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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Ghost141

    Queenly Majesty doubles bug

    In double battles, Queenly Majesty ability protects Tsareena from priority moves, but not her partner.
  3. Ghost141

    Custap Berry Bug switching

    If a Pokemon, holding a custap berry with 25% hp or less, gets switched, the pokemon uses it anyway.
  4. Ghost141

    Mythos S2 Sign Up Thread

    Damn DemIce that encouraged this madness
  5. Ghost141

    Alternate Form Pack v0.5.4 [E18.1]

    Amazing job, the idea looks great, can't wait for custom sprites :3 .
  6. Ghost141

    Any good dark/ghost types before Shelly?

    nhaa my bad i was thinking about move reminder and i wrote move tutor
  7. Ghost141

    Any good dark/ghost types before Shelly?

    Dark types: In magma gang alleyway u can find Stunky, Poochyena, while in aqua gang alleyway u can find alolan Meowth and alolan Ratata. In Obsidia slums u can find Pancham. Ghost types: Pumpkaboo in Beryl cemetery, if u have a soul candle and u use it on a pumpkin. I would recomand Stunktank, since learns by move tutor flamtrower, lv 31 night slash and lv 38 sucker punch, but alolan Raticate it's good too if used with hustie, it's just a little risky.
  8. Ghost141

    Luck Incense

    It's strange, maybe check if u have a pixie plate, since the woman gives u it too. Btw if u dont have it u can still use the amulet coin
  9. Ghost141

    Midsummer Modding

    Gratz !
  10. Ghost141

    One Word Story

  11. Ghost141

    One Word Story

  12. Ghost141

    One Word Story

  13. Ghost141

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Ghost141 Showdown alt(s): TR Ghost Discord: Ghost141#4102 Availability: usually 1-11 PM (GMT + 1) Favourite type(s): Ghost, Dragon, Poison Least favourite type(s): Fairy The last 4 digits on your credit card: 9999