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  1. Absol is in v11, so the current "end game"
  2. Bagon is not avaiable in the game, only with the mods. The dragons: Jangmo-o (no longer avaiable), altaria, alola exeggutor, flygon, drampa, turtonator, Dragalge, noivern, tyrunt(not sure if the fossil is form the mods, or in the game by itself) and i think axew from mystry egg (not sure about this one)
  3. Something new is always cool.
  4. I guess its determined upon creating the save file, or you are just unlucky.
  5. Torchic with the speed boost is THE best starter. Nothing else is even close. Just remember, the speed boost is the important part here.
  6. Go back in time, fix the pink tree you destroyed. This will change route 2 to the original state with the fisherman and kecleon shop.
  7. Its great, and then you need to lvl up pokemon with low attack stat.
  8. people were talking its not working, v11.
  9. What, where. Tell me more
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