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  1. This is bad in its own way, instead of several Pokemon all at once like in Reborn, you lose a Pokemon or two here and there like a leaky pipe. Also the edits are just as hilarious in 3d. This is going to be fun. (Well for me anyways, doubt it'll be for you)
  2. Dex

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Looks like a no show this week. Guess we gotta wait till Monday.
  3. Dex

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Hey man be happy they remember them period.
  4. But you are already there technically, in another. . . timeline(?). The Spirit Keta fight, all I can say is thank god I played Version 9. I seriously doubt I could have beaten him with the Team I had at the time. Madelis using her Pokemon alongside Shadow Mewtwo is news to me. Like thank goodness they partner you up with Keta, could you imagine having to fight her in a doubles by yourself.
  5. I started a new save slot for Version 11 as well. East Gearan is way different so far. The fake out Game over with the trip to Hoenn made me laugh, and honestly it just looks way better. I'm eager to see what else is changed. Kinda bummed about the Starter Room, the previous version was honestly way more appealing but like you said something had to be cut. Also Intense mode, why do you hate yourself Commander?
  6. Dude you're getting kinda annoying, let the thread rest until Derogatory Trainer updates again.
  7. Dex

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Yeah it took Shofu about 3 episodes for Charlotte, also being better than Shofu on the puzzles is a low bar. It wouldn't be so bad if the man would just flat out edit.
  8. Honestly the Absol thing has been driven into the ground and then some at this point. Hopefully the next time we see the damn thing it actually decides to help out. Honestly I'm surprised there are any members of Team Meteor left between Titania, Saphira, and various shenanigans.
  9. Oh man Intense Mode, I gotta say not the best Christmas Gift a person can give themselves. But hey more power to you if you can make it through, I'm having enough trouble as it is on Normal Mode. You even chose the same trainer sprite as me which is pretty cool. Different Starter though.( I chose Turtwig, just so I could have a mon that natural learns Earthquake. Worth it), all I can say is good luck man.
  10. And now someone somewhere on this forum is plotting to write just that. Congrats! Well of course much like your profile pic, you're number 2 in this game.
  11. Aw man the flamer got deleted. I was actually kind of amazed someone was this upset at you for criticizing this game. Also, I said on DT's run and I'll say it here, Jan's doing an awful lot just to pad out going to the mountain. Like Geara and Zetta could have long since tossed NIm into the lava and we'd probably never know until it was far too late. Texen may very well have the dumbest hairstyle in a pokemon game. He has a severe case of helmut hair/cow lick. It's actually amazing. Obviously the only reason he's popular is money. Also Texen's gym battle, funny thing he's still FAR stronger than Keta was. Feel sorry for the poor sucker starting out that has to challenge him. The Aelita battle was par for the course for Rejuvenation, some of these battles are flat unfair. Either due to team selection of what is available (early game) or the opposing team having far better moves that what you could hope to have at the moment. Keta's battle with most of his mon's having elemental punches stuck out to me the most.
  12. Hey man keep your fantasies about Melia to yourself, this is a family forum! But real talk, your alternative plan was probably one of the funniest things in this run, you weren't kidding about going crazy with the editing. The whole sequence with Nim is a punch to the gut and not in a good way. It and the aftermath to the double battle really drive home how often the Pokemon battles in this game amount to nothing. It's kinda maddening. At least Melia put up a fight this time, though it helps her team had a pretty significant type advantage over Zetta and Geara's teams. Happily you only lost one Pokemon in the entire mountain sequence, at least you can take solace in that as you burn to death. Which is a pretty grim fate for anyone, especially the main character. Maybe Tesla and Amber can avenge you because I just realized with just about everyone else incapacitated or flat dead in some way, they're about the only ones left worth note.
  13. Truly Flounder is a cursed name like Zeppeli. Also this is the 2nd time Venam has team killed one of your mons, that's kinda morbidly impressive. She actually has a better track record against you than most of Team Xen discounting Madame X. Also pretty funny when you had Venam react to your dialogue and your Pokemon. I suspect your going to do quite a bit of that kind of editing for the next chapter. Crescent. . . I don't get Crescent. Like legit what is her deal man. . . .I'm half expecting her to be your real mother or your sister. I kinda want to see the fight with her, Saki, Adam, and Valarie if nothing else than to see them get bodied. Wonder what her team would be like, I know she at least has a Gothitelle. Time for the finale of the finale. Let's how badly things went with Melia charging in blindly like a damned fool.
  14. I mean you've wanted to murder Team Xen members since about Day one, you should be happy you finally got a chance! The involvement of your other Pokemon in this Mountain section is a great highlight, especially since most of them never see the light of day aside from very rare occasions. Very Fun. But the involvement of your human allies is the utter opposite. Making you feel redudant seems to be a running theme whenever any of them appear. Saki is honestly the worst in that scene, though not riding that rickety death trap is probably a godsend. Honestly I begin to wonder why this is a Pokemon game at times. But then we wouldn't have Rose so it balances out. . . mostly. Also don't sell yourself short, you've still got a few more times before you drive that particular joke into the ground. But not too many, you're on thin ice.
  15. You should mount Gustav on your shoulder like the gun the Predators use. Sure he's heavy but you can handle it, kinda maybe. Oh wow I forgot how stupid Madelis' reasoning for this whole thing was. Like there's this thing called fan mail lady. Also I'm still surprised the thing was made optional after we had to sit through that kidnapping cutscene earlier. Really feels like Jan wanted something for Amber/Tesla/Madelis to do in this section and was just flat uncertain on what to do. Probably could have had them join the Nim rescue effort but whatever. Also seeing Team Xen in action this update. . . I will never complain about any main Pokemon Game evil team EVER again. Like even the Plasma and Flare grunts were smarter than this. Also Jitto joins the legend killing club (also thank god for Imposter or that would been a death sentence), though to be fair Pounce is still the reigning champ with 3 under her belt.