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  1. heloo everyone, Sorry if I could not get to you, currently I am busy at the moment as I have a tournament coming up also I am playing the game currently stuck in that extremely messy battle after the espeon and glaceon puzzle I will try to attend to you guys soon, but I am afraid it will only be by next weeek. extremely sorry for this you all I've just been mind fucked too much you could say lol.
  2. @Kunikunatu ya there now??
  3. Anyone up for a battle?
  4. thanks you dont have issues with special attackers? especially fire, ground, ghost and dark types?
  5. The title says it all I guess, I want to ev train my aegislash (finally) I am confused though what would be a good ev spread to use. I am welcome to any suggestions
  6. Eigengrau


    glad that you got the items. Have fun
  7. Eigengrau


    I can give ya everything except vulpix
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