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  1. I kinda have two questions. One story related and the other development related. 1) So from what I can tell from the cutscenes in Version 11 and 12, the Interceptor some kind of Avatar (or maybe a better example would be the Harbinger from the game Omensight) and the MC is just the latest in the line of them? Or are they just some kind of fusion of multiple beings into one? Because my read in the cutscene where the MC gets knocked out by the surfboard dude in V11 kinda supports either/or. 2) To the development team, Rejuvenation does quite of bit of outside of battle sprite animations (I'm honestly starting to love them, they're pretty entertaining). What was your favorite part to animate and what was your least favorite part?
  2. In all fairness to Venam, Indriad's spooky cult basement looked way different in the previous versions. It was basically just the volcano area under Sheridan village but with some totems. Jan probably just overlooked updating her dialogue. I too am fairly shocked you went after the cop, damn near every other playthrough I've seen went "Fuck that guy, he made his bed". Also I seriously doubt the reward will be worth the extra effort. Though it lead to a genuinely great bought of posturing between you and. . . let's call her Negavoir. Honestly the whole Kanon bit could have been cut out entirely and nothing would have been lost from this segment of the game. I'm kinda half hoping you make Anathea being your stand a running gag since: And we're almost done with the time traveling. . . at least for now anyways. Honestly the thing that gets me about doing all this is that you're going to get exactly 1 Gym Badge after all this is done. Does the league even matter at this point since you're apparently trying to stop Armaggeddon 2.0: Electric Boogaloo.
  3. Finishing the Alphabetlocke. . . . by 2025 right? Fret not you're almost through with this arc though you still have some bull to get through. Honestly the police deserve everything they get from this point on, their actions were next level stupid. Also considering some of the dialogue in this game, do you REALLY want the MC to talk? Like Full Moon is a startling example of how badly this can go wrong. So Anathea got snatched up by the Soul Stone, so will that make her your stand now?
  4. Aw man I forgot the reply to the last chapter, I figured it would be another week before you updated. God I forgot about the stunning lack of battles in this part of the game. If that Gardevoir didn't appear, it would be pretty easy to forget that this is a Pokemon game. I watched Shofu play this part ages ago and he was pretty bored for the most of it. I can't imagine how bad it was for you. I figure the reason this update was so big is that you're trying to get through it as quickly as possible at this rate. Venam is ALMOST tolerable, at least in comparison to a lot of stuff going on. Like the police officers being on board with Edgy Gardevoir's plan is probably the dumbest thing in this update like wow. Also I'm gonna go with Gaunt's theory that Madame X is an alternate timeline Melia or just flat Marianette. . . which might be the same thing all things considered. But who knows at this point.
  5. Plugging away for three years. . . I'm not sure if saying here's hoping for (insert number) years more would be an insult or not. Though your dedication is something to be proud of at least. At the rate we're going, Rejuvenation will actually be complete sometime in the mid 2020s. No you fool, the Melia x Sean shippers are gonna have a field day at your reaction to her outfit! I honestly forgot you have the Soul stone, honestly there doesn't seem to be any purpose to it at this point sans take up space. . . or to get Thanos to beat you up. But fortunately that little issue was resolved. Are you an honorary Avenger now? Tiempa and Spacia, I gotta ask why these two girls and not use Dialgia and Palkia. This is a Pokemon game right? Doesn't help they're kinda boring character wise. I honestly wonder what your Pokemon think about all this, I bet half the time they're bored thinking "oh god the humans are monologuing again". I just want one to pop out and say get on with it! At least this next part should pick up somewhat.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, the a few of the forums I've been using for years use Xenforo and they work pretty well. Though yeah that name is SUPER ironic in your case. Yeah most of this section of Rejuvenation is essentially a cutscene. . . . which is a criticism I can level at most of the game to be honest. Like between this and Reborn, I'll never complain about Metal Gear Solid again. Also this isn't even the worst one, that one's at least much later. All things considered like well over half of the named characters are female, and most of them are annoying at best. I support you putting in their place, up with the patriarchy!
