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  1. Ahh.. So what ya practically saying is that if anyone were to anger the likes of Lord Beanus.. we’d get threaten and likely shot by their individual guns they received as rivals... that is if I’m following this correctly Considering that we’ve lost cop, I sincerely hope you gunslingers (mainly lykos) know how to use a gun in a mafia game for town benefits. Eliminate [Anti-Loser] Aight amma just let things flow out. Good luck everybody and find those mafia scum
  2. Unvote Kiet Eliminate Anti-Loser Thank you
  3. Ahh yeah I forgot, my placeholder Eliminate Kiet 1. I wanna wait it out too see the other inactive peepos’ thoughts 2. Eye for an eye 3. BAZ help, Kiet bullying me
  4. Whelp so much for that pressure vote Kietorino. Honestly wouldn’t mind hearing the explanation to it. I’d figured it’s cause I was onto something about a converted drunk whiles you get scream getting roleblocked all day. There’s really no way to prove that or not and that sucks well if you die for us. I’ve always been weird whenever in my post. Always dependant on mood and here’s my post. Roleclaiming already must’ve been some real pressure for Nicki. Regardless quiet an aggressive play on Nick’s part and using best of his deductions. Not to be underestimated. Although claiming major on the hot seat is the stupendous decision any freaking cult member would’ve chosen. Something that could be proven straight up at the end day phase. And these drastic reactions and post from minutes to Nick’s demands. Nicki could’ve patiently waited throughout the day until the right time somebody else were in the spotlight. Something feels forced here. Like she could actually be telling the truth as “Mayor” or indeed caught as cult... way too in the spotlight - “Blue Recruit” or “Red Recruit” perhaps. I’m alright on the Lynch, just there’s other variables at play to start a speculation on. Plus if Nicki escapes lynch and leans cult, our vigilante here can swoop and execute her. Then she actually ends up being mayor. @NickCrash An overall fine thought on how you generally picture the cult mafia’s beneficial strategy. But wouldn’t it be best to picture their strategy at their current state. Also I know that I’m just repeating what you stated but thanks anyways + I get to do it in my way. Blue Cults - Potentially 3-5 members alive. Only the their spy lives on. Situation: Fine - Informed of 2 roles and 1 visit. Thoughts on their next objective: Pressuring potential suspects and finding the best solution to their win condition. Speculation: Although rather alright and smooth calming, it’ll certainly soon before they bring on the storm⛈. They have a variety of opportunities to mess around with us town member. In fact, I’m certain the following night/day after, there’s gonna be some drastic trickery involved and gonna make it everything confusing as hell. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already prepped their fake roleclaims ready. Their cult leader honestly can choose a different variety of decisions and plays that benefits them whenever. Perhaps getting enough number of recruit and then upgrade one of them into assassin. And just let the others do the rest as simply as that. Of course they would be smart about it. Remember this is just me spitting words outta my mouth. Red Cults - Potential 1-3 members alive. Already lost both cult spy & watcher. Situation: Brutal - Informed of 1 role. Thoughts on their next objective: Looking for survivability and carefully thinking about who to convert to cult. Speculation: Are certainly in a desperate position no god damm doubt about that. I actually feel proud of myself being part of Bean’s elimination but seriously I believe their gonna let the opposing cult take stage. I can already imagine all them being Astra 1.0, Astra 2.0, Astra 3.0, Bean, and yada yada yada they dead. I wouldn’t mind agreeing that the red cult are indeed following Nick’s beneficial mafia strategy at all. They probably already having that apprentice by a long shot and will remain quiet a small cult for sometime.
  5. Aight thanks for confirming Baz. Although through - Kiet claims of being role blocked - Jelly informing us about it being false - Kiet sudden reaction - Kiet tells us that this was a mistake - Bazaro confirms it Something tells me there’s some whole story beneath this situation. And really from there... I’m just guessing whether the drunk got convicted or not (for me at least). Which was what I kept thinking throughout the day... Hopefully not. But a placeholder for now [Eliminate] Bean Derailing the earlier discussion into a false election that got everyone confused. Which might’ve not even been intentional but I hardly believe you’d go cleaning toilets for the good of the people
  6. I don’t blame ya Alaris’ mayor election brought life in D1 in his game. I already miss him and what lurks below 2 game .
  7. New comer receiving a N0’d.. I legit can physical feel the pain for AIdo Hopefully you get lucky in the Vendetta Mafia next time pal. Also looks like I ain’t gonna start off the early discussion anytime soon with my Australian timezone. My initial thoughts about today’s situation really just by believing in Kiet’s townclaim between the cause of death. Although it’s be a different story if Player “Drunk” got converted and planned together alongside the cults of this discussion. And that Bean is the greatest mafia player ever. ( In general )
  8. Let’s rule the world TOGETHER Antiy, Sophy, and Beany will make this game a quick one Also more the merrier arch Hiya
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