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  1. I'm doing a ghost monotype run so if I could get 3 ghost types (I want to be surprised) (all shiny or some shiny would be cool) that are all viable and good with good ivs and moves that would be great (and could my egg be changed to phantump or ghastly) Thanks! game.rxdata
  2. where do i find meteor mash?
  3. jjnajera

    I'm so Stupid

    Yeah ill wait for request, my name is atr
  4. jjnajera

    I'm so Stupid

    I traded my luxray to the Type Null chick but I forgot my Luxray had my exp share. If anyone could trade me a mon that's holding an exp share to give me another id appreciate it a lot, thanks! Sorry for the Inconvenience
  5. one more thing, what type sivally would be best for my team.
  6. ok, and also do you know where to find a carvanha? im trying to get Type Null nvm nvm nvm nvm i got one
  7. rip my shiny torterra ;( Yeah i can get krook rn but I think im gonna get Mamo, don't I have to like heart scale acient power onto a piloswine?
  8. ok cool thanks! Where do I get flash cannon and vacuum wave?
  9. All this looks helpful if my whole team wasn’t level 56 lol. I’m right before you fight the Ditto Arceus
  10. Hey! Just want some team suggestions if you have any. Thanks! (Yes I know I have too many Dragons and a Giant Ice Weakness) Delphox Psychic Heat Wave Light Screen Will o Wisp Dragalge Sludge Bomb Hydro Pump Dragon Pulse Toxic Flygon Earthquake rock Slide Dragon Claw Crunch Torterra Wood Hammer Earthquake Crunch Rock Smash Hydreigon Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Hyper Voice Strength Lucario Aura Sphere Close Combat Bullet Punch Calm Mind PC: Gardevior, Ampharos, Staraptor
  11. just not terrible nature and decent iv's and if possible (not a big deal) vacuum wave or bullet punch.
  12. Does anyone have an extra Riolu, I know this mon is available later in the game but I want to use one right now so does anyone have any extra that they will trade to me? I can give a Croagunk with Drain Punch.
  13. The latest save where I have my Ampharos is before I beat Corey and it's still a Flaaffy. I really don't want to go through Corey and all that story again. Please I just want my Ampharos back
  14. I tried seeing if trading back my friends trevenant would bring it back and so it saved then.
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