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  1. Stat changes made gained by seeds don't take contrary into account
  2. How do you find the ones in the middle
  3. The Lady that wants to see a battleship gets stuck on the ladder after the third conversation and I get stuck as well because of it
  4. The Alola-Sandslash I caught changes its abillitys from snow cloak to slush rush and vice versa And the Alolan-Vulpix you get by trading the Alolan sandshrew too
  5. Oh god thank you very much I thoughtI just fucked myself over really bad
  6. Thats what I thought so I repeated it three times but I still cant progress
  7. should I take the fact that oshawott is still following me and I still can´t surf as a hint that I basically fucked up and can´t continue? would be nice to know.
  8. I started the oshawott sidequest but the game won´t allow me to use surf while it´s following me so I could use some help to get it to stop following me around Game.rxdata
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