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  1. Lorisaur

    E19 Release

    Wait REALLY?? I know you guys are fast but I didn't think you were THAT fast, it's so little time. I belived the release date was most likely in 2021
  2. I think that Slaking could have Defeatist as a Hidden Ability, while Archeops could have Truant. Truant is also good for Regigigas btw Oh, did you want to see some useful abilities? I'm sorry.
  4. Lorisaur


    Ciao Angelo benvenuto!! Bello vedere altri italiani qui! (In english: Hi angelo nice to meet you!! it's nice to see more italians here)
  5. If you have any Xspdef you can try to pump your Ampharos and win by stall lol However, I think you can look for a way to set up your Salamence and sweep with him maybe start with Blaziken if you can ohko Walrein with sky uppercut. You have very good pokemons overall, that shouldn't be hard
  6. Well, any team is good to run the game. I run it twice, using pokemon like Ariados or Beedrill just because I liked them and had no problems at all. If you want a serious team, it's just for pvp battles, which are way harder than the game itself, and for those you would need a very different team
  7. Lorisaur

    E19 Release

    I think someone alredy asked this, so I'm feeling stupid to ask but are there any possibilities we get Meltan and Melmetal since they are gen 7?
  8. Will we get some kind of teaser post when postgame content developement starts? I'm soooo curious about e19
  9. I agree, I main Samus and Rosalina and grab range is definitely the problem of my characters. Jokes aside, I fear that buffing grabs would make shielding even less useful than it alredy is, but some characters like Roy, Piranha Plant, etc definitely need some grab buffs
  10. Well, it's a disjoint and has a tipper so I think yes. There's no hurtbox on both tail and part of the wings
  11. Isn't Ridley the true tipper swordsman? His tail and wings are more Marthish than all Lucina
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