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  1. I just went with my Vannilish which I was HOPING would be able to tank one hit from Drifblim and roll from there. I got TREMENDOUSLY lucky with that critical Ice Beam turn 1. My heart sank when I saw that seed activate. It was still an uphill battle, but that it made me breath a little easier. Also I was praying to various gods that my computer didn't crash and I wouldn't have to start all over so that was fun lol.
  2. Oh god I finally beat Geara! I'd like to give thanks to Roxie my Weezing for Poisoning an lowering the accuracy of most of his team. She was the real MVP! Also props to Bodhi the Torterra for hanging in there and dealing the final blow to the Giratina.

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    2. doombotmecha


      Oh holy shit that's amazing! I completely forgot about that mon, I'd better pick that up next time I'm in game so I don't forget it again lmao


      edit: @Dex sweet stuff! I literally just soft-reset until I could get Drifblim's hypnosis to whiff on my Duskanroc. Unburden is one hell of a drug, I'll tell you that much lol! I swapped the field to blessed and nearly lost to Mimikyu because of it. After that nightmare reduced half my team to red, I was able to OHKO two of her mons with Duskanroc's Thrash (since normal is SE on ghost in blessed field). I also seriously lucked out with like three Ominous Wind Boosts in a row, allowing me to clean up Rotom and Dusclops, leaving only Chandelure, who was a total cakewalk for Duskanroc.

    3. Dex


      Tell me about it, I went in flat out expecting to lose. At the end of the day you kinda just have to grit your teeth and hang in there with these battles. 

    4. J-Dawg


      Mosely blessed you with her loli luck.  You better pray to the loli goddess ASAP boi.

  3. You actually could have put a rag around your face or something along with the goggles, but that wouldn't have been as funny. Also it'd make you look like some kind of bandit from Fallout. Bah of course the damn thing would be Part Dark, I guess to keep the player from rolling over it with the number of Psychic types you have available to you by this point in the game. Spider Sludge should be in Into the Spider-Verse 2, I demand it. Also telegraphing that Macross death a little, aren't you. I bet it's because of that damn terrain during the second battle. Wow, if it wasn't for the green water (which I'm sure is more nuclear waste than sewage, better watch for any extra appendages growing later), the sewers would look almost livable. Well they emphasis on would if the Dimensional Rift Toxic Avenger wasn't around. Probably the safest bet would be to decontaminate or burn everything on you. Like when I first started reading this like a year or two ago, I honestly did think you posted this as you played. But that would actually take ages to do in retrospect. EDIT: Also I finally beat Geara and Narcissa (First Try in Fact!). I want to thank you for inspiring me to use the Vanillite line, guy saved my butt big time against Narcissa.
  4. I gotta agree on the design of the region. There are some beautiful looking locations in this game, and all on what is essentially GBA/ Nintendo DS graphics.
  5. I think I like the idea of having the replies here. Also, oh wow Part Three is 80 plus chapters. Well there is a hell of a lot of story to go through for this game. Oh man I can't wait for the Bad Future Arc (even though that is ages away), the stuff that goes on there lol. Time for the other half of Gearan City, can't be much worse than the other. . . . right? At the very least the side quests don't seem so bad. . . though considering your track record. . . . Venam and Melia continue to be almost endearingly dumb at times (well to me, it's probably much harder to deal with in person), though them increasingly reacting to your shenanigans/calling them on their shit is increasingly my favorite part of this run. Also finally context for that Karrina/Melia edited picture from way back (I completely forgot Melia drop kicks this girl, like what the hell). Also your Karrina conspiracy theory honestly doesn't sound that far fetched compared to everything that has happened so far. Pirates of the Aevium league. If you're Jack Sparrow does that make Melia Barbossa and Venam . . . the monkey? Also, Jan upped the difficulty for Versions 11 and 12 like a lot even on Normal. Doesn't help Geara has like 3 or 4 mons that run Dazzling Gleam, rendering my Pangoro a liability. I'll just continue to watch you suffer live vicariously through you.
  6. As far as I can tell all the images were up, so that's a plus I guess. Also obligatory "it's been 10'000 years!" and all that. Best part about this is that I can see what happens without having to play myself! (Being nowhere near skilled at Pokemon to get through Rejuvenation as it is now, like holy hell Geara is murdering me at the Radio Tower). At least there was a Pokemon battle in this segment. . . though it was so inconsequential you chose to resolve the issue with the People's Elbow instead. Wish that was an actual option in the game, especially for a lot of the Grunt Gauntlets Rejuvenation likes to through your way. Madame X saving you still makes no sense, you'd think she'd jump at a chance to be finally rid of the greatest threat to her plans. Funniest parts of this whole Chapter were the Black Sludge gag and you throwing the Doom Orb at Melia. Also "A new timeline has been created". . . at least the game was nice enough to tell you your action had consequences I guess. Better than being utterly blindsided. . . unlike a certain other Pokemon fangame. Also, also: considering where you're at reuploading the Reborn Run, have you ever considered doing a Q and A for Rejuvenation? Like when you hit Chapter 100 or something like that. Could be cool.
  7. Dex

