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  1. Question, I'm not personally a sprite but I'm curious, should sprinters make Sprites with normal shines, or the custom ones for Reborn and Rejuvenation?
  2. That’s fantastic! What generation of Pokémon is it up to?
  3. How upsetting, I really wanted to use it.
  4. I’m looking for custom Shiny Greninja, Lucario and Aegislash sprites to use. Those are the specific ones I’m looking for, but I’d be happy if I could be shown any custom shiny sprites people have made. Especially starters.
  5. Would you happen to know the name of your fathers character sprite in this game?
  6. I’m beginning to believe it is higher cause I’ve now encountered two shiners before the fourth gym.
  7. That would suck cause unless the dojo guy normally has a shiny stuffel he randomly got one.
  8. Do you know what the shiny chance in Empyrean is?
  9. Does anybody know what the fathers sprite file is called in Pokémon Empyrean?
  10. That's good to hear, I like a lot of Fakemon designs but I'm apprehensive about them since there only in fan games and not official stuff. Since Delta Pokemon are similar to Alolan forms and are still the same Pokemon I like them. Thank you for the quick response.
  11. Question, does Pokémon Empyrean have fakemon? If so, how many?
  12. Gotcha, then does the thread get renamed occasionally? Cause at the top it says this. Pokémon Floral Tempus - Episode 3.0.1 Released! By Silent Chord, July 27, 2018 in Fan-game Exposé
  13. I meant last July, I though it said it released July 2018.
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