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  1. Benja

    How do I get Azurill?

    Thanks for the advice
  2. Benja

    How do I get Azurill?

    Thanks for the offer! I have sea incense fortunately. It feels right doing it myself.
  3. So I am collecting all of the pokemon in the game and one of the last ones I need is azurill. Where can I find it?
  4. Quest hasn’t been changed since I did it few weeks ago. Did the guy mention Squirtle? I believe you have to talk to him few times before the squirtle shows up.
  5. Doctor has something to do with Lin. We first learn about that at Tanzan mountain meteor base. Also, there’s a dialogue between Charlotte or Saphira(don’t remember) and doc. I believe doc says something about that he’s not interested in the children that ran away from the orphanage and there is something else that He is interested in. The last thing I’d like to point out is that we meet the doctor at the world after Gardevoir creates a black hole. He is searching for Lizzy and repeats this name few Times. I believe that Lizzy is the young Lin and you better watch out for the doc. I don’t believe He will ever be on our side, but I’m pretty sure he will somehow help us by trying to find Lizzy aka the young Lin. Second theory I have doesnt have a backbone at all but I have a feeling Ame isn’t dead. I mean, how could Lin defeat a champion so easily yet lose to a Saphira? Lin also uses “Ame’s” alolan ninetales in titanias gym, which isn’t even lvl100. Why wouldn’t it be lvl 100? I believe we will encounter Ame again and will need to rescue her. She couldn’t have died so easily.. Hopefully you can understand something from the brainfart I just wrote lmao
  6. Thank you! Yeah, I meant Marowak, sorry about that
  7. So I was wandering about these 2 forms and I've got a question. If I have both Alolan and Normal form, does the both form count as one pokemon in pokedex or as two different entries. For example, I have normal Cubone and alolan Cubone. Does the pokedex show that I have 2 pokemons or 1?
  8. That would be so kind of you! My nickname is Benja in game
  9. Hey guys can anyone of you give me one odd keystone? Trying to do catch 'em all and need to get spiritomb. Thanks a lot
  10. Benja

    Search for Zangoose

    So I know you can find Zangoose in the alleys but I can't find him at any of the alleys. Any specific things I should do to trigger the event?
  11. Does anyone know a guide for episode 18 catch ‘em all? Started doing playthrough without it but I thought it may be handy to have one
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