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  1. You just breed stuff until you go insane like me to change IV's.
  2. Well, since the problem got solved, im just gonna say it. Meating with Crawli ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Jan said v13 is LONG time away and he will definetly wait enough to add up gen8 pokemon, since S&S is literally behind the corner. Gen 8 is in this update cause Jan said so, i think thats enough.
  4. I personally just used Destiny Bond on one, then we threesomed the other with Ren. That actually solves most Rift fights, so i recommend having it at least. Easiest way to get it is Mismagius or Froslass.
  5. Im fairly sure its just a coincidence, the hospital part was made years after the mansion part and the name probably was just reused.
  6. If you have a version 11 or earlier, you can also do cheatsy-doodle in a way. Price for some berries (i think Pecha and Leppa) were upped significantly in v12, so you can launch v11, buy 999 cheap berries in the Berry Emporium in Gearen, go to v12 and sell them for a huge profit. You can rack up millions in just like 10 minutes that way.
  7. Just wanted to talk aboit it, cause right now im catching every pokemon available, in case there will be reward for pokedex completion, and i just keep looking at other pokemon. Actually picking my final team is absolute torture for me, since i keep looking at other options and second guessing. Well, i know for a fact i WILL use Zygard, so the doggo is in my team already, but then i keep thinking that since, yaknow, im a COOL trainer i might as well use legendaries or badass pokemon, going for Sylvally and Volcarona, but then thinking that maybe i should go for favorites instead, then again i want to use something i didnt use before and yatta yatta. It just keeps going and spinning in circles and i cant decide until the next version. Is it easy for you to pick your team and make changes in it? How do you decide it?
  8. Not really, the only thing that is confirmed that she lived longer than any other human, which, as we learned, can be achieved through the spring of Rejuvenation. This is the most likely possibility, that she and Vitus are first humans, created by Arceus, but its not CONFIRMED.
  9. She does, but again, she could have children all over the place before they went to fight in Hiyoshi city, Anju had a child already for example.
  10. Thats a lot of assumptions based on nothing. Nymiera and Vitus being first humans is most likely scenario, but still just a possibility, especially after we have seen the Spring of Rejuvenation and how it actually gives infinite life, however people need to live near it. There are a lot of matters that still can conflict this, Ana, Researchers in lab coats, Xenadin and Freya e.t.c. It is also entirely possible that they refer to a very different Majesty than the book, there is literally nothing to confirm the link, and the Blacksteeple was done years ago, maybe it is something that just wasnt cleaned up or changed. Nymiera could very well had children before they went to fight with in Hiyoshi. Also did i miss a moment where the queen of the kingdom from Goomy quest became a relative to Nymiera? I dont remember them being linked by blood. I cant exacltly think of arguments, directly hard disproving it, but i dont think that is the case, not to mention Nymiera would have zero reason to do such things.
  11. Nightmare city is the best place imo. 2 steps away from the restore point and PC.
  12. For Madame X, there are like 3 pixels on the side of a face and it doesnt tell you anything. So you didnt miss much in that regard. Except she says something along the lines "if only i didnt wear this armor", implying she either has to do it, or is trapped inside of it. Pretty much how Deathwings suit is part of their body. And as the guy above said, in Aquamarine cave red haired girl that called herself Fre- something saved Saki. Everything after is speculation, but its beyond reasonable doubt at this point. There are 2 identified victims mentioned in the library - Freya and Xenadin, and they oddly correspond with 2 white surfers.
  13. I did summon it without problem on v12.1, and did it again just now. Working fine for me.
  14. Uuuuugh, already placed? It comes out the moment you place Keystone on it. I didnt hear about it, but it might be bugged then, try to ask some devs whats the case.
  15. it doesnt work in this version. Period.
  16. Then you are doing something wrong. Have Odd Keystone on you. It must be night (after 22:00) i think. Talk EXACLTY 30 times (not 31 or 29) in one visit to the NPC of the forest. Just pick one NPC and talk 30 times. If it doesnt work, you are doing something wrong.
  17. Just gonna add that the simplest way is to just talk to one NPC 30 times. Evening also worked for me.
  18. Serene Grace would be kinda dissapointing, since i wanted a phys Fairy. The only things i can more or less utilize it with are Zenbutt, Iron Head and Fangs. Oh well.
  19. I plan to use mine as Fairy type, i wonder what he gets.
  20. Before you had to find him during different times of day, now he straight up tells you how where he's gonna hang out. Just do it a few times and he will go to the gym, you can go for a spin with him there.
  21. Yes, Xen Executives without a number, thank you.
  22. While we are on a subject, which OST plays during the 1 v 1 Zetta battles?
  23. Yes. You can finish it after you complete current version.
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