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  1. kulesiak

    Help with mystery egg

    I just started new playthrough, but ill just trust you. Thanks
  2. You cant fly from GDC, go to route 7/9. Also, use Page up/page down to change the map once you are trying to fly.
  3. kulesiak

    Help with mystery egg

    I am using debug mode to change the mystery egg into larvesta (its still there, right?) but i dont know the right number. I am talking about this" Does anyone know the correct number?
  4. kulesiak

    2 questions!

    1. Its normal, its patch 3, dont worry. 2. Yes
  5. kulesiak

    Best Rockruff evolution and why?

    Midnight cant learn Accelerock. Thats all i have to say here.
  6. Its still there, BUT. Morning ONLY. Just checked with debug mode.
  7. Well, you can buy it Department of dreams in GDC, right after this gym battle.
  8. I think he is still there, but it needs to be night time.
  9. kulesiak

    Zetta Dream Location

    Give nightmare medalion to Anabel, after that she will be in the nightmare. Then you will find Zetta
  10. kulesiak

    Rejuv hard mode...

    I cheesed only 3 boss battles. Flying gym type i used Feraligatr with sheer force, 6x dragon dance and one shot everything. Same thing for one rift pokemon. Also Madame X battle with revive spam (but you have to cheese her in every single mode if you want to win). It is hard, yes, but with good pokemons, good training and knowledge of enemy pokemons its possible. And yea, im not using set battle mode.
  11. kulesiak

    Icy Rock?

    Its the same place you can fish Feebas, am i right? There is big icy rock there, you cant evolve eevee there?
  12. kulesiak

    Icy Rock?

    You gonna need rock smash, strength, surf and move to change the room from icy to water one. I think bulldoze will do.
  13. Well, you can always use debug mode to get it. But, just adding it to your party wont give you the pokedex data. Egg can help you.