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  1. Okay, so assuming Madam X gains Melia's light, what exactly is she planning on doing with it? World domination? Remake the universe? She also was plotting on using the pyramid to travel other planets, but back on topic, what could you do with Melia's light besides generic white mage powers? From Melanie's happy ending, we can assume mental control is possible, which may bring me back to Xenpurgis and why Melia was given the gold version.
  2. I recall her repairing her mask during a lose to Melia and Aelita run, but not in a defeat them run. Besides she still was put on the losing side and needed the Surfer duo to back her up. Plus you gotta admit, Madam X falling down a trap door was pretty hilarious, also assuming Melanie is Maria, even if she knows advanced calculus, that's still no excuse for Madam X being fooled by a trap door. Also after seeing the alternate choices, apparently a fully powered up Melanie can overpower Madam X, huh. I'm also quite curious as to what the Light did to the rest of the survivors and us, some form of mind control? Tesla was so far gone, she would have reported Amber, brrrr.
  3. We should note Angie failing to sacrifice Melia is what triggers her mental breakdown, so perhaps there is struggle going on her in mind? It's interesting to note, Angie has someone inform you about strategy just like Vitus does when we fight Maria, sure it's a gameplay mechanic but still. In regards to Madam X, she was outsmarted by a little girl, and not with some complicated trick or anything, but a goddamn trap door. That's hilarious, and not something you'd want to associate with the Big Bad or one of them at least. But I'm a tad disapointed, we don't get another rematch with her, like the duel with Solaris at Fiore Mansion, it's a serious missed opportunity to reduce her to a cutscene boss. That said, i'm now more worried about the Surfer duo, because they've been putting a better performance and having a much threatening presence than Madam X has recently. But wait, repairs the damage? last i checked she left with a broken mask, and she mentions her suit is actually limiting her, kinda like Darth Vader. But hey, we'll see if Xenpurgis brings her back some credibility. Speaking of Melanie, anyone know why she's suddenly British?
  4. I know that Vitus losing his wife caused him to turn evil, again, but the dude had a cult in his basement complete with lava pits. That's not a spurn of the moment action, plus there are implications that their marriage was unhappy, in Blacksteeple castle, you can find a book labeled how to deal with domestic abuse that was owned by Anathea, and in the family portrait of Maria's family, Vitus looks unhappy.
  5. Just a reminder, Angie introduces herself as Angie THEOLIA, I honestly don't think it's possession, more like some sort of corruption perhaps of memories?, as Cyphre brings up, because if Vitus did possess Angie, he(she?) would have recognized Melia when they interacted, more so when Melia turned into Maria for a few seconds. Also, no Madam X is not future Melia or anything, recall in the bad future, there is a lot of drama surrounding the fact two people in the same time cannot co-exist for too long, and the overlapping drama is between Melia and Melanie, not Madam X at all. That would mean, Madam X has no connection to Melia as a counterpart. Also regarding the cutscene fight, it;s a common trope to have the bad guy claim they lost because they got too complacent, i personally think, Madam X was trying to save face,heh, but yes while we did lose, it was not because of Madam X, but the Surfer duo and their illusions, so Madam X's decay still applies. And really, i'd like to discuss where Madelis's character is going from here, any thoughts?
  6. Team Xen were introduced in this game as a frighteningly effective force, attacking our boat trip, experimenting and killing various Pokemon by turning them into Shadow and Rift Pokemon, and basically being a terrorist organization. The Admins have made an impression, Madelis murders Keta, leads the production of Shadow Pokemon, throws a Shadow Mewtwo on us, turns a baby Volcanion into a rift, forcing us to mercy kill it, and almost murders everyone in Sheridan. Neved works multiple people in Blacksteeple castle, tortures Aelita and basically is a jerk, Geara needs no introduction, and Nastasia lead Deoxys to attack Valor shore,ETC. But now it seems all of a sudden they become incompetent, like the Deathwings who kidnap us at akuwa town, are used as props and in one case in V12, as a literal blockade to stop us from going to Xen HQ, and in general not doing much and taking a backseat to Bladestar. Hell Madelis is a walking reminder of how far you can fall as a villain, after Zetta, she made a damn good impression as a villain, murdered Keta, made Mewtwo a slave, and generally establishes the threat and how low Team Xen can sink, now look at her: She wastes a perfectly good opportunity to kidnap Melia at the resort to play fangirl to Tesla with a nonsensical plan involving kidnapping her daughter for some reason, and even gives us a chance to get a Ralts, is reduced to being Cassandra's slave, hides in fear of us at GDC, and is publicly humiliated at the GDC ball and runs away crying. I'm curious where the Dev team is going with this, do they want us to sympathize with Madelis? Because personally, after what she did in the early game, i'm finding her current state to be karmic and hilarious. Are they trying to make like a redemption story for her? That's the feeling i'm getting, all of a sudden, in V12, she saves Melia instead of kidnapping her on the spot to give to Madam X, and then it's hinted she has a tragic backstory involving her sister named Lisbeth(which would imply her codename Madelis is a combination of her name and her sister, which makes no sense considering her surprise and jab at Kenneth's code name being a combination of Kenneth and Taelia. If giving Madelis a Heel-Face turn as Tv Tropes would