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  1. There actually is one in one of the most recent pokemon fan games, i forgot what the name was. It only got content up to like 1 or 2 gym, but its there and it works pretty well. I would imagine it would be similar.
  2. Its still speculation, it could mean it not in a literal sense. It could be just a metaphor for Indriad invading Anju's mind and planting a different personality in her. Dont use random conjectures as facts and confuse others.
  3. Thats exactly what you did in the previous post though, which defended Reborn dfficulty. I dont think you are in a position to lecture anyone on this matter. However people have preferences in difficulties, this is why it's important for people to compare this criteria sometimes. Whether Reborn or Rejuvenation is harder, its more of a matter of gameplay balance. However Reborn is absolutely unquestionably less polished in balance and jumps all around (kinda prefer it personally), while Rejuvenation's difficulty is very consistent and thought out, at least on Intense.
  4. It happened before she even summoned Yveltal and she didnt even shout the move until actual Decimation. It literally cannot be Decimation, but yeah, lets agree to disagree.
  5. No, i mean the ray that split castle in half. This was the help from Father and it was NOT Yveltal's decimation.
  6. I am 100% sure that Vitus is not the "Father" they mentioned, last time i checked Vitus didnt have an ability to launch death rays into alternate future timeline. And this is exactly what happened.
  7. That is still unknown, i personally won, but from what i've read end result is pretty much the same anyway. But no one can tell for sure yet.
  8. You kinda can continue without it, however it gives a lot more context of the events for Kenneth, Aelita, Taelia, Vivian and The Elder of Sheridan. Again, i personally highly recommend to finish it, especially considering it takes only a few hours and its really good like everything Jan touches. If you have limited time or dont want to do it multiple times, i recommend using true end guide while you play to not miss on anything.
  9. This one might be a little silly, but how exactly Madame X sees through her helmet? I didnt notice any holes or anything in it. Edit: Also during alternative future, the golden ray that split castle in half, was this Yveltal's Decimation or "Father" and his powers?
  10. She is basically the main antagonist of the substory "Where Love Lies", which is a prequel to Rejuvenation events. I highly recommend finishing it and getting the true ending.
  11. About that, i have a theory this time around after v12. There is only 1 other character that uses word Father in the same context as Madame X - Alice. Some "Father" locked 3 siblings in the Unown dimension and ordered, however one day their sister, Eriana i believe, left the Unown dimension. Allen and Alice call Erin Eriana, because they think she is that sister, but it doesnt add up since Erin lived with Souta since her childhood. Its obvious where im going with this, at the moment i think Madame X is Eriana. Another option is that Crescent is Eriana (some storm chasers got different names, like Sandra became Rhodea), but then its really weird that she cares so much about MC. There are few questions that theory does not adress tho. First and foremost, Allen, Alice, Melia and Erin already complete Archetype symbol, so where does Madame X falls into that equasion? Also who is this Father in the end? Arceus himself? This kinda turned into Madame X speculation, but i do not think any of the protectors are on her side. And Hazuki remembers us and clearly wanted to talk, so im fairly sure she is on our side for now.
  12. Well, there are like 3 pixels we see, and i was under impression she looks too white to be similar to Alexandra or Nymiera. So i dunno about that one. I really dont think there is one theory that stands out above all else for the moment.
  13. I dont think Champion is Alexandra for one simple reason. Last Dark type leader died around 16-18 years before, and as Amber said, there havent been a Dark leader since, ergo no one during that time couldnt complete the League and take a stab at being the Champion. The Champion must be at least 30-something+, probably more, and im sure Alexandra is younger. My guesses for the the Elite 8 members are: Karen, Tesla, Volta's Mom, Rune, Augustus, Risa.
  14. Also i have another question. First, considering the events with doctor Isha, is Mosley questline now officially missable unless you do it by the end of v12? Are you okay with quests being missable or do you plan do implement some way of warning players?
  15. Have you considered doing "in the next episode" stuff at the end of an episode? Showing a few frames, dialogues or screens to hype future events and so we could keep speculating.
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