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  1. I suggested the roleclaim to be today or tomorrow. And I suggest so because the way things are being oddly forced to end in a rushed way while I'm being missuspected will be the ending. What I do know is that mafia hides in the people that have yet to claim, and by roleclaiming, and I believe they'd be forced to counterclaim a town role in such scenario. It's the situation where it's easy to find mafia, just as I've seen in DnD. also dumb me forgot to vote confirmed mafia [Eliminate] Amine
  2. @cicada Would LyLo or MyLo ever be announced even if Actress is dead?
  3. I deemed Amine someone who wouldn't counterclaim in such an unoptimal person, and for that, Yes, it was a super mistake, and for that I apologize. I'm not too dumb to realize it now. I'm a Common Infected. I may have missvoted, but that doesn't change it. Do think. If I was mafia with Amine, it would have made no sense to vote with him yesterday when it wasn't LyLo or MyLo, and put myself at great suspicion. But you won't hear my say sorry twice. Although, my reads got all shaken up, so I'm head scratching. It's hard to tell if Seal is town or mafia because he was silent most of the game. I believe @Seal should speaking like he promised too aforementionedly. The way people are suggesting to rush makes me think they want to avoid something. Lia already claimed. Drago, Newt, Astra and Seal have yet to claim. I already said I'm a Common Infected. Arch's role was hidden by what I think is the Janitor and someone could try to claim it, but I believe we should roleclaim, either today or tomorrow. Lest we want to do a mistake on such a trivial situation.
  4. Amine, can you tell me exactly which nights and on whom you used your actions? I'm sorry, but I can't get this right unless it's fully detailed.
  5. Hm. Is that so? Can you tell me exactly which night you were roleblocked?
  6. I'm blessed with the ethereal knowledge. Now, pardon the language, and let me just say, what the heck? I talked so much in Derry and I was a Witch. And you were there, Drago. My silence is not a scumclaim, it just means I'm not here. Contrary to Amine, Bok has been voting me for no reason all this time and putting it on gut. Which I don't see as town. That's not town behaviour at all, for it would have an actual reason for that. Bok was forced to claim by Newt, and I don't see any reason for Amine to be counterclaiming them because he's not being suspected, as far as I read. Also can someone explain to me which nights these roleblocks were on? I was roleblocked on Night 1, so since neither Bok or Amine said they were on me, I assume it was Nick who jailed me. Which won't help me figure this out in the counterclaims.
  7. I'm not sorry for being late. I'm also not sorry for not having read this. But thank me for being around in the last minute though. I'm reading, so please, calm down with the pings!
  8. What a fallacy. We can already abuse the rules. Newt said that if there's a tie, no one will be lynched. We can just intentionally make a tie of our own, haha.
  9. Well, that means our abstaining isn't about elections, per see. [Eliminate] Bok, Kibutsuji Muzan must die! [Elect] Aldo because I trust no one just yet. I figure we could probably fuse our knowledge about each other and say which of us are most likely to have received a mafia role. But doing so would also out those who could have received investigative roles. Hm...
  10. Hah! Correct me if I'm wrong, but could it be that this day will be just for the elections?
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