say, the Dev team is going to have to do a LOT to convince me, Madelis has a lot of blood on her hands, and i want to see how Aelita would react to her as of now. Come to think of it, the story so far is trying it's best to make you like the Team Xen admins, we see Nastasia's backstory and instead of being the cold professional villain we'd expect, she's become a stereotypical tsundere and even helps save Venam for no reason other than to be nice to presumably Ren? Despite Venam staying as a statue would probably be beneficial to Xen as it would leave their supposed target Melia with one less defender, then again, Nastasia has been going behind her boss's back, so it's possible she's not really evil? Granted she did order an attack on Valor shore, judging by the fact, it's the Deoxy's who invade. Geara is also shown in this version, and he's been split into 1000 pieces and is in constant pain, after Crescent tossed him into a teleporter, and i'm also confused at what the devs want us to feel, Sympathy? joy? Because my first reaction was " you brat, this is exactly what you deserve for killing Nim, Jenner, and me. '' Honestly hoping Nastasia doesn't restore him but we still have a score to settle with him. I also feel Madam X suffers decay too, in her first appearance, she was the game's first true hopeless boss fight, i played blind, so when i got to her, i genuinely felt the helplessness that the Dev team wanted me to, and of course she kills our mom. Next time we see her, she saves our life for some vague reason, is forced to team up with us, and outwitted by a child. But her crowning moment of decay is in V12, on top of the pyramid. So she arrives, right after we take care of Flora, but unlike last time, We aren't fighting alone, and we are stronger now, Aelita encourages us, we get ready, EPIC MUSIC PLAYS, and...it's a cutscene boss. And not a really convincing one either, because neither Aelita or the MC pull out their pokemon, it just looks like we are shaking a bit, and then this somehow scares Madam X into backing away from us, and then Madam X is defeated by a comic relief character from a side quest. Surfer duo are somehow more competent villains than her in this scene, and i'm not 100% sure they are villains or if they really are working with her. I dunno, maybe Xenpurgis will put them back in the spotlight and show why they are the main villainous team.
  7. It's really strange, that Anathea and Vitus don't mention Maria's siblings at all, and according to the Q&A, Erin is slightly older than Melia, so assuming Maria is Melia, Eriana should have been born around the time we go back to the past, but NOPE.
  8. Madam X seems to be trying to cause storm 9, and Crescent does have a sense of protectiveness over us, so if she's Madam X, that would be very inconsistent. Sure this game loves throwing plot twists at us with varying degrees of sensibility, but not like this. Freya herself states that she tortured Keta as an experiment to bring about the birth of Aelita, and she was annoyed that Team Xen rescued Keta from his attempted suicide, so she didn't torture Keta to help Team Xen.
  9. Remember when, Melia and Erin are in the library? right after Melia finds out about the interceptor online, Erin asks if Melia was sure that she traveled through time, and later on brings up it might not have been just time travel and states traveling through worlds might have been possible. Granted the fact that the Eldest and Hazuki remember us does throw a wrench in this theory.
  10. As i've stated, I think Cera is somehow an alternate version of Cella, they even look the same. I see some dimensional shenanigans, i mean Erin did bring up the possibility.
  11. How sure are we that Grandma Blakeory isn't corrupt? Sure she isn't into cackling upfront supervillainy, but she is now part of the Blakeorys who are stated to be one of the worst families ever and cause part of the plot by trying to drive Vitus and his family off their land. As the grandma of the family, she should have been aware of what her family does and has done, but then again, Saki is part of the family and she isn't evil(granted Thomas Blakeory Jr. does call her a step sibling) plus her appearing is suspicious, why is she old but Angie for example, is still young? Crescent is clearly fighting Team Xen, though, and specifically gives Geara a message to tell Madam X to fuck off.
  12. What wonderful witty wordplay, added alliterative appeal? Also Aelita, Amber, Amanda, Alexandra, Alice, Allen, Anathea, Angie,Anju, and Adam start with letter A too.
  13. Now that we've gotten a glimpse of Madam X's face, with a closer look, she looks like Nymiera but with red eyes. And considering Anju who was once a pious and accepting priest is now the psychotic and controlling Angie, with a curious handmaiden named Cera who REALLY looks like Cella AKA young Eldest, it stands to reason that SOMETHING happened to the Protectors of Aevium when they last confronted Vitus. We know Angie was apparently corrupted or possessed by Vitus, but what about Nymiera? I think somehow, Nymiera was corrupted and became Madam X also under some form of corruption or possession, would make her reaction to the Nymiera portrait during the bad future interesting. I should point out that Angie has red eyes too. Also i'm not too sure about this, but Nymiera's battle armor looks kinda like Madam X's armor. In regards to Nim, After checking the lore, in the dive sections, what if Nim is also an interceptor but a failed prototype? It would explain her ability to reform after dying, and the comments from Damian dehumanizing her. This would also explain her apparent disgust over having taken the name Nim, in the first place, and explain her connection to Crescent who also has a stake in this whole interceptor business.
  14. Now here's an art question, what exactly is Crescent wearing? Particularly that pink ish line in the middle of her Sprite, is that supposed to be a tie? Also what's that on her hair?
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