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  1. @flare_phoenix Enjoy your mon It has Hidden Power ICE just in case you ever need to use it and also given a fire stone with it have fun out there tearing apart reborn with fiaa powaa
  2. @flare_phoenix okay come online please and send me a request at BReedeR EDIT: I am waiting @flare_phoenix
  3. hold on give me AROUND 10 MINUTES I shall get you the mon
  4. If I remember it can learn extrasensory by either lvl up or egg moves, Reborn has USUM moveset soo. Tell me a time when you will be able to collect?
  5. hahaha xD Thanks god Hope god blesses yer soul as well :') ENJOY!!!! if you need anything you can always come here :')
  6. ya available bud? also any particular moveset? and shiny or non shiny preference?
  7. enjoy your gible, I gave you a special something with it :') enjoy budd!!!
  8. hey I am waiting lets make this fast please need to go
  9. sure same thing come online fast please and for my message
  10. come online and wait for request I will be there in 7-10 min
  11. are you available now or if it isnt possible like 6 hours from now?
  12. you could use an ampharos with electric field set up, greninja with icy wind also kills em. as far as I remember there is that annoying gliscor and togekiss there. I have a shell smash shellder you could use to take em down or even a shell smash omanyte, for the minior it should be fairly easy if you set up an electric field and use electric moves. or even my shell smashers could help you with that. i think he also has a noivern which your noivern should take care off or then again the cloyster. then ciel has an oricorio- fire form, water type or any rock move will obliterate it, and finally the mega altaria can also be taken down with the ice type or poison moves . My conclusion would be - use a greninja + Icy Wind Cloyster (skill link+ Shell smash) omastaar (Shell smash) poison type mon if you are having trouble with alaria and togekiss. electric type I could give you my elekid with the elemental punches ice and thunder punch shpould take em all out I could give you any or all of these water types, as for poison i have venasaurs and roserades
  13. earthquake is not available yet as a TM I'm afraid but if you want bulldoze is soo if you are fine with that
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