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  1. I believe you click on the file and you are asked if you want to save that file. Say yes, and it’s on your documents. You still may have to move that file to the appropriate folder and replace the existing file. Game.rxdata would be in the “Saved Games” folder Map365 should be on “Data” folder And tilesets would be in the “Graphics” folder.
  2. This is the file for Pokémon Spork Intense Mode. As far as level cap goes, you may have to go to RPG Maker to edit the levels given for every badge. I believe it is under PB_Battler or some sort line 2000+. For help setting up, look at one of Amethyst's level cap video, which is helpful visual guide of setting the disobedience factor.


    This is NOT the final draft however, but the AI major characters' insane difficulty are covered up to the end of the story (where the credits roll). I haven't edit post game rematches and trivial regular trainers yet.



  3. Here's Sierran in the Moonblast background! Will be used on my Intense Mode playthrough soon.
  4. Following up with your request, I changed Aegislash's nickname. Also, the shiny counterpart was found from the files of Pokémon Rejuvenation. A purple colored sword instead of a red one. Also, I will eventually start my insane mode soon. I just gotta make a 1280x720 picture of Sierran before I begin. I just checked the actual character of her, and trying to find a green color scheme for Aegislash is pretty hard.
  5. A YouTuber makes Leo is about to start a Nuzlocke adventure. Saw his video today!
  6. Yes, I will update them. If you want, you can also send me the Shiny Aegislash forms and I’ll replace the existing ones.
  7. Following up from my previous post showing the level cap, this file contained modified trainers of Pokémon Spork up into the ending. And also the script for level caps. blurb from myself: "So I've played two adventures in Pokémon Spork: one as the fun blind playthrough and one with customized level caps. I think I might be unstoppable...until the day I found some PBS files. With the ability to edit trainers, I made it so that the difficulty is on par with Reborn and Rejuvenation. The lack of field effects is offset by making some Pokémon contain illegal moves. Ranging from Boomburst Pixilate Sylveon to Typhlosion Energy Ball, I'll be hard pressed to find a reliable counter. But I guess that's part of the fun that I'm willing to risk. The file is attached, play at your own risk. And if you have the ability to debug to reduce your Pokémon levels, then you will need to do that over the course of your adventure because you will overlevel! Well, what am I waiting for?! I gotta test this excruciating hard game!" trainers.txt
  8. Did you set the clock to nighttime?
  9. I have yet to connect the dots, but I couldn't get enough of an adventure. I'm planning on recording a third adventure, but with increased difficulty. Updated level caps and a notepad of modified trainer rosters. Intense Mode Rejuvenation style! Some Pokémon may carry an illegal move for the sake of ramping up the difficulty. I will hopefully playtest each and every single important trainers. So far, I got up to badge 1 covered.
  10. This situation gives me similar vibes like Pokémon Reborn. Here's what I think are similar: Reborn: After getting the 9th badge from Luna and you go to Agate City, you cannot go back due to being off-limits for the time being. And you eventually get HM Fly before getting your 13th badge (which you must get before you use Fly). Reborn City is remodeled moments after you beat Ciel. Rejuvenation: After getting the 9th badge from Erick and you hop in the train to Grand Dream City, you cannot go back to Gearen due to the guards stating that they're investigating the failed trainwreck. They'll keep on investigating until you get your 13th badge, and you also get HM Fly from Damien before battling Adam. Except that you can use Fly because you just got Souta's badge. East Gearen City has been remodeled at this time. Oh, and the teleporter was sticking around only on the end of Version 10. I recall Version 11 removed the warp pads.
  11. I was still able to find it in the Water Treatment Center. But first... Did you talk to a NPC in Chrisola Hotel B1F (Casino)? She said she will toss her Coin Case in the drain because she is done with the slot machine (something along the lines). If you do, then the item is there after the conversation even after the sewers are remodeled.
  12. Same here. I've once tried to chat with a NPC in Neo East Gearen City and suddenly the game froze for a while and then said "the script is taking too long". Automatically saves my game, and when I went to reload it, my character froze. Thank goodness there's like 1000+ saves that I've accumulated!
  13. There's also another YouTuber whose username is Ltl Vixen (the icon is Fennekin) who just happened to record Pokémon Spork around the same time I did.
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