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  1. Thanks for your help! I guess that sometimes happened to some Pokémon, like Bidoof’s forced Moody, and Eevee did had Anticipation before I evolve it. Thanks again!
  2. So it worked on yours, but mine kept saying “it won’t have any effect”. I’m gonna keep trying, though. This is my current save atm. In the middle of EV training, but it just that particular Sylveon of mine that didn't change while the other team members worked. Game.rxdata
  3. I can’t switch Sylveon’s Cute Charm to Pixilate even with Ability Capsule.
  4. Not bad, I had three badges within five episodes, so I’m not that far off.
  5. How soon can I get Eevee (besides starter selection room)? (I am picking up where I left off after blitzing through V12 Rejuvenation. Also, I already know where the Shiny Stone is at.)
  6. Not in previous versions, but she appeared in Where Love Lies with her Beeheyem for most of Kenneth’s adventure.
  7. Intense mode


    Nidoqueen lv85

    Krookodile Lv85

    Claydol Lv86

    Mega Steelix Lv86

    Excadrill Lv87

    Torterra Lv88

  8. Medium mode

    Nidoqueen 84

    Gliscor 84

    Claydol 85

    Excadrill 85

    Mega Camerupt 85

    Torterra 86

  9. I had another scenario where certain Pokémon has a 1% chance of appearing. Route 4 has Minun and Plusle as 1%. I did encounter Minun and caught it, but I have yet to find Plusle.
  10. The team that I have at the end of V12.
  11. So far, I’m still waiting for information about Ryland’s team and levels. So far, I acquired information from my own playthrough via casual, but lacking Normal and Intense. I know 2+ YouTubers whose playthrough is normal and intense, but they haven’t got that far yet, through pretty soon.

  12. Been soft resetting for an ideal Gible’s IV for an hour. 14/25/10/29/29/20

    1. MachoPony


      could always breed it, if its the right gender (or you have a good IV ditto) you can abuse the power items and destiny knot to manipulate the baby's IVs

  13. The EV reducing berries are available in Mosely’s adobe in route 4, but they nerfed the berries by inflating the price from 20 to 600. Thank goodness I bought 999 of each of those EV reducing berries while they cost 20 in V11.
  14. (I’m typing this from my phone, so it’s not optimized to create a spoiler tag, sadly) Easy Mode: A-Dugtrio LV80 Golurk LV82 Rhyperior LV83 (Weakness Policy) Torterra LV84 (leftovers) I had Ribombee use Sunny Day at the start to change the weather. Sandstorm weather is constant because the overworld continues to blow sandstorm, so I had to get rid of it. Cofagrigus was the MVP of the entire battle (Curse, Will-o-wisp, Shadow Ball, and destiny bond). I was planning to use Curse to cut their HP, but since one of their Pokémon used Desert’s Mask to change type to Ground, Curse instead became +1 Attack +1 Defense, and -1 Speed. It is so ridiculously bulky on the physical since factoring +6 Defense, Burn, and naturally high Defense, it’s like the equivalent of ~2800 Defense. Their entire team CAN’T touch Cofagrigus almost at all!
  15. So I decided to spend around 2 hours using my duplicate save so that I get to correct some mistakes. The redemption is to win the Sakitron VS Amanda battle and lose against a double battle featuring Madame X’s servants. I didn’t record anything because I worry that I might not succeed, but in the end of the day, I saw success in my own eyes, and am finally satisfied that I’ve got to go back. The only thing I didn’t do is to re-train Cofagrigus, so aka Cheeze did not happen at all in my second save (not that I needed it anymore, maybe in the future if I feel like EV training them). I actually cheesed with Perish Song Absol against rift Hippowdon, so that must be a speedy part of the chapter.

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