  7. Oh boy time for well. . . Time Travel. The nickname for the Klang was precisely the level of comedy I've come to expect. Also you should know better than to try to escape the reach of Melia the plot. The hangout with Amber scene was surprisingly nice. . . for the like 10 seconds it lasted before the plot came back. To bad there's no more sidequests for you to distract yourself at the moment, though considering how the last few times went that may be for the best. Another Growlithe. . . well try not to make it three for three for the line in your Nuzlockes. At this point, all I can say is try not to take too many Back to the Future jokes/references.
  8. I think that Fever Pitch move is powered up by all the Hype you built up before the fight. . . I think anyways. It's make sense and explain why it hit like a truck even when it was "not very effective". I never realized Karen of all people attended the party, she seems even less stable than the last time we saw her. Which is saying something. The battle went about as expected. Amber always seemed like one of the tougher gyms and this kinda showed it. Poor Mr. Wiggles and Bon Bon, never even had a chance. Jitfernape made me laugh for a variety of reasons. ( Reborn Season 5 wen?) Also poor Nim. Turned to stone then turned into an emo. At least you still have . . . . Amber?
  9. I think I was just piggy backing off of what Commander posted, but I think it might have to do with that video of him that comes up in the newest update of Commander's Written Crawl.
  10. Honestly that Heart to Heart scene with Valerie is emblematic of everything wrong with Melia's role in the game, along with the scene where you're reignited with Tesla. She comes in and it immediately becomes about her. It honestly ruins the scene with Tesla, the first friendly face you see in Aevium after escaping the passenger liner. It's at least partially made up for with the kitchen scene, but still. I do gotta say I like the look of the game as of the current version, everything just LOOKS better. Say nothing else about Rejuvenation, it's probably the best looking Pokemon fangame next to Legends of the Arena. The plot and set piece changes, I have nothing to add beyond what you said already. Seeing all this makes me realize I need to get back to my own run of Rejuvenation. . . it's been awhile.
  11. Forget having a few days to mourn, you don't even get a chance to have a proper wake for her. Freaking Jenner gets one, priorities are a little out of whack there. By Crescent explaining things, it's more Crescent says a lot of words that don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. It'd be actually kind of interesting if Crescent was your wife or something like that (I'm honestly still leaning towards her being your real mother and Nancy being a stand in so Crescent can do. . . whatever she does), I'd at least make the MC more involved in the plot instead of being essentially an overpowered bystander. Honestly you should have the upcoming gym battle in the bag. Taking bets on how many Pokemon Rose takes down now. I guessing at least a third of the team. Though I kinda wondered why you didn't choose your Octillery (can't remember his nickname at the moment), but then I remembered Rejuvenation is inspired by Reborn, which means said gym would be startlingly unfriendly to Water type usage.
  12. Oh we're going back to Rejuvenation already! Your masochistic streak is showing again. Yeah just name me the No-Name slayer lol. Yeah this is the point where Rejuvenation gets. . . interesting in a Chinese sense. The worst part is that last battle basically didn't even matter in the slightest (at least you didn't lose anybody so there's that). I was half expecting you to edit in an attempt to catch Zetta, be kinda cool if you could make it work in game (though as of this version I don't even know if Solosis is even available to get). Welcome to Rejuvenation Derogatory Trainer Version 2.0, hopefully you're adventure is better than 1.0's.
  13. Shoot several updates in a row! Sorry I ever doubted you. (I missed replying to the previous two, I was out of town and didn't have access to a computer for several days sorry bout that) That Groudon "battle" was honestly hilarious, like I guess it was an oversight on Drayano's part. Consider it a breather after everything thing else he's put you through. Also glad to see the plot is still going with Deoxys and Zinnia, can't wait to see how that finale goes, but you have to get past Arceus of all things. That's quite the Random encounter, maybe he want's to be your friend?
  14. This is bad in its own way, instead of several Pokemon all at once like in Reborn, you lose a Pokemon or two here and there like a leaky pipe. Also the edits are just as hilarious in 3d. This is going to be fun. (Well for me anyways, doubt it'll be for you)
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