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  1. By sheer coincidence, my character ended up looking like Axel ( the Avatar i use the most), after a trip to the barber. Medium and wavy hairstyle and white hoodie really has a resemblance to him. Anyone else have a similar situation?
  2. Also, Her Majesty is totally a future version of Melia.
  3. Isn't like Latios already in the game as Damien's ride?
  4. I have finally returned here after the hell that is first year college. To start, i think the part i like most of Rejuvenation is the sense of adventure, like Paper Mario the Thousand Door, each part of this game has a lot of creativity, one moment we are exploring a xenophobic town, then held prisoner, then exploring a jungle, then a resort ETC. And it's important to note that each transition feels natural. Next, i like the cast, and the game does a good job of making it seem like we are friends with them, even if sometimes it feels they only hang out with us because of life threatening situations. Erin's question to Melia regarding what will happen once the quest is over is quite poignant in that sense. I rather enjoy the little bonding moments we get with a character, like discussing with Melia about GDC and her pokemon, Aelita's interactions with us on the Xen Ship, ETC. The other point, is that i enjoy the length and difficulty, it lets Pokemon like my favorite Hydreigon shine, though it does share this with reborn.
  5. I think the photo is related to that pillar in the desert, i recall Nymiera mentioning we will meet again when it rises. I get a feeling that 13 is going to be a big one. As for the Puppetmaster, i'll place my bet and say he's on our side.
  6. Is this a legit theory or is it an elaborate joke? What do the Shrek references have to do with anything?
  7. With a game like Pokemon, for every tough boss for a player, another one would find them weak. I remember curstomping Shelly in Pokemon reborn, with my team.
  8. Let's see, Drapion would be a good setter for toxic spikes, and Dusknoir would be the hex user, excellent.
  9. Alright, so we have a plan to take out her trick room, ehh mine was her accidentally canceling it, like i did manage to flinch her first TR setter, then when she brought out her slowking, they BOTH set up trick room, cancelling the effect. I found that hilarious the first time it happened to me. Now how do we counter the Psychic field?
  10. Wait, where is the Tm for Taunt? Also who was your taunt user?
  11. So in V12's toughest fight, wasn't with Ryland, or the Surfer Duo, but Lorna. Her team is a trap room team that WILL set up, no matter what you try, and her field is so utterly broken and borderline discriminatory to Dark types.( lousy haunted field, Ghosts can't repel a Crunch or a Dark Pulse ) And considering the title for next episode implies the Puppet Master will play a big role, V13's big field may be the psychic terrain. I just know we are going to settle the score with Lorna and Crescent in that version, so this thread is all about gathering tactics to bring the field to our favor. Anyone have any ideas? Also i threw in factory, because Saki most likely will be our next Gym leader and it's a given she will use a factory field. Unless she's been brainwashed into being an entirely different trainer and became the Fairy type leader, or we fight someone else as the Steel leader. But my tactic is basically turn the field into a broken one, then wail on her team with Hydreigon, and the rest of my team. So let's brainstorm. INB4 Jan or any other member of the dev team look at our plans and try to plan around the plan we are making, and then we will plan around the plan they are planning in response to the plans we are making.
  12. My god, is this mod tough, it makes regular Reborn look Gen 6 easy. So We all know the infamous Solaris Garchomp challenge, i read ahead AND HE USES AN ENTIRE TEAM ALONG WITH GARCHOMP? Any advice would be VERY helpful.
  13. It's not attacking at all. Both times i ran V12 i wailed on it mercilessly. Is this a glitch or intentional?
  14. So i just did the alternate ending of the Hidden Library finale, and jeez, that was dark, i basically killed both Karrina and Karen, and i totally know it's going to backfire. Anyone know what Karrina dropped though? Anyway, the fact that this game has Karma points, and that it is a legit option to have Melia who is unambiguously heroic say she doesn't trust us.(Thank you huh? glitch) if we have too low a trust with her, and all the other questionable acts we are given, is this game building up to a branching finale? According to the scene with Melia and Erin in the library, the interceptor is called upon as a JUDGE not a savior of the world, and we can see that Melia and Erin are worried about the implications. It this going to be like Shin Megami Tensei iv Apocalypse, Undertale, or Soul Nomad's demon path, where we can go evil and fight against our former companions? Melia being the main hero to our villain protagonist in this hypothetical scenario, would be EPIC, i mean we have fought against Melia and Aelita this patch, so it's not entirely unfounded. Plus the Ghost's comments during our little coma in V11 does alter depending on our karma meter i believe, it reacted positively on my playthrough where i picked all the heroic actions, and negatively in my other run. I am however curious to see what would happen if you have low karma but with high relationship points with our friends, i'm just assuming it makes the infighting more heartbreaking on the friend's side. I could be horribly wrong though, we were given a chance to side with Team Bladestar, and both choices led to the same route, so it's entirely possible we save the planet despite being a jerk.
  15. I think it's more of a reincarnation situation. Then again, we know Indriad has lived for over a century according to Gardevoir.
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