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  1. GriffinO1

    [V11 SPOILERS] Ruined City Vileplume

    You lose 20’000 dollars each time.
  2. I plan to wait for an update (which sucks because I have a few custom sprites I need to put into it.)
  3. GriffinO1

    [V11 SPOILERS] Ruined City Vileplume

    Seemingly it won’t let me chance the title, so I’ll add this to the question itself.
  4. GriffinO1

    [V11 SPOILERS] Ruined City Vileplume

    I will. Do you have any suggestions of what I should change the title to?
  5. Also, I am getting the script resizer error again, however I always saved in medium, so I am not sure why.
  6. GriffinO1

    [V11 SPOILERS] Ruined City Vileplume

    There was no spoiler rule to my knowledge as there are many other Rejuvenation posts and it didn't say not to post them.
  7. When playing as Melia in the library, I lost to a trainer. When I respawned, I was in the Labyrinth near Sashila. If Melia is supposed to end up there I'd like to know what happens in-between these two scenes. If she isn't meant to end up there, well I seem to have a bigger problem.
  8. GriffinO1

    [V11 SPOILERS] Ruined City Vileplume

    Oh I didn’t realize there was a rule on spoilers. Do you know how to delete this?
  9. May contain V11 Spoilers Is there a way to get my money back from the Vileplume? Or just get into the ruined city in general?
  10. Whenever I play on anything higher then medium the game doesn't function. Will we be able to play on higher then that again soon?
  11. You have to put your screen size back to medium. Or go to a save in which you were in medium.
  12. When I go back into V10 it give some me tons of other errors. So that isn’t working for me, any other tips?
  13. I might sound kinda dumb but I don’t know how to access my C drive. I tried earlier but it didn’t work.
  14. I can't find my back up saves as I have no idea how to locate them, can you help with that?
  15. I saved and left the game to check if my Incineroar sprite was to small. (I had edited the colors of the original sprite during V10 and then ported that file to V11) Everything had been working fine but when I opened the game back up it displayed and error that said. "Script 'SpriteResizer' line 151: Type Error occurred. no implicit conversion from nil to integer." Prior to updating I had set the screen to medium and then went to route two. However when I went to check if my incineroar sprite was to small, I had moved to West Gearen, (in V11) and returned my screen to full size. What should I do to fix it? I would upload the file but it says its to big.