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  1. If the announcement hasn't been made yet, then the gun has not been shot yet. Therefore, it is not too late.
  2. Wait a moment. If we lynch YinYang too, doesn't that mean his vote would not count and therefore technically everyone has voted Lia?
  3. [Eliminate] Lia [Reveak] Professional Gamethrower In case I forgot. N2? At the end of N2(Day 3's start) or at the beginning? (While Day 2 was on-going)
  4. Nevermind, I just read. There's still the YinYang problem, before we can lynch Lia though.
  5. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Why did you shoot someone that was a confirmed town?
  6. I see the phase is ending soon, so. Let us all move away from Lia. It is beyond a doubt that a chance of fail upon attempting to lynch her are greater, since YinYang has yet to make an appearance. Also, it's futile to pursue Drago. It's been stated clearly that he is a third-party by the revival.
  7. Yin's role contradicts itself in Bean's phase post...? What's the meaning of this? @Chickens
  8. ...Huh? Yin's role contradicts itself in Bean's phase post...? What's the meaning of this?
  9. Yeah. I claimed to have given him the gun in hopes of tricking him into shooting a target I had in mind at the time. My gun was with one of the players I shot that day. I'm with you on the mafia hiding among us theory. Could be like: A role that appears as Town when revived, just like you said. A role that can alter what a player appears as in Nick's reports. Nick, Falirion or Anti have been doing a good job. Regardless, lynching Lia depends mostly on YinYang finally showing up, which the odds lower as the clock ticks. I think considering another target would be in our best interests. Nicki? Nick? That's a very interesting piece of information. Unfortunate, yet intriguing.
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