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  1. When fighting Morty and Jasmine in the virtual league, Pokemon are able to gain experience, and these are the only battles that allow this. I think it is not intended to be this way. I have a screenshot:
  2. I found a couple of issues in Goldenwood Forest. Firstly, in the Xen cutscene towards the beginning of the game, I had my last healing location set to be the healing star on route 1. Upon losing to a trainer after team xen appears, the player will be teleported back to the healing star. When going back to goldenwood forest, it appears as if nothing has happened yet. However, if you go into goldenwood cave and then back down, everything appears as intended. Another issue with goldenwood forest is with the Adrienn quest. If you complete the parts up until right before you are supposed to talk to the reporters who interview Adrienn and go into Goldenwood Cave instead, when you go back out, you are transported to the old goldenwood forest before it became the park. However, if you talk to Adrienn again, he will go through the cutscene again with the final transformation and then it will be back to how it was before. This does not happen if you enter goldenwood cave after the whole quest is completed.
  3. An error when fighting Ryland: I kept stalling his Camerupt out with my Sylveon and eventually he switched into his Claydol. However, once this happened, his Claydol didn't use any moves and I could just keep attacking and using items without him going. I'm not sure if this would have happened on the rest of his pokemon, but my Sylveon swept them so unless they were supposed to be slower (Torterra and Camerupt), I couldn't tell if the problem persisted.
  4. When playing as Aelita against the robots, when I used Protect on the Granbull, the toxic orb did not activate at the end of that turn for some reason.
  5. In the pyramid puzzle, if you stand on a colored tile and then switch to another character and switch to another color, the player previously standing on the colored tile gets stuck.
  6. Another error: You can walk through the leftmost doorway near the entrance after freeing Aelita, even though it was supposed to be locked (and still is from the outside). I would post a screenshot but it says the file size is too big?
  7. I found a tile error: You can walk in the space of this metal bar when you probably shouldn't be able to. It doesn't let you walk up, but the space above it is still able to be occupied. EDIT: Actually this might not be an error as it is required to go in a space like this later on
  8. I have two errors in one screenshot here: So, as you can see, it is still possible to travel to GDC even though it is supposed to be blocked off. Also, on the left, although it is kind of hard to see, a part of that purple thing that Ren tries to take you away in follows the player on the screen when you walk to the right. (It's right under the selection menu and connected to the gray part)
  9. By the way, it's much easier to find tiny mushrooms at night from the Amoonguss's in Darchlight Woods. If you find the overworld sprite of one, you can just keep using thief on it as long as you don't kill it with the move and run away before killing it (It won't despawn if you run and you still get as many mushrooms as you need).
  10. I went through the whole gym and couldn't find Narcissa anywhere (I also checked her house). I attached the save file here, thanks for your help. Game.rxdata
  11. Hey, maybe all this glitch stuff means we’re going to be seeing the glitch field this version? That would be cool
  12. Hi, I see that you said the TM for shadow ball was obtained after beating Narcissa, but I'm trying to find it so I can use it for one of my Pokemon and it's not in my bag (I sorted the TMs by number and it wasn't at the number 30 spot like it should be and I checked them all anyway). I'm way past this point in the game, so was this only in a recent version or did you have to do something else after beating her? Thanks if you can help.
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