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  1. Bazaro

    Salem Reborn

    Reminder that voting for someone now only puts them on trial, no one dies immediately in this Pressure vote away!
  2. Bazaro

    Salem Reborn

    Oh, that's how this works [eliminate] Amine
  3. Bazaro

    Salem Reborn

    Hi I am also le Veteran
  4. Bazaro

    Salem Reborn

    "I'm 100% sure this total coincidence isn't a coincidence and this person is scum" lol
  5. Bazaro

    Salem Reborn

    But if Hypurr was mafia, how would they be able to tell their friends to kill Bean while jailed?
  6. Bazaro

    Salem Reborn

    Now THAT'S a lotta damage
  7. Game's over, we found our scum ./s
  8. What kind of party doesn't?
  9. hmm. I was thinking 17 players, but can easily fit in more if needed. I'll mark it in post and yes, there are more roles in the list than that :]
  10. Saturday Night’s alright for fighting, but Friday Night’s time to P A R T Y ! The Host beamed over the crowd of guests filling his parents' living room. Everything was going perfectly. There was a sudden gasp, and everyone turned in unison. There, at the end of the snack table, lay a single pizza box. With pineapple. This would not stand. "Attention, everyone," the Host declared over the crowd. Everyone turned to him, silent. "Someone tried to sneak this abomination into my party to crash it! We must hunt down this villain and bring them to justice! Until then, nobody leaves this house!" The crowd roared in response. A box this big couldn't have been sneaked into the house so easily... perhaps there was more than one perpetrator at hand! The Host's eyes flicked about the room, looking for suspicious faces. His investigation was cut short by the lights flickering out... It was going to be a looong night. What is Mafia? Obligatory Rules Town Roles: Mafia Roles: Special Rules: Sign-up below, or else. The game will start at Night 0 when enough slots are filled, and when one of the current games ends. 17 players expected, but numbers can be made flexible.
  11. Bazaro

    Salem Reborn

    Hey guys, just wanted to say the person above me is Mafia. Wait...
  12. If no one's going to talk today, I'll just... [eliminate] Eric This way, all suspicious parties get lynched, yes? Amine and Eric aren't talking when this day's all about them, + Lia's suspicion of me. It doesn't matter if I get lynched at this point anyways. Let's end this, then?