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  1. It looks alot better already! I do this too when I got bored hahaha
  2. Just buffed my Beautifly via rpgmaker (gave it simple and +50 HP  cuz y nawt o3o) played through half of Reborn and wow I can die now 

  3. Heyo! Does anyone know where to get the PBS File for Desolation? If so, please tell me ^^ But if it's not allowed, I'm okay with it. Btw, this game is fantastic! Looking forward to V5~
  4. ughhh how do I edit Base Stat Totals ;-; 😧 

  5. yOyOYOOOOOO I know no one cares but I looooOoOoVe Grass types~

    1. CodeCass


      Same here! Grass types are awesome! 

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