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  1. Nue

    Torchic Surprise

    So, using Torchic as my starter on another file for a pure run without breeding and while looking for an Adamant Torchic a Careful one came up and I flipped over to see its IVs out of habit and nearly fell out of chair when this came up. I've never gotten such good ivs outside of breeding so definitely using it till I get to 7th street to change its nature. If this isn't a sign that Blaziken is suppose to always be on my team I don't know what is lol.
  2. Nue

    Leaving Reborn Team

    So, leaving Reborn finally and decided its time to put together a balanced team. First let me put up the two member I am keeping. My starter cause I keep my starters in most games and hacks unless they are just not worth it (Like hack using a gen 3 game system giving me a Gastly). He's Modest but I will be changing his nature later on for a mixed Charizard X later on since Y isn't in the game yet. Dusk cause I really really like how he looks and I'm kinda having a rival like thing going on with Aster and Eclipse's midday/midnight Lyconrock. Now onto the new memebers for the team: First off is Reason I'm looking at this guy over Turtwig is cause he knows Sludge and Grassy Terrain. He's honestly the best Grass type I have at the moment and having a STAB Poison type move is all I ask for cause I know he most likely won't be able to learn Sludge Wave and I know Ame will not have Sludge Bomb laying around anytime soon. For my Water type: Water/Ground is one of the best typing ever and I don't mind Curse cause Swampert isn't that fast to start with. Now I'm thinking of shiny hunting this guy ever since I saw him on Shade's team and fell in love with it: Honestly I have ALWAYS wanted to use a Mimikyu and this guy dropped down form Wonder Trade, Plus I need something for Psychic types that my old team didn't have. Plus having that free hit would be nice Now for the last team member it would be: Gallade. Normally I'd go the other way but I have access to the Reminder and scale very good moves onto him. Plus he has his hidden ability. Oh wait my bad its Dawn Stone not Shiny lol. UPDATE: Spent almost an hour in the Wastelands looking for the dawn stone there and finally GOT to it only to discover it blocked by a mining rock. Officially switching to Metagross now that game has decided to Troll me with the stone. So how does this team round out? I think it good enough to play through. If you have any suggestions feel free if you know a better mon to use or move suggestions.
  3. Nue

    Wonder Trade Sharing

    Sending Alolan Vulpix onto Wonder Trade and they all have moonblast on them.
  4. Sending out my breedjects of Alolan Vulpix if anyone want to try and get one. They're IVs are a mystery to me cause I was shiny hunting for my Ninetales but my ditto has awesome IVs so may be some good ones here and there. May breed out more next weekend if I feel like it.
  5. Nue

    Looking for a Turtwig

    Just looking for a Turtwig I can breed with. I don't really care about what its nature is or if it has egg moves (Level up moveset is already good enough)
  6. Anyone have an Alolan Vulpix with Moonblast? I have no clue where to find one and really want one since I saw what its shiny looks like. I don't mind the nature since I can breed out the one I want it just has to have Moonblast on it since all Ninetales gets is Dazzling Gleam as a fairy move.
  7. Nue

    Ditto for Breeding

    K k I just got a water type to use so I'll have to look up its egg moves.
  8. Nue

    Ditto for Breeding

    Well do you have female Alolan Vulpix with Moonblast? (Or a Sylveon with Moonblast) Also I need a Nuzleaf with Extrasensory for my Rosarade I plan on using. Lol sounds like a lot but I'm breeding out 5 mons to use but I got lucky and got a good nature Rockruff with perfect IVs off Wonder Trade with Thunder and Fire Fang. Also do you know any good Water Types to use? I'm thinking of Swampert since the ground typing would come in handy.
  9. Nue

    Ditto for Breeding

    I'll be on for the next few hours if your on.
  10. Nue

    Ditto for Breeding

    Only babies I have at the moment is Budew and Riolu but I have berries to make them happy. Also just got a good Rockruff so may try and use Dusk Lyconrock if I can get it.
  11. Nue

    Wonder Trade Sharing

    Was trying to think of a good fighting type to use when this guy drops down while I was surfing Wonder Trade for breed mons. Soon as I get a Ditto I can breed out a good natured one to use.
  12. Nue

    Ditto for Breeding

    I really need a good IV ditto with an everstone since I finally got the day care up again. I know people usually say play with what you get but this is my second run and I'd really really like to breed out a good team to use. I don't mind the nature it is. PM me if anyone has one cause my lap top for some reason will not say when I get replies even though I set it too but tells me when I get a message.
  13. Nue

    Late Game Mega Charizard good?

    I would but my typing OCD would throw a massive fit lol. I plan on using an Alolan Vulpix as soon as I find it (guessing its where all the ice is on the map). I'm already planning to breed out a Shiny Budew with Extrasensory as soon as I find Ditto (May just ask someone for the partner to breed with). Plus Shiny Roserade matches my character sprite. Figured with Toxic Spikes, Venoshock, and it hidden ability it would hit good. The moves I'm thinking for Charizard X is Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Air Slash, Steel Wing/Smokescreen (I like to use the starter given not breed out one with Dragon Dance on it).
  14. So, I'm using my Original Choice Charmander as my starter (Yes, I know Blaziken is a god but I liked Charizard since I played Blue version). So after around an hour of restarting for a good nature/IVs I got this Modest little guy. Normally I would auto go with Y for the mega but I am told Y is not in the game (yet). So I was thinking later on I can change its nature to Naive or Hasty for a Mixed X cause I really want my starter to be my mega and I know X is in the game. I know it only has 15 in its Attack but honestly it will mostly be going on its Sp. Atk cause I believe Tough Claws on X will make up for its Sp. Atk being almost double. And X has the same attack for both Physical and Special. So should I hunt up a Charmander with good Atk in Special and Physical or just change this guys nature down the road when I get access to X? Not looking for a God-tier mon but would it at least be playable in boss matches/gym matches?
  15. Well it took ALL DAY and HALF THE NIGHT but I downloaded v11 (I am going to wait if a patch 2 comes out lol). I started over since I wasn't that far and got a better nature on my Turtwig as well. Also LOVE the changes from v10 and the way the chapters now have names on them is amazing! One nitpick I have is being unable to change the trade Rockruff's name like in Reborn but RNG gave me a Jolly Female with a decent IV line so I can live with it being named Rocky :D