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  1. wow... so dead for... almost 3 months...

    well, work's fault since i needed a lot of money for my new pc... and eventually lost all my progress in Reborn

    well, time to start again...

  2. Hapy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. Le Frey

      Le Frey

      sorry for the 2 and half months late reply but thank you Lykos

      surely was a fun and tiring day, and with a little of alcohol xD

    2. LykosHand


      No problem 😄, i'm glad that it was a fun day hehe and you're welcome 😄

  3. Le Frey

    Obsidia Slums Egg

    probably by the clasic method in canon games (soft reset before receibing the egg, don't save after receibing it)
  4. Le Frey

    [E18 Spoilers]Relationship Variable Guide

  5. Le Frey

    Starters location

    actually having problems with the totodile i've found him but i don't know how to battle him (in the video he appeared at first) edit: forget it now i see i don't have pokesnacks xD
  6. Le Frey

    Starters location

    someone who can tell me the location of the following pokemon? even if it require their evolutions if there's a videoguide or screens about their locations it could be good
  7. sometimes...

    i think humanity is more and more... how is the word?...

    stupid xD

  8. same here with Firium-Z and any ofensive fire move
  9. that is curious... maybe for other time or for another run (now i'm regretful for chosing the reshiram route... poor Amaria...)
  10. thanks for the answers it was a little bit troublesome due to no having ice pokemon trained (now i'm training an Alolan Vulpix and maybe later a Glaceon and using the pokemon in the area xD
  11. i know for route 4 you need changing weather moves but i'm still new with changing-weather moves i remember almost any elemental field move, tailwind and some poison moves but for this i don't know... what are the moves nedded for the mountains in route 4? specially snowy terrain [EP18]
  12. no problem at all more problem IV's, EV's and Nature of them now i'm farming scales for the nature and for the EV's a shame i'm more for singles xD thanks for the recomendations
  13. well, funny thing, it was Clauwd (Bisharp) who defeated it with Iron Head and Night Slash xD for that i have my Meowstick Prankster with Mystic Field, Sunny Day and Amplifier Rock to solve the problem of the field and leave the rest to Swanna and Ampharos... but first i want the mega-ring (but that's a problem for another post... i gues xD)
  14. well... i gues my only option is to retrain my ampharos and making it a bulk, try something with Simisage and Galvantula and maybe try to obtain a Turtwig
  15. actually the problem is with poor Amaria, i'm loocking for ways to defeat her (and grinding a lot) Titania was not a big deal (except Excadrill and Aegislash), just my Meowstic with prankster, mystic field, Trick Room and Absol with Magic Seed, Perish Song for Aegislash and changing a lot Amaria i have no idea how to counter her since my only options are Galvantula, Ampharos, Silvally (Fairy or Grass) and Simisage, Maybe that Bisharp for the Lapras and no great options since that field is a great problem once again thanks for that little Pawniard <3