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  1. Mayflower896

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Saki’s mugshot is actually quite old. It’s been around since V4 because Jan had already completed ~12 badges, but didn’t release them all. This is also why Ryland has a mugshot, he was originally fought as the 10th leader.
  2. Mayflower896

    Underground mansion statues ?

    You can get the book back, but only later ( after gym 5). As for what’s written, here it is: “With life there is also death. With death, there also life. On the darkest day of humanity, the world shall shake, houses will burn, people will be killed. The land shall shift, and innocent beings shall fall between the crevices. Four darknesses born from man shall reign supreme and create a world in their own likeness. The balance of life and death shall be shattered. The balance between light and dark shall tip. Snuffed out and destroyed forever. A world born of hatred, evil, jealousy and prejudice. Disaster shall be the only known hope in the creation of yet another world.” And here’s the other statue: ” With death there is also life. With life there is also death. On the darkest day, on the darkest night, tragedy shall befall the Earth. All those caught in the Lord’s shadow shall be drained and destroyed. The world can be brought to peace again by four lights not born of man. They shall preserve and save the land, and break down the establishment to single layers of sand. Light shall once again be restored to the world. Prosperity and peace shall mesh in one giant swirl. And the land shall be guided by a new light, the strongest of the four lights. To rid this world of everlasting evil and blight.” Also, the Pokemon you could have gotten, Gothita, can also be obtained later (after the eighth gym).
  3. Mayflower896

    Where do I go next?

    Go behind the waterfall below the arena.
  4. Mayflower896

    Title Sceen still shows Patch#2 Help

    Patch 3 is installed, it's just not shown on the title screen. Also, always update to the latest patch; as doing so helps you avoid bugs. Patch 3 also added the feature to send caught Pokémon directly to your party, which is very useful.
  5. Mayflower896

    Rejuvenation V11 | Conflicting Ren-union

    There's no way to save them.
  6. Mayflower896

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Zone Zero is a destroyed settlement beyond Alamissa and the location of Bladestar's Dimensional Rift and Eclysia Pyramid, which houses the Spring Of Rejuvenation.
  7. Mayflower896

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    I hope we go to Zone Zero with Ren, like Alexandra planned. His character was very enjoyable in V11.
  8. Mayflower896

    That Battle

    Malamar is amazing for that fight, as it can use Topsy-Turvy to both invert the stat boost and the terrain, allowing it to attack Sylveon with super-effective Dark Attacks and Contrary Superpowers.
  9. Mayflower896

    Add an Item to my Save File

    Here you go Game.rxdata
  10. You’re unable to read without the book, but you can find another one after the fifth gym. The downside is that you lose Gothita, which can be obtained shortly before the third gym, but only with the book.
  11. Mayflower896

    From the other side

    Welcome! I’m newer to Reborn, as I started playing in E17, but I love it for the same reasons you do. I’m also very interested in languages, but I currently only know Portuguese (my native language) and English. Good luck with Spanish, you have an advantage as French, Spanish and Italian are all Romance languages, so they have many similarities. Also, don’t worry about mistakes, you’ll improve with time and practice.
  12. Mayflower896

    Where do I go next?

    You need to complete both V11 and the Lost Camp (All upgrades and children). Then head to the District of Hope. Mosley will be outside the hospital.
  13. I think you can only continue that quest after finishing V11 content.