to anyway? The Police?! If those that Gardevoir corrupted are any indication, they are a combination of dumb and incompetent and might even get conviced to do her bidding(if she has any) You could kill her but it's a kid friendly game after all. Although Spacea and Tiempea/Crescent might do it.Plus heroes let problems fester sothey can solve them later. Good job remembering the fog, i didn't. But then why did they forcibly send the gang to Hell Terajuma(actually came to like the place through exposure effect and the map remodeling)? Making you (and maybe Melia) through physical and emotional suffering? Such benevolent goddesses would never do such a thing! I too expected a Melia tug war but the game had mercy for your soul. I actually like the arc, if only because it's a nice point to have things slow down a bit.
  5. Hi As promised some propositions. This draft might have the flaw of having too much min-maxing but what can you do: Banette: I see two ways of improving it without mega : Making him a better battler or a better support : So I would go for a ability split Bannette V1 : PRANKSTER ability So the gimmick of this one is to be the bulky one, using status moves to help the team. Another option is to give him disguise but this would hurt mimikyu « uniqueness » as well as making him worse at using status post 1rst turn. Giving him the normal type make for an unseen combination and make him a good check against other ghost but its optional. His bulk is buffed especially in the special, at the expense of attack I feel that banette know enough status move already but i don't know if it should have all status move learnt as soon as possible(since he learn will o wisp soon enough). BANETTE V2 : FRISK/CURSED BODY Compared to the mega is a little less physcally powerful and as bulky as unmodified banette. As a trade-off he get a speed of 87 which is better(still in a average awkward tier though. Giving him sword dance at 25 might help him in his task but since he is quite fragile i don't think he would be able to use it well considering it has a lot of special move 64,130,100,83,90,65 as stat might make him a good all around attacker (100 as special attack, unmodified speed° Another option would be to have the speed unchanged but with the same defensive stats as the prankster version BASCULIN: I said i would give him schooling but it would simply make it a better wishiwashi, considering his stats aren't as appealing. However something I thought about would be « BITENATOR » or to put it bluntly the opposite of regenarator : each time it is switched out it inflict 10% HP to the opposite Pokemon(maybe programing it after aftermath but replacing the trigger by the switching out BIBAREL: He trades 10 points in speed and get that much in HP. I also thought he could get a custom move «Pointy woods » which is essentialy stealth rock but as a grass type move Shedinja: He get 10 in both of his defense stats and in exchange 95 in speed. While this might take some of Ninjask niche, the goal of this change is to make him a hit and run mon : to so so he gets U turn at 22 and if you feel like it i felt he could use an unique switch move of his own: Empty Switch which temporarily(2 turns) give his ability to a team member
  6. That sounds really interesting.Ryoji will now haunt every players nightmare as he should(Although i loathe it at the same time). I guess your philosophy is to have a "fair" early game hell(even though you give a lot of options already) and so far it looks like its working. If you want to leave a clue about what the side challenge is gonna be how about saying something like "you should prepare for an endurance match": like this one could still think it would simply be a battle against really defensive mons I've been a little lazy so i didn't really went beyond what i've told you before but I will give you some proposition "soon"(within 2 weeks)
  7. Found it strange too. As you said the easiest answer is to not mix side quest and main plot. If we go for a convoluted answer: -Not informing the gang: honestly the hardest to explain since it's not like we're doing some cover operation(where indeed informing Venam is not a great idea). They probably dismiss Melia/Veronica skills in comparison to the player(not unjustified but still odd). -Disregarding bladestar: Depending on when you do the sidequest and how you dealt with Flora she is not necessarily on the run. They might also consider that Bladestar is a Grand Dream City Local problem and thus leaving t to the hand of the local police. They may or may not be aware of Cassandra's deal so maybe they deliberately want them to butt head and destroy each other? -Them being robots:maybe but what would be the point? Not like the MC know them anyway -Their relationship: never really paid atention but maybe time had them grow closer
  8. I believe you can add the scene of the main character saying his goodbyes int the beginning but leave it at that. And add lore-related stuff in the school, like when the Natarians were first discovered, or maybe a vague description of the different areas/masters of trials/how does the natarian cooperation plays out. Maybe you could give the MC a fixed name and have the name the player choose as a name for the natarian(since h doesn't have a name, the MC decides to give it that one. But I guess this would add a lot of unnessary script changes). Although it is not really a issue either way. This would be a good idea but maybe limit it to previously been location(put a trigger when you walk past the doors for example). If you havn't been there yet he tells you how to get there Well its cute in the same fashion as mimikyu I don't know yet how to do it(only have faint memory of rpg maker and never used essentials) but I know that ep18/rejuv 11 do it as you originatly intended so maybe look into that(for the egg however I hae no idea) O I see. If you want too know it was a mix between exitment and indignation. Nice curve ball O I get it in hindsight. Its just that it is hard to wrap your head around it when you have so many habits.Maybe it is the right call for balance so I would leave it there for now No biggie. I will take you up on the offer when I got time so ok
