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  1. An admirable answer my dear fellow. Subjectivity I agree works with “Fan-fiction”, as writer’s personal feelings or flavours are vastly diverse in strength when writing up as you said “compelling and complex traits” characters. Your answer shows light on subjective writing whiles understanding concept of constructing an imaginary world. To play with certain interaction throughout the story. Suits well with your ideology wanting to be free. “A real answer exist not for being real, but for being believable as well.” Holy shoot I actually typed my first quote. Although if I had to answer, it’d be an objective one that makes believability in stories possible. For me... First impression I consider highly important through any storytelling as the writer promises their readers of what fan-fiction they’re getting into. Subverting expectations is another case but nailing the execution allows the potential of characters, world building, plots, concepts, and much more to flow well. Whether these promises actually are kept or failing to meet them up to the writer. I’m no professional nor genius in literature. This is simply from experience from reading many light novels/books. Take this however you want.
  2. Novelisation you say? Well I’m certainly intrigued. Writers are a welcome in the Reborn Forums I can empathise with that endless desire for new discoveries, the exploration through world building, plots with unique taste, and characters that feels real and importantly human. Reborn overall storytelling have always been “fine” or barely. Although I’d consider a great game to practice fan-fiction on given the content you’re working with. I’m looking forward on your next work. @CorEagle How about a question What’s the important part of reading any new fan-fiction? If you need a hint Loved story behind your online name by the way
  3. R N G Bois and Gals I’ll reveal my identity Barney the Purple Dinosaur
  4. BAWK BAWK ( I wanna know it feels like ) BAWK BAWKAWAK ( playing like Seal... inactive ) BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK ( Kinda got bored and forgotten about this game ) BAWK (Cause I’m sad today)
  5. Sure that’s the right move @Alistair? He’d might actually pull the trigger on you before his possible lynch to actually confirm whether the gun’s fabricated or not, regardless of alignments. This is Nano we’re talking about. Knowing him, he do anything for fun.
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