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  1. Oh Kay guess I will have to wait in this hell for one more version which will probably take longer than usual since gen 8 is coming aka suffering
  2. So I am thinking to put mega sharpedo in my team I have gotten to know where the mega stone is but I was wondering that I don’t have the mega ring yet and I do not know where it is can someone help me plz
  3. Okay so I heard Staryu were near the lighthouse in Terajuma island at night. But instead, there are some Phione there...? Did Staryu relocate?
  4. Okay so at the Pokemon Ranger Centre in Terajuma, the scientist ask for more Dunsparce after giving the first. Ive given him 2 dunsparce so far and just got 2 more castforms. Is there some reward for giving him more Dunsparce??
  5. So I tried reverting to a previous save state, but clearly that didn’t work and now I din have those files and every time I move forward in the wispy ruins, an error pops up and the game closes... can someone pls help, I can provide my save file , game data thing?
  6. If anyone can help me revert the save file if possible then tell as well btw is the difficulty changer is in the route before GDC but does he change the difficulty?
  7. So I was stuck in a battle, so i changed the difficulty to Easy for that battle. Now i went back to luck's tent to revert the diffiulty but he is missing... Pls help
  8. I used him 2times to easy mode once to normal mode in total 3 After defeating the ghost type gym he is gone I want to turn it back to normal help plz
  9. So I’ve reached forsaken laboratory and there are bunch of trainers with shadow Pokemon. But since we don’t have the snag machine, we can’t catch them, so is there any way I can get them somehow??
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