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  1. ArcBolt27

    battling shadow mewtwo

    never said it couldnt, i simply said very few are available by that point legitimately or without using stuff like sharedPC because some people dont use that which is their choice of course................ without the use of sharedPC getting a fairy type before that point is a bit more difficult............... not impossible, just a bit more difficult and besides, as of v11 i dont worry about getting a sylveon cuz of plot reasons
  2. ArcBolt27

    battling shadow mewtwo

    very few are available by that point thobest case scenario they could use shadow pokemon of their own as shadow moves are resisted by other shadow pokemon much like in pokemon XD gale of darkness........... plus even shadow mewtwo is capable of entering hyper mode which could speed it up all the farther...... maybe something with a move that can poison/burn might help as well
  3. sometimes restarting the computer might help, but this may or may not be such a time other than that i cant really say personally............. i mean i have similar issues but not just with rejuv as it happens a lot otherwise as well and thats due to my computer being a potato so.......................... not much help there sadly -_-
  4. ArcBolt27

    Preparing for V12 & more

    since i believe to trigger a rainbow field you will need sun then rain in that order (could be wrong as i never personally tried for that field) i would recommend 2 of the mons to be a kantonian ninetales and a politoed........... other than that i dont really know what to recommend other than maybe something such as a lanturn to capitalize on the rain after triggering the rainbow field but no clue otherwise
  5. ArcBolt27

    battling shadow mewtwo

    no you dont have to win it, victory is entirely optional but should you win various dialogues get changed, nothing else is different, no rosters are changed in any way shape or form in future battles wether u win or not so its entirely up to you if you wish to win or not i personally think her reaction if you do win is a lot more self satisfying
  6. ArcBolt27

    Best Rockruff evolution and why?

    i prefer midnight lycanroc cuz of no guard/stone edge myself
  7. ArcBolt27

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    even if its not from Ame despite them lurking around but not saying anything here? >.>
  8. seeing an Ame post here is both pleasing and saddening as its not about reborn e19
  9. just make sure to PM me if you want my pokemon and ill plop them in the sharedPC section and toss ya my personal file for it
  10. should be the very first post on that page pending it brings u straight to page 6
  11. bulk up would be better for medi giving its moveset is physical.......... that or fake out............ night lycanroc would be bettere cuz of no guard/stone edge combo............. and if you have the golden items then i would recommend disposing of magma drift on blaziken for bulk up especially if it has speed boost
  12. iirc it was swampert alolan muk, golurk and 2 others tho i cant recall which exactly and the aforementioned 4 were imports from past playthrus so their movesets and stats were already perfect............. i "might" have had the mawile as well but i dont remember for 100% certainty as again, its been a while since i was at that point
  13. not entirely sure as my sharedPC file is for some reason still working from the original release of v11 (not that im complaining tho of course) i will say after a couple minutes of searching that located on page 6 of the rejuv swm pack's page there is a couple files that get a sharedpc file working as apparently there were a couple issues in regards to it conflicting with achievements or something and was listed as a use at your own risk type of thing tho i dont really see any use for the AP system myself after the golden items and stat room cards are acquired (roughly 250 or so AP total give or take)
  14. couple more quick questions: first are you using any mods such as the swm modpack with stuff like sharedpc? and second (only answer the second if yes to the first) would u like some allies that i use in my runs? i can prep such a file if so................. again if yes to both then PM me and ill hook u up