  9. So I've just been finishing your demo and it did a great job at interesting me in the world you created For record I picked Oshawott as my starter and thus had more contact with Richard. Don't know if it change with a different starter. My main team is Prankter chikorita(spam reflect) roarithe Lighting rod Grovyle A-kitsune Statik Pikachu Story/characters So from what I can gather it is a "true" meritocratic Empire where pokemon are way more equal in status that in other region. It manages well to convey the troubles that exist(first warning then attacks) tude. Also the fact that the MC is talking, and that NPC changes dialogue really contribute to bringing the world alive. As for particular characters MC: So at first I was confused if the Mc was the human or the natarian but it is nothing major. I like that it is not a silent protagonist and his realistic interactions, as well as the descriptive text that makes it feels like a visual novel I'm always for more lore. However The pacing in the start is good so maybe push it back to the school trip Map The farm is really big and that's a good thing when you like exploration. However it is also easy to miss something, especially with those long roads with almost nothing on it. Maybe shorten some of them and add signpost. Not a complaint but I still don't know what was the use of the ninetales in the south. In my experience he was only ther sleeping. Gameplay So this is coming from someone who almost finished reborn/rejuv intense. However I am no competitive player so.. You really like pichu don't you? I mean everytime a pokemon is fast it is always "almost as fast as raichu".Joke aside I like the buff to physical electrick attacks As a whole I think the game has a right difficulty. Yokuji aside there is no unfair battle and I felt no need to grind so it is a good point. It seems there is not much attention brought to field effects but honestly with all the changes it is good not having to care about it in the first area. The item rebalancing seem to work and is interesting. I can't say I like Onix/Audino pre evolution although I get that they might be too much of a early game nuke without one considering the other changes. growlithe/kitsune/rattata evolution however are good design even though I feel they might be unnecessary(even though going through early game in a T evolution might be too much since you seem to want your game to be on the brutal side) It might be intended but I don't like that if you pick "dont keep pokemon x in the party" it dos not go the PC. I thought it only meant if you wanted it with you immmediatly. I mean if you didn't wnt it at all you wouldn't catch it The school is a goof idea but I feel that you should force the battle with the student before the quizz because most of the tim you can't know the changes/have experienced them The trial was at the right difficulty in my opinion. The Mastery of birth test on the other hand.... 8 *6 battle seriously? Even though they are lv20 mons I'm sure even reborn/rejuv never dared that . Since its optionl however i guess its alright. I won it in my 2nd try(yes I cheated ) so it is definitely not impossible nor that hard however so I would let it be Sugestion Maybe you could add a sidequest for an extended pokedex which would contain: -The type changes -For each caught pokemon individual entries their change log/movesets/evolution line I feel it would be good because it gets hard to keep track of everything and it can only grow more difficult as time go on so... Minor nitpick but since you give players a large berry field maybe you could make it so you can water the field one time for every berry instead of one by one I don't remember every singl changes but there is on that puzzle me: why make ground/ ROCK no longer weak to water but now steel does. I mean I get why you want to nerf water/steel types but while most of the changes i can get behind, those will just mess with me everytime. But it is your game so you decide As for pokemon suggestion: Zorua: No changes but maybe an outside of battle ability to conceal the Mc presense Banette: Since there is no mega, give him prankster/ either a better bulk or a better speed Basculin: Schooling ability? Beautify: More speed at the cost of bulk and good movepool(if he doesn't have one) Beedrill: same as above Bibarel: More bulk and movepool. Abomasnow: More bulk? heal moves?(I know he hae ingrain but..) Shedinja: Less bulk(he doesn't need it anyway) and all in speed/attack.Maybe give him a unique move that boost his avoidance?or give him a switch mov that temporarily(2 turns) give his ability to a team member(may or may ot be too broken Ditto: automatic imposter. As a alternative talent maybe this one: Shapeshifter: allow for transforming into memorized pokemon. The memorized pokemon must hav been seen once + you need to buy some "DNA sample" in a shop(alternatively just restrict it to caught pokemon). You preselect the specie(only one at a time) as well as the moves before the battle(only level-up moves in accordance to ditto's level) It may or may not be too broken. Also I Think it would be too hard to program, as well as not being very useful(why not just use the right pokemon?). But it is an idea. But really Imposter ditto is fine as it is
  10. Curious to see how it will turns out. The lower number of badge(comparatively to rejuv/reborn) might leave more space for story/side activity and make it less drawn out Since you seem to go for numerous alternate choices/focus on character I look forward to how we interact with the cast
  11. I don't know if it will work for you(and frankly it is inefficient) but you could also try to reverse pp stall him and force him to use struggle(I used imposter ditto so lvl only afffect HPs) or maybe destiny bond him
  12. Just caught up with the run. You should not underestimate this region ability to create mind bogging attitudes, and with time travel being a thing, we might get a glimpse of advanced techniques of stupidity I still think the Marianette we've seen is from a timeline where Vitus had his "start of darkness", but differently, mostly because what we see doesn't look like the mansion in the prologue/Indriad arc(even tough he could have had it rebuilt/changed house). I see that exposure effect can start wearing down even the deepest disgust...If she weren't put on a bus maybe this could have happened with Braixen
  13. Fun (and irrelevant)fact: Back when I was first at this place I fought the fake day care couple but somehow never found the real one until it was time to save the orphan. I even thought they had them taken to some far away base (mostly becaune I never bothered coming back to oceana pier after the first time) At least this game got the voltorb flip which can be beaten through logic to some degree(not realistic but many times better than just waiting to have 9M to buy coins).
  14. I like your Fern and Florina, mainly because it still mesh well with their personality(sunglasses for the "swag jockey", glasses in place for "flobot"), and the wider pupils makes them look a bit more realistic Julia look a bit strange, it looks like another character entirely and is a bit out of place with the other Bennet has a wiser look to him and nice touch for the acnea. Both version are fine imo. Cain and Victoria look younger and for the former it makes him look a bit more friendly.I still prefer cannon though Overall I think they are okay: they feel different than cannon but that's not necessarily bad.
  15. Nice read What do you mean by " So far, she had lost two people in her lives from the very moment she stepped into the region. " I can only see Nancy, unless you meant since she arrived and count Melia in it. Other than that everything was clear and you get your point across without dwelling too much on it. Although maybe you could add some details about the hanging out in the sewers(I know it is jus t a small part of the game but since here it took days and was important for Alice it might not hurt)
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