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  1. Only the person that attacked me knows, as i was informed directly what the ability was by nick By the way, do not forget about hidden ones~
  2. Lets get yahy lol [eliminate yahy] From what you say i think you are ermac? You're kinda fucked this night ngl We dont, but they're getting attacked at night for being enemies of X teams The lynch is better focused on people that we dont know the roles Also i'd appreciate if someone healed me, someone didnt realize im their ally and poisoned me smh
  3. Sowwy stawwy but i kinda stole Seki for a while~ I wonder if you'll come back?
  4. Another option is using showdown's teambuilder filters Nothing else to add, just confirming that Dragonite is the only non legend that can do that
  5. I do not fear kenshi's ability, as he cannot do anything alone and if he reveals himself hes prolly dead But of course if there are exceeding votes im taking mine out last minute lol
  6. If we can get @Candyand two of the subzero voters to switch to tremor, we can easily reveal him without relying on inactive's votes Or of course the opposite but with kahn, but i'd rather not ping too many people lol
  7. [unvote boat] [vote newt] if you want me to be quiet, you can just ask
  8. I also think we should all attack newt once the lynch happens, as he'll flip as one of the realms/tp, meaning he'll be minority and ganging on him is killing majority's common enemy Whoever is the same faction as him van attack whoever you want no one will know anyway lol but the other peeps have no way to know if any of the others are on the same side or not, thus, lynching newt would be both less risky and less damaging Also i now finally understood what @sailboat said lol but i still disagree on my lynch
  9. honestly i didnt understand half of what you said but i must disagree w killing me for obvious reasons
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