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  1. Yeah, if i recall correctly i wiped my computer thinking i had a backup for both reborn and reju on this site. seems like i only had save files for Reborn
  2. Idk what happened or how, But it seems like my save file has been deleted. The only one remaining is both glitched and all the way back at Jenners Lab. Would really appreciate it as i don't have the time nor do i really want to replay the entire game again. Thanks in Advance!
  3. Where has Paras gone ive looked over the entire east gearen at night and still havent found one EDIT: There are paras at the purification spring (the place where you de-shadow pokemon. So if anyone else has the same issue look there.
  4. I cant find a single paras in east gearen
  5. Encountered a new bug. This time my screen went completely black. and i am unable to move Game.rxdata
  6. I figured it out. If u have a save not long before the fight. Simply load that one up To do so rename an earlier save file (the ones which show badges/time etc to Game. Make sure to rename the original Game prior though. Personally i just renamed it glitch so that i know where and what it is incase i ever need it
  7. This problem happend to me aswell. Still stuck Also i might have accidentaly made it so the files try to open via internett explorer. The game and save file still function but i wonder if this will be a problem when fixing the game, and if so how can i revert it? Game_2.rxdata
  8. If there a mods i don't want i can just delete them from the mods folder right? EDIT: Im ignorant nevermind
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