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  1. i got this funny feeling the canon "ending" that has the extended version will probably be along the reshiram route which would mean a good few people, namely myself would have to play from scratch all over again or something along those lines
  2. whats the issue with it being a .rar? just download 7-zip and ur set
  3. i think once progress gets to around 80% ill probably start my traditional pre update new playthru which essentially lets me catch some extra mons i didnt have from prior runs that i may want for the future tho the odds are always unlikely giving what i alrdy got at my disposal but u never can tell
  4. been a while since i fought that bugger so i cant remember for sure what i used tho i vaguely remember having a hairyama force palm/arm thrust combo for him or something, otherwise i dont remember for sure
  5. yea like i said, no idea...... best i can say is to load a backup save from before encountering this issue......... otherwise i got nothing else i can offer for help, soz
  6. should be using patch 3, not patch 2........... that should be the big giveaway there, otherwise i cant say personally
  7. something ive been meaning to mention tho it is pretty minor was when i battled my team i noticed the alakazam didnt have magic guard as per what i requested.............. again pretty minor oversight so wether u fix it or not matters little
  8. so after that random brief appearance from caz but no word from them i see they have yet again vanished into the depths of the void with no signs nor word of when they will appear again............. kinda reminds me of gaster from undertale hence why i referenced the void but i digress
  9. something ive been curious about for a while is i know this mod has (or at least did, not sure if its changed in updates but when it comes to that whole invisible ally follower mechanic, where exactly do we go to activate them once acquired? i only acquired 1 as far as i can remember but have no clue how to activate them or w/e so they can fight alongside me............ tho i did manage to beat all 17 current gyms without their help but even so at least knowing how to activate them or w/e it would be called would help for future runs.............. note i may have skipped over the instructions for it at some point so i apologize if i overlooked something so simple and as such asked a stupid question
  10. hmmmmmmm thats an interesting one, i would say to use the mining kit as thats how you are supposed to get out when locked in but seeing as saki isnt in the cell next to you that clearly isnt in the scope of pissibility >.>
  11. hell i do the same as dave9 but not on nearly as severe a level, i have like 9 or so main mons i use, 6 of which are in my signature whenever i post and i have a good few others on rotation duty if i need/want them for a specific battle.......... for example if i dont want to worry about having a wall ill generally swap my golurk out for my vikavolt seeing as that thing hits like a truck (over 600 special attack with specs, modest and max special attack EVs/IVs at 100 according to showdown) then there's other situations where if i wanna stall out a normally unwinnable fight i.e. madame x at blacksteeple i use leech seed/protect/endure strats to weaken it enough
  12. its ok, as many would most likely agree: your well-being takes priority, some may disagree with this part as ive told other modders this and got such a response but dont overexert yourself cuz then that could lead to a half-assed project that u urself wouldnt be happy with and personally i feel that if the creator isnt happy with a project of their making then that generally takes away from the overall quality of whatever it is he/she is making and thus makes it less enjoyable for the fans
  13. even then just run a high enough lvl physical attacker that needs little to no further training, toggle the exp all on and let them run rampant while the other 5 mons effectively leech the exp and then u rinse and repeat........ and u would rely on an army of 3 blisseys that would be like lvl 70 or so then just run a fast mon with like power up punch or something relatively hard hitting that can take the blissey out in 1 shot with minimal worry which is why i always run bulk up blaziken for such reasons............ that and double kick which im glad i had for a battle in that tournament in V11................. dang FEAR setup >.>
  14. which isnt much a a problem considering blissey has garbage physical defense........... but if ur lvling a special attacker then yea there's a slight problem
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