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  1. I believe he was meant to be akin to Miror B in XD, not Colosseum, and pick up stray Shadow Pokémon so you could snag the ones you missed. Whether or not that involved him being a member of Xen, I don't know, and the feature was obviously removed entirely. (I have a lot of questions as to the purpose of Shadow Pokémon in Rejuvenation at this point, tbh.)
  2. ZCell 069 has been moved to the balcony with the penthouse redesign.
  3. Yep, just went through this too. It becomes available after Cera revives Angie (between Chapters 8 and 9).
  4. Not sure if this has been reported yet, but there seems to be an issue with the lose-the-Magma Stone path in V12. I entered Valor Mountain through Crawli's entrance, but after Jenner's tape, the game treated me as if I had entered through the Magma Drift-requisite entrance, and thus I received the Emotion Powder that way. But I should've gotten it from the man when I arrived from the other side. This also made the Kyogre battle impossible, as I never met Venam inside the mountain — and I couldn't leave, because I didn't have Magma Drift to get out. I had to use debug to get back outside so I could meet Venam and trigger the Kyogre battle.
  5. Would it be possible for us to get a solid timeline on when the time-travel segments take place? Further explanation in the spoiler.
  6. I'd bet against Jan and Zumi, they seem inclined to deemphasize their roles in this game versus bumping them up. Hazuki Blakeory, maybe? She seems to be the last surviving of the Protectors, save a possessed (?) Anju. If we're going with older characters, then I wonder if Katsu Bellarosa survived Storm-9. Other than those two, the only other I'd speculate about would probably be Rune.
  7. Experiencing the same issue as PBSlaughter. Used the debug Scripts.rxdata once, file loaded up fine, saved and exited, got an error message, closed the whole game down, tried reopening, got this error message. Even after replacing with the original Scripts.rxdata file, as well as the one you linked in your last reply, the issue persists. EDIT: I redownloaded V12 entirely and the game opened as normal. But if I use the game.exe from my original download, even after reopening with the new V12 file, it still gives the same error message.
  8. I don't comment on here much, but big fan of the game! Wanted to share my team, since everyone else was. Can't wait for the community release!
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