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Oh dear it's one of those "Betrayal" fics. Like I liked the premise of Ash in Reborn, but the trope it uses to get to that plot point has been done to death and to be quite frank it's probably one of the worst fanfic trends in the Pokemon Fanfic community right now. It involves Ash's friends being so out of character it isn't even funny.
  9. Maybe it's something on my end, but half your pictures aren't showing up. Considering how much plot stuff happens before you can even get the HM needed to scale the mountain. . . . all I'm going to say is the players should be thankful they didn't just jump us with the whoe team the second we entered the moutain.
  10. I kinda have two questions. One story related and the other development related. 1) So from what I can tell from the cutscenes in Version 11 and 12, the Interceptor some kind of Avatar (or maybe a better example would be the Harbinger from the game Omensight) and the MC is just the latest in the line of them? Or are they just some kind of fusion of multiple beings into one? Because my read in the cutscene where the MC gets knocked out by the surfboard dude in V11 kinda supports either/or. 2) To the development team, Rejuvenation does quite of bit of outside of battle sprite animations (I'm honestly starting to love them, they're pretty entertaining). What was your favorite part to animate and what was your least favorite part?
  11. In all fairness to Venam, Indriad's spooky cult basement looked way different in the previous versions. It was basically just the volcano area under Sheridan village but with some totems. Jan probably just overlooked updating her dialogue. I too am fairly shocked you went after the cop, damn near every other playthrough I've seen went "Fuck that guy, he made his bed". Also I seriously doubt the reward will be worth the extra effort. Though it lead to a genuinely great bought of posturing between you and. . . let's call her Negavoir. Honestly the whole Kanon bit could have been cut out entirely and nothing would have been lost from this segment of the game. I'm kinda half hoping you make Anathea being your stand a running gag since: And we're almost done with the time traveling. . . at least for now anyways. Honestly the thing that gets me about doing all this is that you're going to get exactly 1 Gym Badge after all this is done. Does the league even matter at this point since you're apparently trying to stop Armaggeddon 2.0: Electric Boogaloo.
  12. Finishing the Alphabetlocke. . . . by 2025 right? Fret not you're almost through with this arc though you still have some bull to get through. Honestly the police deserve everything they get from this point on, their actions were next level stupid. Also considering some of the dialogue in this game, do you REALLY want the MC to talk? Like Full Moon is a startling example of how badly this can go wrong. So Anathea got snatched up by the Soul Stone, so will that make her your stand now?
  13. Aw man I forgot the reply to the last chapter, I figured it would be another week before you updated. God I forgot about the stunning lack of battles in this part of the game. If that Gardevoir didn't appear, it would be pretty easy to forget that this is a Pokemon game. I watched Shofu play this part ages ago and he was pretty bored for the most of it. I can't imagine how bad it was for you. I figure the reason this update was so big is that you're trying to get through it as quickly as possible at this rate. Venam is ALMOST tolerable, at least in comparison to a lot of stuff going on. Like the police officers being on board with Edgy Gardevoir's plan is probably the dumbest thing in this update like wow. Also I'm gonna go with Gaunt's theory that Madame X is an alternate timeline Melia or just flat Marianette. . . which might be the same thing all things considered. But who knows at this point.
  14. Plugging away for three years. . . I'm not sure if saying here's hoping for (insert number) years more would be an insult or not. Though your dedication is something to be proud of at least. At the rate we're going, Rejuvenation will actually be complete sometime in the mid 2020s. No you fool, the Melia x Sean shippers are gonna have a field day at your reaction to her outfit! I honestly forgot you have the Soul stone, honestly there doesn't seem to be any purpose to it at this point sans take up space. . . or to get Thanos to beat you up. But fortunately that little issue was resolved. Are you an honorary Avenger now? Tiempa and Spacia, I gotta ask why these two girls and not use Dialgia and Palkia. This is a Pokemon game right? Doesn't help they're kinda boring character wise. I honestly wonder what your Pokemon think about all this, I bet half the time they're bored thinking "oh god the humans are monologuing again". I just want one to pop out and say get on with it! At least this next part should pick up somewhat.
  15. If it makes you feel any better, the a few of the forums I've been using for years use Xenforo and they work pretty well. Though yeah that name is SUPER ironic in your case. Yeah most of this section of Rejuvenation is essentially a cutscene. . . . which is a criticism I can level at most of the game to be honest. Like between this and Reborn, I'll never complain about Metal Gear Solid again. Also this isn't even the worst one, that one's at least much later. All things considered like well over half of the named characters are female, and most of them are annoying at best. I support you putting in their place, up with the patriarchy!
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