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  1. Use someone to kill Hariyama, and as soon as he sends out Mienshao send out the key pokemon Palossand. Teach him earth power, shore up, iron defense and some move to handle Hawlucha like psychic, stone edge, rock tomb or infestation, I don't remember what can you have right now. Your goal is to get to Hawlucha with +6 defense, and whipe out all the Samson's team until Conkeldurr. Well, that's not easy because Hawlucha has roost, so you must have enough damage output to kill him. I hope you do. In that case, you can kill any pokemon Samson sends out exept for maybe Conkeldurr. If you can't get past Hawlucha, you have to rock tomb until he is at -6 speed, let Palossand die/switch him out to a death fodder and either clear the job with Honchkrow or Hypno, if they can ohko Hawlucha, or anyone with an high attack and one of Acrobatics or Nature Power. Now, if Mienshao is still alive you can use again your Palossand. If instead the next pokemon is Blaziken or Lucario, you have to use your own Hawlucha to do it. If Conkeldurr gives you any trouble, just go for a couple feather dances and it's yours
  2. Happy birthday mate! Let's catch up on an epic match one day ☺

    1. Lorisaur


      Thank you so much!!!!!!! We'll of course have some great matches one of these days!! Tell me when you can

  3. Happy Birthday Have a good day/night

    Hope it turns out to be a special day

    1. Lorisaur


      Thank you so much!!!!!!! Hope you have nice day as well!!❤️❤️

  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Lorisaur


      Thank you!!!!!❤️ hope you have a nice day too!!

    2. LykosHand


      Thanks a lot 🙂 and you're welcome 😄

  5. Right... what is this team for? I see you are using my trusted buddy Silvally, that's a very good thing. For any suggestions, I'm here to help you
  6. You can SDI out of it, says Leffen However, I think that Joker is really my kind of character. He is very similar to Rosalina. He needs Arsene, he has a lingering Nair, broken upair, anti-projectile downB, he can play defensively while being light and having very good combos... and the range of the moves is similar
  7. Arcanine doesn't learn any move by levelup. He learns something via heart scale, but most moves come from TMs amd preevo
  8. Joker from persona 5 is finally in smash, and we have to talk about him: is he good, is he trash...? I know it's early, but tell me what you think about him I personally like him so much, it's so easy to get access to Arsene who is extremely powerful, I like the aerials, as well as the sideB and rebel's guard. Gun seems underwhelming, but it probably has to be explored more
  9. Teto, HUGE THANKS for showing me this I'm in @btid_exettv, if you want help for anything about eventual rules and bans for a tournament or anything about the metagame just ask me. I'm in.
  10. What was revealed last week?
  11. Today I learned that I have learnt nothing today. But the fact that I have learnt it
  12. That's sad, Starbucks coffee is everything but coffee. They have the best brownies, however
  13. Welcome to the best forum ever DeltaFrappuccino!!! Are you a real italian coffee?
  14. MEGA CAMERUPT! I didn't think about him at all... he is so rare, but I have to be ready as the same. Right now, my best strat is to toxic him and stall out... should I run surf Silvally just for him and some Blaziken leads? It seems a bit too situational... I might as well give Gliscor toxic, but I really don't know what could I give up. Knock off? It's even more useful than bulldoze, which I must have for Jolteon and Electivire. I might use AV Tyranitar to check him... that's the best idea, probably. It's just all about keeping Silvally safe until Camerupt comes in. Hoping there's no trick room. Pursuit is a very good idea by the way Speaking of terrains... if the opponent has an Hydreigon in new world, I virtually shake his hand and demand for a rematch. Same goes for Naganadel in dragon's den. Seriously, after a nasty plot in the den Naganadel ohkos even a calm assault vest heatran 252hp 252sdef, not kidding However, more than 50% of the fields favours me, while bulldoze defog and heat wave help me with some of the others. Right now, my worst fields are psychic terrain, glitch field, water surface, flower garden and new world, but I can handle them
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