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  1. wait............ memeforms? as in alternate form x memeborn?
  2. all good............... and like i said when u play as many pokemon fan games as i have for as long as i have seeing stuff like that will eventually feel normal for lack of a better term
  3. quite the opposite really >.> a perfect example of the shadow pokemon situation was shadow vanillite knowing will-o-wisp but i digress
  4. no i know there's no shadow dewpider but its still surprising to see a comment like that when u factor in the aforementioned shadow pokemon regardless of if there's a shadow dewpider or not............ but i suppose when u play rejuvenation as long as i have or even longer as some here on the forums likely have, something like this is considered the norm
  5. im surprised ur questioning this as some of the shadow pokemon have moves when purified they should by no means ever learn so if anything this dewpider comes as no surprise to a rejuvenation veteran such as myself
  6. eh it could definitely be better but at the same time it could also be worse............... tho its not one of the best ive played its also not one of the worst
  7. imo pokemon alabaster is similar to this as while the decisions u make can change the plot but all in all it feels like they much like desolation are just another part of the world and their choices matter but not as much as they do in some mods/fan games
  8. i wouldnt mind it either but the odds of getting it are slim, plus the game is all but dead atm anyways, last post on their facebook page was back late march and its been just shy of 5 months since and not a thing has been mentioned about it its starting to give me desolation vibes tbh
  9. whatever happened to the pictures of all the new forms and whatnot? its as if all those pictures have vanished from the post.................. that aside i hope normal and/or shiny pirate krook will eventually resemble king k. rool in time, i mean its only right after all :3
  10. resetting the seed is fine, as for the error occuring jump kick was a move that one of my pokemon already knew at that time and it seems whenever the error occured it would mention a move already known and you can tell this by looking at the error i posted with the PPup section of it tho i do have another idea as to why it could be causing it and will be testing this theory to see if its true later today
  11. dont think so yet
  12. something i was curious about in regards to the title was is it possible to start it if ive completed the ending of v12 but never touched the questline at all or do i have to keep watch on it and do it as i progress thru the plot?
  13. i have 2 different seed sets from 2 seperate runs so ill list them both just in case first run: default randomization seed: 37098 pokemon randomization seed: 700 move radomization seed: 215 trainers do have random pokemon second run: default randomization seed: 56290 pokemon randomization seed: 348 move randomization seed: 463 trainers do have random pokemon
  14. the message is something like this and it changes slightly whenever someone tries to learn a move: --------------------------- Pokemon Rejuvenation --------------------------- [Pokemon Rejuvenation V12.1] Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `-' for #<PBMove:0x9232fe0 @ppup=3, @id=92, @pp=4> PokeBattle_Battle:3807:in `pbLearnMove' PokeBattle_Battle:3804:in `each' PokeBattle_Battle:3804:in `pbLearnMove' PokeBattle_Battle:3780:in `pbGainExpOne' PokeBattle_Battle:3778:in `each' PokeBattle_Battle:3778:in `pbGainExpOne' PokeBattle_Battle:3746:in `loop' PokeBattle_Battle:3783:in `pbGainExpOne' PokeBattle_Battle:3579:in `pbGainEXP' PokeBattle_Battle:3573:in `each' the error is roughly the same whenever a move is attempted to be learned but changes depending on the move itself that is trying to be learned
  15. it seems when learning various moves via level up when using randomized movesets the game will provide an error and the pokemon will be unable to learn whatever move it was at all edit: it also seems when this error occurs pokemon will continue to gain exp at the end of each turn in a double battle if the opponent has only 1 pokemon remaining
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