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  1. Banned because that blob in the profile pic reminds me of the obnoxious spirit battle for Rayman in Smash Ultimate. (Long Story)
  2. 3848u6.jpg

    I have more where that came from 🙂

  3. Porky is awful, but at least his battle music from Mother 3 is rockin'! PSI Rockin', that is.

  4. Magicant is really obnoxious to play through, so I'd Imagine that I Can't beat it.


    See what I did there?

  5. Sorry for the hiatus on my dumb daily posts. Now I'm back, from Energy Man to Soko Hikigaeru, the Armored Toad Ambassador.


    I thought today I'd mention this wonderful enemy from EarthBound.


    The Armored Frog. I don't think that needs explanation. Armored Frog. It's an Armored Amphibian, just like the Armored Toad!


    Art. True art.

  6. I'll just leave this here.


  7. I love how most messages in Rayman Adventures are quick and simplified, like this:


    Family Complete!

    Egg Rescued!

    Need More Gems?


    And then there's this:


    You can't use this elixir at the moment because a new Incrediball of the desired rarity cannot be guaranteed.


    Thanks for listening.

    Oops, that was rude. Let me elaborate.


    Thank you, viewers of this post, for taking the time out of your day to stop by this somewhat humorous post about the literary analysis of phrases in the mobile game Rayman Adventures.


    That's better.


    I think I'm slowly going insane.

  9. Hello, everyone! I'm trying to start a High School DxD club here on the forums, and I'm looking for potential members. As some of you may know, clubs can only be approved if at least five people are willing to join. If you'd like to join the club, please notify me! That's all, have a nice day
  10. The wonderful phrase, Armored Toad, can be universally used because It's that good.


    Armored Toad in different languages:


    Japanese: Sōkō Hikigaeru

    French: Crapaud Blindé

    German: Gepanzerte Kröte

    Spanish: Sapo Acorazado

    Chinese: Zhuāngjiǎ Chánchú

    Russian: Bronirovannaya Zhaba

    Arabic: Aldafdae Almudaraea

    Portuguese: Sapo Blindado


    ARMORED TOAD, my friends!


  11. I just started playing Mario Maker 2, and my favorite new addition is the multicolored pipes. So trivial, yet so wonderful.


    P.S. I'm trying to start a High School DxD club here on the forums. If you'd be interested in joining, please PM me!

  12. When you realize how underrated Rayman is:


    Image result for this is fine meme


    P.S. I'm trying to start a High School DxD club here on the forums. If you'd be interested in joining, please PM me!

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