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  1. Lorisaur

    so i just hatched 2 shinys in a row

    How is Shiny Hippopotas? And most importantly, does it have gender differences?
  2. Lorisaur

    Team planning

    Arcanine is not ignored at all, try Simisear who is bad but has access to yawn and this counters cpu
  3. Lorisaur

    EXP Share + Type: Null

    Ahahahahah we all did, I understand you pal
  4. I don't know which is my least favourite type but Silvally is my favourite pokemon so... it's him
  5. Lorisaur

    Ruleset in Reborn Online

    First point: we should push the metagame of pokemon Reborn. Why do I think so? The absence of legends, choice scarf, mega stones and several TMs shapes the meta in a complete different way than regular OU and it's extremely well-balanced, even with a few Ubers. That being said, I've opened this topic so that we may find a good ruleset for online battles: what do we have to take from real OU? Speaking of bans, in my opinion nothing is really ban-worth for now, only Naganadel is far superior to most other pokemon, as he has no true counter according to the smogon definition of a "counter" thanks to Nasty Plot and his sheer power (exept for Chansey, who is greatly underplayed in this meta) but he has checks so it's possible to handle him with AV Metagross, Tyranitar, lead Weavile, sash Abomasnow (lol?). Aegislash is another force of the meta, but Charizard X is the best mega out there, Toxapex is everywhere and it's hard that an Aegislash sets up for a sweep (p.s. it loses to Murkrow), also it is very funny to play unless people start complaining much about him I don't belive he deserves a ban. Same applies to Blaziken, I belive. However, what shall we do with shadow tag? And with Baton pass? I don't know, give me ideas about how should we shape the metagame. One last thing, what do you think about organizing a small tournament online in this metagame?
  6. Lorisaur

    Pokemon Word Chain

  7. Lorisaur

    Rate my Team? :s

    Mega stone X is the best for Charizard because Y would be better but is not yet in the game lol so you are right, for ep19 it would be nice to use it They are exeptional, yes, but is it worth to use exeptional pokemons for the story? I mean... it's just enough to go with favourites, good pokemon should be used for serious iv trained teams (to play online) but that's tastes. If you had to change any member in your team, probably Electivire. I don't really know how useful is he with his full phisical coverage set: I mean, for the story he's optimal but of course to play online other pokemons, like maybe Magnezone, would fit the meta better
  8. Lorisaur

    Hi I'm new and I messed up

    Welcome here! I'm european too (italian) and I'm about your age, 18. As for Taka I must tell you one thing: Zekrom is the for ever after route, with more happy endings, while Reshiram is the harsh truth, with more deaths. I suggest you to continue on the Reshiram, Amaria is super-fun and many other dialogues are too
  9. Lorisaur

    someone hmu

    I see you have my favourite pokemon as a propic and that's extremely appreciated by me. I'll be very happy to battle you, can we do it in 30 mins? Pm me when ready, I'll do the same
  10. Lorisaur

    Need help with a serious issue

    Well, I am prepared for years or so I think to be right now. She trusts me, but when it comes to certain things (like eating) she always tells me that I'm right but when she comes home never has changed and... I understand her. It's an obsession, how could I solve it by myself so fast? I'm trying and that's what I'll keep doing if is the right thing, by never embarassing her, but altough I'm currently the one she listenes to the most, I don't have a psychology degree. Sadly, I'll never be "romantically committed". As you probably might think, I really like her but she doesn't and never will so never mind I tried (that was about 3 months ago) I'm used to friendzones and we did not want to lose eachother as friends so here we are. One last thing, there is a free counselor at school, but I know her and for that reason I trust much more you guys. Thank you, seriously.
  11. Lorisaur

    Metroid prime 4 thoughts

    Well, the title tells everything. I'm personally happy to see retro studios joining the party, and while it is not the same retro as metroid prime trilogy it grants that much effort will be given to create one of the best games for nintendo switch. Metroid needs much, or will die soon and Nintendo's trial to revitalize the franchise will become useless.
  12. Lorisaur

    Hullo Humans!

    Welcome!! Hope you enjoy the forum!!!
  13. Lorisaur

    Need help with a serious issue

    Thank you very much for your help, this is a bit what I was trying to do but it's always nice knowing that it was the good choice... I will of course take her of her when needed, and thanks for the wishes, too You are perfectly right but... it's her seeking me in first place, and this sounds weird even to me. I should get less involved, for me and for her, but not in this case. Probably in a future, but by now I have to try help her. Thank you btw
  14. Lorisaur

    "Hey, you're not going too far, right?"

    He's awesome!! I'm too sad for him, gotta restart the game just to choose Zekrom and let him live
  15. Let's first clarify one thing: I've known Reborn 6/7 months ago and I fell in love with it. I got into the forum afterwards, and I love how many of you are very gentle with others and ready to help them. I'm writing here because I have nowere else to ask. Please, answer me only if you are going to be serious and sorry for the english There is a new classmate in my school. She quickly became a great friend of mine, and I'm her best friend actually. However, she has so many problems and I would really like to help her... one of her issues is anorexy. She says to not be anorexic, she used to be in the past but now she is no more like that. In my opinion, she is now anorexic, but less than in the past. I'm so worried, a couple days ago she told me that she felt horribly guilty because she ate food for 600 kcal, while she usually only gets around 400 per day. Strangely, she isn't even the skinniest person I've ever seen, possibly because her metabolism is now used to getting no food...? She often vomits, I avoid asking how often but I have reasons to assume she does it few times per week. She has gone to a psychologist for three years, and she changed many, she has recently tried to go to a psychiatrist and she now makes use of SSRI (as depression, panic and anxiety are other great problems of her...) and she is just 18. She has also been to a nutritionist, but she completely ignores what he told her. Of course part of her obsessions came from her family problems... but let's not discuss about it. All I need to know is what can I do for her... I'm trying so hard. She would litterally sacrifice herself for me, she would do anything, and I must help her as she need it.