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  1. I can confirm that the problem is FabulousTransformation and the Safari bug is caused by the other two
  2. It seems there's an issue with switch in effects. I tried Castform with crest and Forewarn in psychic field and both effects don't work.
  3. So how does it work? I thought it would set up weather immediately upon switch in but I taught Rain Dance to my Castform but it doesn't automatically set up rain edit : solved it seems to be because I use the script from a modpack
  4. I do have weather up but as far as I know that shouldn't affect Tailwind
  5. I started rejuv from scratch again and am now facing Souta and I'm a bit confused about his team's speed. We both have Tailwind up, my Jolteon has full EV and Timid and yet it can't outspeed his Gliscor or his Dragonite. I tried checking the field notes but can't find anything that could explain this. I'm on V12.1 Intense Mode. Is there something I'm missing?
  6. I'm in Blacksteeple right now and the Pokemon menu disappeared after the playing as Melia section
  7. Has anyone figured out which answer corresponds to which avatar in the personality test at the intro? This is important to me for some reason.
  8. Will any legendary pokemon be available before post game? And are there any plans to add gen 8 pokemon?
  9. Just went throught the Venam Melia reunion cutscene, where is Rorrim B? NVM i found him
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