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  1. I wasn't trying to make Kazuichi guilty at all, a Town Trapper can still kill a Townie (except that's not how it works in this game apparently) I was explaining my thoughts at the time about there being more killing roles in the game. There's still four scum out there somewhere, and I'd like to think you aren't one of them [eliminate] Eviora but you're a little too pushy with this "trap" of yours.
  2. Evi... we already revealed Hajime D1 (edit) He's basically useless now, considering Chiaki already "died"
  3. Looks like Caimie random voted you, some people bandwagoned that, and then some people voted Caimie because they never explained themselves. [Reveal] Teruteru
  4. Ooh, I see what you mean now. I reread the rules to check myself, and I didn't realize Kazuichi only killed killer visits. By that logic, Peko has to be spotless, and this is assuming Yahy's claim to be true. Unless someone has a killer secondary ability we don't know about. At least it's too early to say anyone used a Shard Action, but given how unlikely this all is, it's safe to say Yahy's town. [unvote]
  5. Doesn't Soda kill people too? There's more than one (or two) ways to die here.
  6. Nicki claimed to be restrained D1, and the list says Akane can only restrain every other night. So probably no one got restrained. I didn't trust Yahy much D1 either, or Nano for that matter. Nano turned out to be town after all, but I'm gonna [eliminate] Yahy for now. Maybe someone learned something good today
  7. My main suspects have been Yahy and Nano for their needless claims D1, though I guess I'm not surprised with either. Since Chiaki will likely get revealed at this point, I'll [Eliminate] Yahy
  8. Maybe in this game they're role playing as Serious Evi I'm changing my reveal to Chiaki, the more I think about it the more I doubt Nano's claim. Becoming immortal because someone tried to kill you sounds a lot like a second life cop-out to me. [Unreveal](?) [Reveal] Chiaki Not sure who to lynch vote yet, but we have plenty of time left.
  9. Massclaiming D1 is never a good idea, especially with a setup like this. Any character can be any role, so it only helps the mafia, because they know who they are and can target the important roles. Town doesn't get anything from this.
  10. We do 2 votes each day, right? One to reveal, one to lynch?
  11. Yeah, we're voting to reveal the secondary abilities of the roles, not the player. I suggested the Monos and Hajime because they seem the most dependent on their second forms, thus being the potential strongest. It makes sense to go for the Third Party roles first though, since we know for sure they won't be Town.
  12. Can I start by suggesting we reveal Monokuma and Monomi? They seem like they'll be 2 of the more powerful transformations, along with Hajime. [Reveal] Monokuma
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