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  1. AzureNate

    20 Years of Life...

    Hello, Everyone! Sorry for being inactive for such a long period of time, but many sad situations have occurred in my life that discouraged me from being here. I'm still dealing with these mixed feelings of depression and anger. I don't even know if my 20th birthday will suppress it. I feel constant pressure in following expectations from other people, being ridiculed and stereotyped by my family for not being exactly like they want me to be. It doesn't help that my parents are not getting along, despite their efforts to conceal it from my siblings and I. Even though I don't see much meaning in MY birthday, there are people in this Reborn server, and even around the world who just turned 20 on the same day as I did; October 1st. I hope they find much more happiness and meaning in their birthday than I will ever have. ❤
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

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      Thank You!!! 🙂


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      You're welcome 😄 

  3. AzureNate

    Time to Nuzlocke Reborn! *BLIND* (Episode 18)

    Apparently, my YT account got hacked, so this series will be on a hiatus....
  4. I'm curious on what your favourite starters are from Gens 1-7, and feel free to state your reasons as to why you like them. I would appreciate it if nobody insults other people's opinions, except in an endearing manner I'll start first: Gen 1: Venusaur - One of the main reasons I like Venusaur is because it looks like a quadrapet dinosaur (The recent Let's Go trailer for Venusaur walking animation showed that Venusaur is a frog). I still love it regardless. It's good battle-wise; gets a lot of good moves early such as Sleep Powder and Leech Seed, and it's Mega Evolution further enhances it's strength. I also like it's design. Gen 2: Feraligatr - What can I say? A water-type alligator that can stand on it's legs? I'm sold. This thing gets Ice Fang in HGSS, which helped me a TON against Lance, and is great in competitive battling, with Sheer Force LO; my favourite set for nearly any Pokemon. Gen 3: Swampert - ~~Hey, I herd you liek mudkipz~~ Memes aside, Swampert is a dope-looking mon with ONLY ONE WEAKNESS. How cool is that? It also has good defensive, and carried me throughout my Hoenn playthrough. And who needs steroids when it gets access to Mega Evolution!! Swift Swim and a decent speed stat just sweeps teams if it gets the chance. Gen 4: Infernape - Not much explanation here, design is ABSOLUTE FLAMES ~~pun intended~~ getting access to a variety of powerful attacks such as Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Grass Knot, Thunderpunch, and an Iron Fist boosted STAB Mach Punch for strong priority!!!!! Gen 5: Samurott - A samurai-looking Pokemon s enough to impress me; and it's design looks cool too! I almost always run a Special Attacking set for it, but an SD set works wonders, too! ~~If only it got Ice Punch~~ Gen 6: Chesnaught - This one may be a surprise to you all, but I did not think much of this Pokemon at first. But when I used it in a playthrough, I loved using Chesnaught. It's a great defensive mon with Spiky Shield; a buffed Protect, and Grass/Fighting is a great dual STAB combo. It looks like an old, armored pinecone, and I love it!! Gen 7: Incineroar - This WWE Pokemon wrestler is so cool! It has it's own flaming belt, which is a nice design concept since it resembles a wrestler. Battle-wise, it gets some cool attacks like Darkness Lariat and Throat Chop. It even gets Intimidate, which is always a good ability regardless. Let me know what you think!
  5. AzureNate

    What you want in gen8

    In Gen 8, I would like it if the irrelevant Pokemon had buffs (such as mega evolution) to make them viable competitively. Pokemon fusions would be cool for Gen 8, now that I think about it. Maybe, the mechanics for fusion could be the same as the DNA Splicers for Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. And I hope they don't make the game hand-holdy with the tutorials and make the game easy overall. If anything, make the Exp Share available until post-game.
  6. AzureNate

    Hey everyone; Another newcomer here!

    Welcome to the Reborn Evolved forums, Robsidian! I hope you enjoy your time here! I'm doing a Nuzlocke of this game too, so best of luck to us both haha. P.S. I've yet to play Pokemon GO
  7. Happy Birthday, Eevee! Hope you enjoy reaching the new age of 19!

  8. AzureNate

    Time to Nuzlocke Reborn! *BLIND* (Episode 18)

    Alright, I'm back for Episode 5 of my Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke! To summarize what happens, I meet this rude green-haired tool named Fern, battle him, and my Fennekin evolves into Braixen :^) Then, we run into Julia, who insists we investigate the Mosswater factory and stop Team Meteor from polluting the water in Reborn City. We are aided by Fern and Florina (his sister with an extensive vocabulary). We fight many grunts, and eventually meet the Leader of Team Meteor? Full video here:
  9. AzureNate


    I'm willing to take that risk
  10. AzureNate


    Someone PLEASE make a fanart of Amethyst hugging a Budew!!
  11. AzureNate

    Girl obsessions?

    I can somewhat relate to your situation; a year ago, I did like this girl in my class, and we would chat often, whether online or irl during or after class. Like you, I rarely fall in love. Last time I did was about 8 years ago, and I barely knew anything about love. So what went wrong? Well, after observing her responses in conversations, I came to the conclusion that she does not like me in the same manner. It was admittedly difficult to move on, but I came to realize that I'm young, and have many other chances in life for a girlfriend. I decided to focus on other important things to get my mind off her, and it eventually worked! I'm not saying I know EXACTLY how you feel, but by reading a similar experience I've had, it would br somewhat helpful (at least I hope). You are younger than me, so you have even more chances haha. Also, relationships can affect your education; I know someone who graduated from high school in the same year as me, already got pregnant, and barely making end's meet. I hope this advice helps you out
  12. AzureNate

    Time to Nuzlocke Reborn! *BLIND* (Episode 18)

    Next, I went to the Underground Railnet, where I found a Noibat! I named it Batgirl, cause I like some DC characters as much as Marvel. That's all for this episode! I find it annoying that 0.05MB is the limit for attaching files, but it is what it is. If you want to see the full episode, click the link:
  13. AzureNate

    Time to Nuzlocke Reborn! *BLIND* (Episode 18)

    I went to a house in the Lower Peridot Ward, and come across a woman with a "sick" Kricketot. A young girl by the name of Shelly (the bug-type gym leader), came over to check it's condition. Apparently Kricketot is just lonely and needs more attention. Due to the trainer's busy lifestyle, I chose to keep the Kricketot! I picked the PERFECT NAME for this one ;)
  14. AzureNate

    Time to Nuzlocke Reborn! *BLIND* (Episode 18)

    After defeating these jerks, the Zigzagoon decided to accompany us in our adventure! I named it Ziggy cause I'm bad at names :]
  15. AzureNate

    Time to Nuzlocke Reborn! *BLIND* (Episode 18)

    After that, I come across a few thugs who are abusing a poor Zigzagoon, threatening to toss it in the toxic water!