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  1. I mean, Torchic sweeps half the gyms so yknow.
  2. Uh, interesting reason for the change lol.
  3. Youre comparing Steelix to Arceus? Pulse Abra is fair though.
  4. Am sure the devs have the same sentiments, yeah.
  5. Wasteland for male and female, I think. You can also get a female sooner with a sidequest.
  6. Well, thats suprising. Suddenly, I actually have hope.
  7. Shelly has like 3-4 mons that ohko Blaziken, so he's gonna need a little more then "a bit of luck" to beat her, tbh.
  8. The penta op, is, uh, kinda dead. Google "King Nappy accusation" if you wanna know why.
  9. Dont ypu get Empoleons crest after the diving sidequest from Volta's mom?
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