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  1. Yeah, it does. It's in variables at 100 something
  2. I mean, if you dont fight sigmund and choose to keep sigmund at bay, Sigmund gets hyper beamed through a wall and Saphira (yes, her) is kidnapped and you get backstory on Lin (!!!!!!!!) from Laura and points with Anna and Shade so y'know. Also some meteor grunts live.
  3. Just so you know, you can have multiple save files in Rejuvenation.
  4. Considering the rate he's doing this at, yah, that ain't happening.
  5. I mean, It gives karma and makes Madame X use a lazer that she "was hoping to save for another time", so it will affect something eventually.
  6. For Madame X, just use quick guard. Instant win. For Madelis, lower difficulty ro casual and prey.
  7. Ttar's out here getting the authentic reborn experience. Good luck brave soldier! We believe in you!
  8. Jesus fuck. Arceus really is on her side with dem buffs, isn't he? Edit: Stuff that is unreleated to topic. Seriously, how did I fuck this up so badly lol.
  9. Jesus fuck. Arceus really is on her side with dem buffs, isn't he?
  10. A bit out of the loop here, what happened to ice types?
  11. I mean, if you do this you might as well just cheat and use debug.
  12. By that choice, no. Only relationship points.
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