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  1. their current title is very fitting for them when it comes to announcing any sort of progress over here >.>
  2. exactly, its what ive been doing.......... so long as u obviously dont mess with anything that was added in v12 ur fine, heck odds are ill probably be doing that a bit more myself later on as my team develops again............... or at least until sharedPC gets updated since all my best mons are on another file -_-
  3. just started using the follower mod on a fresh run and figured id post a bit of light humor eau de pun
  4. reminds me of a sword and shield meme i saw on facebook earlier that made a jojo reference
  5. someone must have made him rather upset judging by the look on his face
  6. i concur, main menu debug was more beneficial than harmful imo, especially considering it can get people out of being stuck in various areas with no movement and then having to wait who knows how long for someone else to come by and fix it for them (i had a few of these moments back in v11 myself that i was able to solve this way).............. and hopefully the music modpack will get updated accordingly as well for those that like to use it
  7. itll probably be a couple weeks give or take after the release of v12 before any of the packs get updates so i would recommend doing whatever u need to do with the modpack before continuing on to v12 just to be safe
  8. personally the hardest battle for me even tho i had a full team of fully ev/iv trained mons would probably have to have been rift aelita cuz of those blasted golems and contrary/superpower the only things i had going for me at the time were my blaziken and alolan muk
  9. after a while u get used to it, for the majority of us here its the norm............... heck personally i enjoy it when they do this, its a way to add excitement to the development of the game and to keep us on our toes.............. now ive been playing this since around the end of v9 iirc and ever since its been like this as far as i know............. if you dont like it thats fine but you dont have to go and try and make ill of what others may find fun to witness unfold
  10. eventually u will come to learn its how they do things here
  11. pretty much need sing or something to put them to sleep while u pray to arceus for an omniboost from ancientpower while they sleep........... even the debug mod doesnt help much if at all here since u cant tweak the togepi's base stats and the like prior to the battle so no being cheap there
  12. wow and im playing a mod for DDLC as we speak so it feels kinda ironic to see this XD
  13. yea dont mess with makoto when she mad or else she gonna run u over with johanna and u wont see it coming XD
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