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  1. You’re welcome. Remember to give it Superpower, contrary makes that move more powerful instead of weakening it when used.
  2. I’d recommend getting Malamar, as it’s really good with the contrary ability. You can find them by shaking (or head butting I think) trees in the Byxbysion Wasteland.
  3. As is the purpose of this thread, I’d like someone to rate my team. All the Pokémon are either level ninety or one, two, or three levels under that. Typhlosion: Moves Flamethrower Wild Charge Eruption Rock Climb (Placeholder as I don’t know a good move.) Ability: Blaze Alolan Raichu: Moves Psychic Thunderbolt Thunder Wave Strength (Needed someone to have it.) Ability: Surge Surfer Greninja: Moves Extrasensory Surf Dive/Waterfall (I exchange them a lot since I have no other Pokémon that can learn them.) Dark Pulse Ability: Protean Chesnaught: Moves Bulldoze Hammer Arm Wood Hammer Poison Jab Ability: Overgrow Naganadel: Moves Dragon Pulse Poison Jab Fly (Only team member who can learn it.) Thunderbolt Ability: Beast Boost Cofagrigus: Moves Destiny Bond Rain Dance (For Greninja.) Shadow Ball Curse Ability: Mummy Nidoking: Moves Rock Climb (He’s normally the one who has this, not Typhlosion) Sludge Wave Dragon Pulse Earth Power Ability: Poison Point Simisage: Moves Rock Smash Iron Tail Bite Seed Bomb Ability: Overgrow Malamar: Moves Psycho Cut Foul Play Super Power Light Screen Ability: Contrary Donphan: Moves Rock Smash (Any replacement ideas?) Iron Tail Earthquake Rollout Ability: Sturdy I’m not good with natures, so I opted not to include them and instead ask for what to change them to.
  4. I have gone through with the Zekrom route, so I wanted to know all the major differences, it seems like Amaria and Titania heavily dislike you in it (I’m pretty sure Amaria does the opposite of the battle style you want) and Taka is dead. Can someone give me more details?
  5. Is the Reborn follower mod still being updated? I want to use it but I didn’t know if my Alola Pokemon would follow me.
  6. So are you able to only download one mod from the pack? It didn’t seem to be clear on that.
  7. Alright, but is that the common messages for that level?
  8. I checked with the friendship lady, and it said my Naganadel looked scared. When I raised it at the salon and checked again, she said it felt lost. Are these normal friendship messages?
  9. I have only one Pokémon that can learn dice and waterfall, my Greninja. I need to keep other moves on him and as such, I constantly have to swap dive and waterfall with each other. Is there a better way to go about this without getting another Pokémon in my team?
  10. I can’t find any house with a person named Simon in it in the Lower Peridot Ward. I’m post reconstruction.
  11. My main issue with sludge wave is it’ll hurt my teammates in double battles.
  12. Does anybody know the locations of the TM’s for sludge bomb and toxic, I’m trying to make a good move set for my Naganadel.
  13. Thank you very much, for everything.
  14. Is there an actual way to tell? All I know is I can go up to floor eight.
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