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  1. VagusY

    Gonna go to agate circus, any team advice

    Well he has 2 dragon types, and Dragalge is great for that gym, as long as he sets up trick room. I think the Flying type gym will cause him more trouble.
  2. VagusY

    Gonna go to agate circus, any team advice

    Heads up: Anything weak to flying will be decimated on the Circus Arena Field(and I see lots of flying weakness) so Ampharos is a must on the team. Mamoswine will help you immensely(I can't imagine my playthrough without Mamoswine). I think you can do the Beldum sidequest before Agate but considering how the Fire, Ground and FIghting gym are coming up, Metagross will be useless. Keep a pokemon in your party that knows Trick room (you can catch Bronzor in Agate) and a pokemon with Wide Guard for any annoying double battles. All and all your team is great and you won't have any trouble. Personally I think that Agate Circus is the best part of Reborn, so enjoy it
  3. VagusY

    Pokemon Misanthropy v2

    The aesthetic is giving me Pokemon Insurgence vibes. Seems an interesting premise. It'd be great if decisions you make during the playthrough affect who you battle on the tournament(Pokemon Desolation-like) and Field Systems would be great(I mean, after reborn, I crave for more field effects). Also, I'd lose the volt absorb on Mega Luxray and make it Magnet Pull, making it a buff Magnezone. P.S. no fighting type on Mega Infernape and Rattled ability, hmm , interesting choice.
  4. @Champion Charmander I have the same issue when entering Malachite City. I even tried answering no countless times, but the game won't let me.
  5. VagusY

    Can anyone trade me a bagon/salamence

    I can trade you. Just PM me.
  6. VagusY

    Sixth member

    Blastoisinite is available as of ep 18. You can download the Mod Pack for Reborn and you can use Fly without teaching it to a Pokemon, as long as you have the HM and the badges for it.
  7. VagusY

    Sixth member

    Well, I think you need a dark type, to take care of Venusaur's psychic weakness and Delphox's and Medicham's ghost weakness. Get a Krookodile instead of a Golurk. A pure water type like Blastoise would be good because you need a fire/ice resist(venusaur, krookodile, dragonite), and Venusaur covers Blastoise's weaknesses well. But removing Ampharos for Dragonite means you lose your flying resist( Venusaur, Medicham are weak to it), so maybe a Tyrantrum instead of Dragonite?
  8. VagusY

    [E18] Joltik/Galvantula

    Joltik and Galvantula can be found on night time at the old man's garden in Peridot (left and up the pokecenter). It's a wild encounter.
  9. So I finished the main storyline of v10, and I was walking around, and everytime I try to enter route 7 from Grand Dream City, I get this(pic below): I did finish the Oshawott quest ( I have him on my pc) but this appears now and I get stuck. ( the text keep repeating, I can't move, I just have to exit the game). So for now, route 7 is inaccessible to me
  10. VagusY

    Recoil loss/ bug?

    Oh, I didn't know. I just started playing last month. Now I have to battle him again (that shaymin though )
  11. VagusY

    Recoil loss/ bug?

    So I was battling Florin, the Grass Gym Leader, and we were down to my Blaziken versus his Mega Sceptile. I flare blitzed the Sceptile and Blaziken's hp went zero due to recoil (so did Sceptile's), but Blaziken fainted first and the game told me I had lost. As far as I'm aware, it's the other way around, that is, Sceptile should have fainted first and I should have won the game. Is this a bug or is it like this because I'm playing Intense mode, so it's made harder for me?
  12. VagusY

    What if we refused to steal?

    Mrs Craudberry is evil and you're not done ruining her day Yeah, the gangs are necessary to progress, and I dont think theres a reward for not stealing the pokemon.
  13. VagusY

    LF: Spiritomb/Odd Keystone

    Hey. I can trade you the bounsweet, lilipup/herdier I dont have a spiritomb though
  14. VagusY

    My kidney for a Dunsparce :)

    Nope, that's why I don't even have a growlithe. The police don't think fondly of me apperantly
  15. VagusY

    My kidney for a Dunsparce :)

    He tells me Halt Trainer and won't let me through. If we're thinking about the same police officer. Plus, I've completed all restoration events.