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  1. Happy Birthday, Miss Amethyst. I hope you have a spectacular day!

  2. Hariyama is an ideal Fighting-type to use, and I believe Mr Mime has access to Dual Screens.
  3. For those who celebrate the day, happy 4th of July 😀

  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  5. If I'm being honest, the trailer went...above expectation. "Go big or go home" is what I said to myself after finding Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu to be underwhelming. Seeing the new Pokemon, I am pleased to see that Game Freak have not lost their touch; the new Pokemon and their designs are quite appealing and neat (especially Corvinight). The only Pokemon whom I found uninspiring are the new legendary Pokemon, Zecian and Zamazenta; their aesthetics are fine, although I wish they weren't quadruped Pokemon since that holds them back from being appealing. As for the new mechanic of Dynamaxing...I found it funny that Game Freak delivered my thoughts quite literally. I suppose the appeal of this generation's new gimmick is to be awestruck by the Pokemon becoming huge all of a sudden. At the same time, it doesn't appear it will have the interesting lore of Mega Evolutions. Its good to see that the open-world Wild Areas, with Pokemon appearing in the overworld (the one thing I enjoyed about the Let's Go game) are returning, and as always, the visuals look great, It's strange that the new Pokemon were the ones I found to be interesting rather than the new mechanics this time around (and that is saying quite a lot, as someone who is quite interested in the lore and history of the Pokemon world). Wasn't a bad trailer at all, although Dynamaxing will have to earn its knighthood with its lore, if it wants me to be invested in it. I look forward to seeing the rest of the Galar Pokedex.
  6. At long last, the examined beasts have been bested by my mighty pen, and I have been released from the dreaded castle called college...for now.


    As for my initial impressions of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer, all I'll say is:


  7. You can find Roggenrolas in Ixora Cavern and you can find its evolution, Boldore, in Hokkaido Mountains.
  8. Live-action film adaptations of video games/anime and manga, are often met with scorn and backlash because they are not able to properly translate their physics into real-world physics...but after witnessing Pokemon Detective Pikachu today, this is not the case.


    Pokemon fans have no need to fear this film; the Pokemon are wonderfully renditioned and faithfully replicated into the real world and look fantastic. The Pokemon are visually crafted so carefully that at times, you will feel that they can actually live in our world. I was never a Psyduck fan nor did I like the species to begin with, but Lucy's Psyduck has made me appreciate the species a teeny-weeny bit more; I wouldn't mind hanging out with a Psyduck on the beach in real life.


    I enjoyed seeing the Pokemon on the live-screen and marveled at the love and care that went into bringing them into reality. Any Pokemon fan will definitely enjoy seeing the Pokemon in this film. Although the film will be looked down upon when the Pokemon Cinematic Universe comes into existence, let us appreciate the fact that:


    Live-action film adaptations of video games/anime and manga, now have a standard. Pokemon Detective Pikachu, has cracked the case.

    1. Wolfox


      it's definitly a film that deserves the Greato Daze over the Yare Yare Daze

  9. RIP Peter Mayhew/Chewbacca, May the 04 be with you.

  10. Growlithe will give you the upper hand; if you train it one more level to 34, it will learn Flamethrower and, if it has decent Special Attack and Speed IVs, it could knock out Illumise in one hit which will prevent it from setting up Rain Dance and make the battle much easier. Grimer is also another decent option to use, since it should have Sludge Wave to inflict Poison onto Shelly's Pokemon; pairing it up with Driftblim's Hex can deal major damage to her Pokemon. However, this Driftblim/Grimer tactic depends on whether Shelly's Pokemon become poisoned; its not a bad tactic, but its risky. Noibat's Air Cutter is super-effective against five of Shelly's Pokemon except Anorith. However, all of Shelly's Pokemon have coverage against Noibat, so it should not be used at the beginning of the battle; instead, it should be used at the end of the battle to clean up Shelly's remaining Pokemon. Floatzel can be used to knock out Anorith with one Aqua Jet.
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