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  1. Anti-loser


    Banned for playing “World of Light” story
  2. Anti-loser


    Banned for joining freaking 24 clubs smh
  3. Gonna be completely honest That stuff about the gun and my lying I just did that wanting to be lynch For obvious reasons being evil Also I won’t betray Jelly He’s a good friend ..oh wait am evil Unvote [Anti-Loser] Eliminate Jelly
  4. A Y E They ain’t bitches, they’re a true honest human being willing to admit they’ve attempted and lost a Reborn Nuzlocke. That deserves praise knowing Reborn’s standards. Smh Amethyst... but good job on reborn 19 development so far.
  5. Anti-loser


    Banned for running two ghost types with both having sword dance on the exact secondary move slot.
  6. Sees this guy loving a pyukumuku Welcome alongside the Reborn forum community or just head to it’s discord to socialise I’m gonna assume you’ve already checked the guidelines and well custom of giving reaction heart whenever like what I’m gonna give ya right now for being brave posting your introduction. You have my appreciation on your endeavor towards your DMV degree and work hard with great effort, great responsibility totally made that up. I feel like there’s more too yourself but this is enough. You’ll do fine here Runi
  7. Well you guys did lynch All for one so... Like I said “Kiet more deserving to figure this one out” Eliminate [Anti-Loser] It’s really so obvious and kinda funny . ( Starting Scumhunts on bean, lying of Nicki’s role, laughing at Nick’s death, posting confusing large text of post to make people lose their brain cells. Man I’m really evil). Cause nothing changes unless you find “It” I don’t care if I die. I care if “It” wins. “It” is still 95-100% percent safe. There’s nothing to sway cause “IT” won’ be lynch, “IT” will slaughter the rest of UA, “IT” is the symbol of evil. Nothing has changed and town will fall. Also it ain’t handy man cause that character shhhiiiiiiiii.... Is it me or does it feel like we’re just using emojis just to hold some power into our post.
  8. ahh yeah what chicken said I believe he’s giving it up now
  9. Well unless Hypurr arrives last second and meets the requirement. I knew it all along you bastard Third Party member’s REPRESENT. You guys (Anti,Alistair,and Kiet) wanna lynch somebody for Candy
  10. When I literally laughed at Nick’s death and stir Nicki up cause I felt like it. Yahy is getting the boot Not a bad choice given the context. Rip yahy. Oh Bean They’re so gonna regret this Unvote [Anti-Loser] Eliminate [Candy]
  11. Thanks for clearing things up @Abyssreaper99, I mainly focused my post around Cain’s character pre-agate city. I mean Terra even more lewder than Cain by a long shot. Like in my mind, I imagine the teenage childhood of Cain living alongside 7th street after her mother’s disapproval (I should’ve clearly pointed this out but it felt too obvious.. idk why I didn’t mention it). I mean Arc Light and Cain are actually bros IRL and Cain himself invited Arclight into the reborn online league. Considering ArcLight’s duty throughout the Lapis/North Obsidian Ward, wouldn’t be too farfetched. Well it’s just a “what if” for what I said about the possible talk between Ame and Cain. Their just examples but Ame irl has on many occasions called off Cain for flirting around most of the other online reborn league leaders. But I can definitely see an actual deserving apology for the siblings. Aya’s guilt roots from Cain abandonment from home. Feeling in the same position like mother for mistreating her brother for his sexuality. With the Gym leader position given to Aya, feels more so a burden or consequence for letting her brother go. Gym leader work pretty difficult as your living up to the expectations of being amongst one reborn leader representative and having to think on countless strategies against the countless of new trainers appearing now. Corey’s death renders his badge if he had any useless at this stage and leaves many challengers to battle for the venom badge again. Cain certainly should apologise for Aya to relieve her guilt. There’s certainly an element of care Cain provides for the orphans and Heather but how he handles the responsibilities perhaps my most troubling part to understand about Cain. Like worrying about the guardian law system whiles having the stakes that a literally terrorist group are killing often (those who stand in their way) and kidnapping children. ( Which is just yikes ) Even after escaping the building they suggested instead of notifying Ame. Let’s take an underground train and head to the Belrose cottage. Where no one will ever find them. I don’t care if our protagonist, Cain, and remaining others went back to the Reborn League and receive punishment for breaking the law. And I understand this isn’t even Cain’s part and more towards the Belrose’s idea. However, Cain should’ve suggested to back to the Reborn League and guarantee the safety of everyone. I would’ve to see Cain taking responsibility and telling everyone underground to trust the Reborn League (choosing the most assured way for the orphan’s protection) But goes along this idea of escaping from the city, like escaping from the rotten reality (Reborn City) into a fairy tail wonderland or whatever. My brain is leaking and not sure if I’m making sense anymore. Maybe the orphan doesn’t trust the city anymore and Cain just followed them. Maybe they knew Saphira exist and would’ve wiped the floors against Meteor. Perhaps I’ve digged way straight down beyond Cain and into an alternative universe in China. This hurts to type and wouldn’t talking about Cain’s character through a Reborn’s discord voice chat.
  12. Calm down Alaris, no need to rush my Lynch. It’ll come eventually and I even voted myself as well. It’s inevitable.. though I’m gonna feel sorry for is Kiet. He’s somewhat close to figuring the mafia’s preparation. But a few holes here, there, and everywhere. Kiet I would say deserves to win this game. An easy game for mafia but they’re honestly overdoing it. Kinda cute. Just been following orders so won’t be getting any Mafia point as if I cared about that @Astra125 Naw it was more so Day 3-4 and the communication with the whisperer’s codes where actually the most fun reading in this game rather then this forum. Idc if you believe me or not. You guys do whatever and tag each around in the playgrounds. Well good luck anyways. You’ve wasted a good amount of time.
  13. Anti-loser


    Banned for not posting your banned on the 4th of July
  14. Yeah Cain has a messy past. I would like to think in game Ame just like irl Ame Reasoned with Cain (maybe after the 7th street event) about responsibilities in general. Like learning to become a healthy person, being respectful of people’s situation, idk go see his mother and apologise. I wouldn’t mind cutscene between Ame and Cain to talk about it in game.
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