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  1. *exits examination room*

    Finally, all my examinations for the year are done. Now its time to sit back and relax.


    What a coincidence that Pokemon Sword and Shield have been released on the day of my last examination. It's true as many people say; life works in mysterious ways.


    Any who, it time to see the initial impressions-

    *sees pitchforks and burning torches*

  2. Seeing as you are new to Pokemon Reborn, I would go with an Adamant Mudkip with 25 to 30 IVs, and the rest of the IVs be between 10-20. When choosing a starter, it would be wise to select one with an ideal nature that takes advantage of its strongest stat and disadvantages a stat that won't be used. A Pokemon with 15-25 IVs in all its stats is a fine choice for a first time play through,
  3. You may find Aron in the Underground Railnet; you must use Headbutt on the pillars in the dark area to make Aron appear.
  4. The character sprites folder are within the Graphics folder; the name of the running sprite you are looking for is trchar001 and the bike sprite is called girl_bike. You may type words in the search box trchar001 and girl_bike to quickly find the sprites instead of scrolling down to find them.
  5. That is very true. When answering the question, I was looking at Wonder Trade through a single-player campaign perspective (not a competitive one) and didn't take into account that many people Wonder Trade to empty out their boxes of less optimal Pokemon, since I rarely use the breeding feature. With that box emptying advantage in mind, Wonder Trade is actually a nifty feature that provides effective usefulness for breeding which is enough to keep it around.
  6. Wonder Trade? I always saw it as a harmless feature, but not necessary. You would only wonder trade Pokemon at the beginning part of the game, so that the random traded Pokemon you receive will earn double experience points in battle which makes grinding and the early part of the game easier. Again, wonder trade is harmless enough that it doesn't warrant its removal, but outlives its usefulness the further you progress within the games.
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