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  1. This schedule is pretty weird for gmt+1 and some other timezones... what I mean? That I'm going to stay awake all night of course eheheh
  2. I don't know where to post a swsh lf. I'm sorry if it's the wrong section I wanted to ask if anyone happens to have a magic bounce hatenna/evos. Ivs and Evs are not important, I just need magic bounce and I'm really struggling to find one myself Edit: Nope just solved thanks how can I delete this topic?
  3. ARE YOU GOING TO ADD GEN 8??? Just kidding. But I'm wondering: some pokemon may learn moves they previously didn't have access to. For example... (tiny swsh spoiler) Those moves would be added to the learnset of the pokemon? And another question: has gen 8 happened for what concerns the story? Like you know cameos, or just mentions like Steven in Reborn now. Or even side quests who knows but I don't think so
  4. My favourite pokemon is finally viable. Do we need anything else??
  5. So how does this exactly work? We have to contact the leaders who tell us "hey I'm X type challenge me" and they choose the field and we have to choose 6 mons out of 9 according to the type? Do we have to send someone the sets? I want to start this as soon as possibile and get all the badges before vgc2020 kicks in I'm loving this
  6. I DON'T GIVE A SCORBUNNY ABOUT ALL THOSE THINGS MY FAVOURITE POKEMON IS IN AND THAT'S ALL WHAT MATTERS TO ME Ok... I'm sorry. I just checked this and still need to calm down. Sorry guys
  7. Nope, it was a Silvally flying. But maybe we're going to find an Umbreon?
  8. But he instead found an alolan pokemon, Silvally. Silvally decides to look for unown as well
  9. I don't remember how to access it... but you don't need to, you can just check the pattern online and do it without having even visited the basement... right?
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