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  1. return to a previous save and grind (go to the saved games folder under This PC: Windows: Users: and rename an older file to Game)
  2. Fanart of my favorite character from Reborn. Save the world, or let it burn. I don't care.
  3. Great analysis. I want to add to the extrapolation of Lin embodying loss, as it is certainly something to consider. One thing you forgot to mention, that Anna is unable to see her when she rides the Hydreigon and fights the Steelix. We know that Anna can see things other people can't. She sees a glow around the player character, strings representing Shelly's friends, burn scars on Charlotte, cracks on Serra's skin, yet for her Lin is not just without any special details, but invisible. This is different than how she sees Radomus, who appears just as a normal human to her. Some have speculated Anna can see people's souls, which makes sense, as the player, aka who Bennett calls the golden child, has a shining or glowing soul to Anna. Shelly has a friendly soul, Charlotte a burned (by fire and guilt) soul, Serra a vain soul cracked by her obsession with beauty/appearance. To Anna, I suspect she sees Radomus as normal perhaps because he has a pure or normal soul. And as for Lin Anna sees nothing, Lin is invisible because her ability to see souls means she cannot see one where there is none. Therefore, it is highly likely Lin has no soul and has possibly lost her soul permanently as a result some incident. This is the true meaning of her loss. A loss of what makes her human, perhaps even trading her soul away for the power of immortality and invincibility as you mentioned. This next part is speculation on my end. I think that she is cursed with immortality and is trying to free herself from the curse of being immortal. With how powerful she is, acting like the world is her playground and the player is a toy, the one thing she cannot control is her own death. Steel will not make her bleed. She says this in a show of power, but ironically that is the one thing she is powerless to. This may seem absurd, but consider how boring it would be to live endlessly, never feeling any human emotion, except a hunger for power, power that you seek because the one thing that matters, ending this cruel inhuman existence, you are completely powerless to. I suspect this is why she yearns to make others feel powerless such as in the Devon Corp because that is exactly how she feels. Yet that is not her true motive. If this is at least partially true, her true motive is to break her curse of immortality and that somehow involves getting the keys to reborn and getting to whatever it is they unlock, perhaps to whatever it was that blessed/cursed with her immortality (in exchange for her soul?) in the first place. One thing that points to this is that she never actually harms the player, the golden child, and I believe that is because the player is the golden key to reborn, thus being crucial to her ending her own immortality, which is not a blessing but a curse of a soulless, emotionless, endless life. Finally, I want to look at the scene where she is sliced apart in Shade's gym. We know two souls have already been taken, which Shade promised, thus many claim Lin will not die or the scene is somehow a fake death. Yet if Lin has already LOST her soul, it cannot be taken again. Thus I believe it is entirely possible that Lin will die, and moreover, she will be GLAD to die. If Shade's gym really shows her true death, that will be her peaceful ending, the end of her curse. That is the true twist of the game, that Lin's death was her ultimate goal the whole time. Everything leading up to that is just a means to that end and a facade for her lack of control. For all her "pure, unbridled power", she is ironically the most powerless character in the game. Let me know your thoughts.
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