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    Lin's Background

    Do we know anything to do with Lin's history? I've been replaying the game in a ghost monorun and it appears several characters recognise her name when mentioned. (For example Saphira and Dr Sigmund.) I'm just curious as to what she may have done to have some relation to these people; she also knew Saphiras family history.
  2. Louis

    Need help!!

    Hey guys, I'm attempting to do a mono-ghost run however I'm really struggling to beat Serra with half the ghost types in the game so far being weak to ice. I believe I have every ghost type available up to this point and I'll leave a pic of the ones I have just in case I dont. Do you guys have any advice on how to best her?
  3. Louis


    Hi I'm trying to complete the dex as best as I can at the moment, but I cant find squirtle. I'm aware that he now has the original mudkip event in the Byxbision Wasteland and I've done all the steps to unlock his location (speak to the guy during rainy weather and then take the secret tunnel in the grotto during a clear day,) but he wont show up. I'll attach a photo of where i understand he should be located. Thanks for your help!