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  1. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  2. Happy Birthday Baz!!! 😄, i hope that you're having a fantastic day 🤗🎉

  3. It's because we're the mafia and Nicki is Town and must die for the greater good you'd know if you read
  4. Maybe we can't but there's no reason to vote anyone else if you're admitting it.
  5. Ah nevermind, I just read Jace's post clearly now. So Nicki is our Coyote. They killed Ross last night, probably because they were the Cat Lady, who would either block them or learn that they were the Coyote. In that case, she is immune to lynches right now. Because Jace blocked ECT last night, he shouldn't have been able to kill if he were a Mafia. Jace is our last way to stop the Coyote from killing someone, so I definitely do not want to see them die. Vote Nicki, please.
  6. I'm trusting Alaris's claim 100% here that those were the only members in the Mafia meetings. Meaning the only hostile roles that could keep us here are Hostile Third Parties, or Mafia Members who don't go to meetings. Most of these roles are already dead, and we've established that it's pointless for anyone to lie about their player name. So that means the ONLY possible roles that could be holding the game back are Coyote (Nicki), Politician (Jace), potentially Pineapple (also Jace), and Thief (ECT). The other Mastermind (Newt) is excluded because Alaris did not mention them once, unless they did not say anything the whole time during Mafia Chat. Seal2 was neither mentioned by Alaris nor has a role that can possibly be holding this game up, so voting for anyone other than these 4 without a reason why they could be sus is sus in of itself. EDIT: Note that Politician is NOT a Hostile role, but if they randomly realign to Mafia, then the game would still continue until either they died or they switched alignments again.
  7. I'm saying those are the only possible suspects. I agree Jace is the most suspicious of the 3, but I can't exclude everyone without definitive proof.
  8. Unless Alaris failed to mention someone from the Mafia chat while he was there, but it's safe to assume he didn't. Then in that regard, Newt is probably safe too. Newt is almost certainly Town. Bean1 being a Coyote but Town makes sense why they didn't try to kill anyone, but if Nicki were a Coyote it might explain Ros's death. Nicki might be our suspect. Jace's roles have a lot of mystery around them, and when he told everyone he was Town primary, he could have seen Politician changing, and/or lied about it. It's likely Jace could be our suspect, but it doesn't explain Ros's death. ECT could be a second Thief, who isn't part of Mafia chat. That means they would still have the factional kill, thus Ros's death. ECT could be our suspect as the last hidden Mafia.
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