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    V11 Angie.

    use wide guard mantyke with a water pokemon that knows surf. rotom will always use discharge first and mamoswine earthquake/rockslide both of which hit two pokemon at once. switch the water type with draought turkoal to get rid of hail and flameburrst/heatwave that field into a dimensonal field. should make things easy. they can turn it back with two blizzards but by the time it does, you could get rid of half her mons. If you starter in litten , even better because dark types get boosted in dimensional field so darkest laria does more damage.
  2. Gediel1500

    Elemental seed

    Item finder in aqua cave. There are a bunch of seeds there. God luck.
  3. Gediel1500

    How to fix the berry emporium glitch

    I...Don't understand. What do you mean by that? I mean do you leave and then come back again? I tried not buying and then coming back without exiting the building but nothing work.
  4. Gediel1500

    How to fix the berry emporium glitch

    I'm currently in the episode after nim died and lorna was born. I'm also in the past and hiyoshi won't happen until way later in the game. the guide says that sitrus will be available after the sixth badge. I'm on lyric badge now so their was deffinitely a glitch. Does anyone know hoe to fix it?
  5. The berry emporium is not updating and I really need sitrus berries. PLEASE HELP!!
  6. Gediel1500

    Shiny Stone

    Dragonite letter quest. It starts in gearen ocean pier then golden leaf then islands east of akuwa. The one in akuwa islands are nigh impossible though because of a map glitch. Edit: Letter quest is in Valor shore. Its actually fairly easy and I just read the guide wrong.
  7. V11.3 and v11.2 have this glitch (at least in my game), where the map gets dragged with you when you walk and I cannot complete quest because of this. I got lost more often than not and its starting to get to me. I'm on a LITERAL Blind playthrough here. Its worst if there are multiple maps(like the way to evergreen Island or Kakori safari zone). Also if anyone has a v11.1 or vanilla V11 can anyone send it to me? I'm gonna try to see if it has the same Glitch. I do not have mods installed by the way so there should me no reason this thing glitching out on me.
  8. When will be Sitrus berry available in the emporium. The guide saide that you can have it after crawli but when I came back there is non still.
  9. Gediel1500

    Glitch in the maps.

    Tried downloading a new game. Doesn't work. Tried downloading the game from different link. Also doesn't work. Tried downloading a previous version(11.1, 11.2). Also doesn't work. Tried starting a new game. When route 3 was reached same thing happens. *sigh* I supposed I'll just suffer for it. I just know that dragonite quest is going to be a bitch to do. and when I reach the badlands*shivers* I just know its going to be alot worse. Anyway thanks for the help and if anyone else have any idea then feel free to comment and suggest. Thanks.
  10. Gediel1500

    TYNAMO REMOVED FROM V11???Grand dream Help centre???

    I think its night
  11. Gediel1500

    Glitch in the maps.

    I hope someone could help.
  12. Gediel1500

    Glitch in the maps.

    Here it is. Sorry it took so long.
  13. Gediel1500

    Glitch in the maps.

    When passing down roads or maps,(route 3, wispy path, akuwa waters to islands, safari zone) the map sometimes drags. Beacause of this I, more often than not get lost. Its really annoying because you cant backtrack because you cant see where you are going. I tried download another version of the game but it just doesn't work. its always the same. I woulfd have provided screen shots but I don't know how. I am currently stuck it the island east of akuwa and I can't get out. HELP!!!
  14. I've been using a love ball in pokemon I've incountered and its suprisingly effective. Especially if its the same gender. I don't know if its a bug or the pokemon are just gay/lesbian. I'm using a female kricket as my frontliner for that swanky swarm abiliuty of hers and every time I throw a loveball, even if the wild pokemon is at full health, it always works. The only time it failed and I have to get it to one hp before capture is if its male. If its a bug then that is one hilarious one. Also my male Inceneroar is popular with guy pokemon as well. Anyway its not a complain, I just find it hilarious.
  15. Gediel1500

    Interceptor's Route

    That is awesome! can,t wait to see more bad ends!