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  1. Thanks. Looking forward to our eventual Gym battle with her.
  2. What's the name of the song that plays when Saki shows up? Specifically the Trolley scene and the part where she destroys the Xen Wall in Valor mountain.
  3. Yeah but Cosmia and Comet at the very least have been impersonating Nancy and us for quite some time, it's very possible they rigged this in advance under orders of Team Xen for whatever reason. Speaking of Team Xen, but at this point do they even want us dead? This may be off topic, but consider that Madame X has been forced to save us at least twice and that Team Xen could easily kill us in our sleep since the Cassandra knows we are there, i'm starting to wonder if Team Xen has a reason for us to keep living.
  4. So, while waiting for V12, i was thinking we could all try to deduce who put our little group in the Tournament of dreams. Spoilers below. My top suspects are either Crescent or Amanda, Crescent is the manipulative sort as we all know and putting us in the tournament may be her way of guiding us in the right direction, and tampering with people is her specialty so editing some memories of the officials would be child's play Amanda is in a perfect position to put us in the tournament , as the Scout and co-manager of the league she has ample influence over anything that would involve the Aevium League, and this tournament's prize is an automatic 18 badge invitation to the Elite eight challenge. It stands to reason she could arrange this scenario, but on the other hand she has no motivation to do something like this and she only seems to just learn Melia was alive right before the Grand Ball blows up. Cosmia and Cosmet are other likely candidates, they can impersonate people and are working for Team Xen as far as we can tell, so they have the means and the motivation. Anyone else have any ideas?
  5. No online play? Then how do we ask for OP mons with perfect stats- i mean, battle other players?
  6. This game has no online update or online play yet.
  7. Is the Dawn Stone in this game?
  8. A battle frontier would be very fitting in a game this sadistic.
  9. Well it would certainly be interesting to see, but what could top Mega Rayquaza?
  10. Okay, do you have any way to change the field? If not, edit your save file to before you enter West Gearen. Like Blaziken's sky uppercut or Camerupt's lava plume?
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