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  1. Why are you believing them aaaaa Also AL I'm only saying this now because I've been really busy over the holidays and just now got time And now I get here and drop crucial information and... Bye, lol.
  2. If Fali's obsessive posts against me aren't signs of his guilt idk what are. It's obvious that Nick is agreeing with him casually to throw his outburst under the rug to cover for him as well. This is what happens when you townies blindly trust NickCrash.
  3. Looks like its finally my time to step out of the shadows... Hello everyone, it is so nice to meet you all ^^ My name is Feeta Katpiss and I'm... Mafia! Or, I was... See, I was converted to the Church of the Blanket N2. Around the same time it was said my vest was lost! I loved that vest... My attendance has been rather shaky over the course of our voyage... I didn't perform any night actions or any of the night challenges thus far. I... don't know why I'm not modkilled yet, honestly. But now that Kiet has died, I am but a lone, vengeful cultist with no home and no ability. It is my sworn duty to take vengeance for my fallen comerade, and survive to the end of game, however that may be. Since no one else spoke up about the Eggs, I can only assume that the other 2 eggs are in Mafia hands. They apparently have some kind of information ability, but I haven't gotten the chance to use mine yet. Seriously, you people are the worst... I believe I recall the last Mafia member among us alive here. Yes, it has been the one today who has spoken but not voted to reveal the final mafia member.
  4. wHATS HAPPENING no actually, can someone gimme a TLDR ive been busy all game and god damn this is 29 pages already
  5. Uhhh Uhhhhhhhhh Lia gave in really easy, I just woke up and idk what to do and holidays aaaaa [reveal] soup [vote] lia
  6. Uhhh...huh. But what KIND of soup are we??
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