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  1. I may be wrong, but I only counted 25 unique lines for Steel. Could you please tell me who I may be missing? Edit: Sorry for the weird formatting. Apparently copy/pasting a list from MS Word does this.
  2. I went over and voted for Ttar to choose Chimchar. Speed Boost Torchic would make it too easy for him tbh.
  3. Oops... must've been half-asleep and didn't read the previous post correctly. Anyways... 339 looks back at the previous post Yup didn't misread it.
  4. *cough* Meganium *cough* Serperior is the only one of the Grass Starters that is in Smogon's OU Tier.
  5. Welcome to the forums, Generic! … I don't really have anything else to say without repeating what everyone else has already said, so... yeah.
  6. I guess Torchic's head-banging was rather Onix-pected. …I must really hate myself...
  7. The jackpot starters were removed indefinitely since V10, were they not? I'm afraid you won't be getting a Dragon-type starter outside of a currently-unreleased Mega Charizard X, or Mega Sceptile.
  8. In Rejuvenation? Doesn't it have a multiple save system ingrained into it? (I think you have to start a new game for it to work, but please back up your save if I'm wrong).
  9. Perfect timing! Now I have two weeks of school holidays to get through the new version!
  10. Auburn_Ember


    Hello, Eru. Allow me to welcome you to the RebornEVO forums, home of Pokemon Reborn. It does take a lot of courage to put yourself out into the abyss that is an online community. I should know, since I probably had similar feelings when doing the same thing. So, great job on overcoming your anxiety to introduce yourself. -Auburn
  11. Hello, Azzie. Welcome to the forums! A story enthusiast? So like, a writer? Sounds really interesting.
  12. Oh... just realised that I'd have to wake up at, like, 2am on Sunday if I want to make the most of the 12 hours... SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!
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