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  1. Well, is it a possibility that there was only Maria first and then bec of what Vitus/Indriad did to her she split into 4 beings? with Melia being the strongest one and bec of that the other 3 were banned in the unown dimension. That would also explain why Anathea claims the she only has one child, bec they split after her death. Well, maybe not that likely but possible, what do you think?
  2. 2 madame X? That´s actually a pretty good theory, have to think a little about this. I just recently finished V12 with my second playfile and noticed that the whole "blowing up the grand dream ball" may be much more important than we think, (well okay it definitly is very important right now, but maybe even much more) since first of all the puppetmaster tells Melia and Erin that the real truth (whatever that is) will be told at the Grand dream ball and then also Kieran teleports us back into the past right before Ryland can tell us about a very important Bladestar action (which is pretty sure the blow up of the gdb). So it seems really important that this event took place. Maybe bec Erin acitvates her power there and that will be very important in future events? What do you guys think about that?
  3. Still not sure what I should think of the Puppet Master, first he seems like he wants to help the player and his friends, but after replaying the game I noticed that he is actually the one who gives Melia and Erin the tickets for the Grand dream ball, so unless he didn´t know that Flora was gonna blow this one up it seems like he wanted them to be killed or can anybody think of another reason why he gave them the tickets?
  4. So I´ve got 2 questions, maybe you guys can help me out. First one is, is there any screenshot of Madame X with her Mask shuttered? Unfortunately Sakibot couldn´t defeat Amanda in my safefile, but I really would like to see it. Second one, I´ve heard many of you talking that the red haired girl is supposed to be one of the victims of the miera region called Freya, is there any proof of this or is it only speculation atm?
  5. Also tried to summon Spiritomd, didn´t work for me too, I think it is currently bugged
  6. So according to Zumi, there were already 6 E8 members onscreen in the game, but so far we only know from three people that they are in the E8, Karen, Tesla and Volta´s mother (forgot her name), the woman that gives you the Impoleon crest in a sidequest. So that means that there are three more characters we already know. Who do you think they are? I´m 99% sure that Alexandra is ether the champion or an E8 member, since she seems to be really powerful and also seems to know the champion. I also can imagine that Jan and/or Zumi are E8 members or maybe Jan even the champion. Risa Raider is also a possibility but considering that everyone knows her and we have met her already a couple of times now, I think it would have been mentioned if she is an E8 member. Last one I can think of is crescent, but if shes on the E8 (or the champion, considering shes definitly really powerful) than I don´t think she would have stayed in the past for so long. Any other guesses?
  7. Not sure if the puppet master really has a "true identitiy", I think he´s also just a very powerful being like Spacea and Tiempa for example. No plan on the relation to Crescent, but I´m pretty sure that our Fakemom Nancy was a maid created to watch over the MC, since in V11 if i remember correctly someone said that maids have no feelings etc but if they stay for too long they eventually get more and more human. (at least that´s what i have in mind.) That would explain why everyone says she should have no feelings etc. Your Xenpurgis theory is definitly a good one, never thought of sth like that, my really bad theory was Xenpurgis may be the name of the day when Team Xen gets their hands on Melias power or sth like that ^^
  8. Really enjoyed the new version of the game, after finishing the main story and all the quests, there are the following questions spooking in my head: 1. Delphox tells us that Crescent died, can this really be true? I´m personally thinking that she somehow faked her death like she did with Melia before and she´s now pulling some strings in the background 2. What is Xenpurgis? (No plan on that, except that it may have something to do with Team Xen) 3. Why are the mysterious figures working with madame x and what is their plan? 4. Someone competed in the tornament for Aelita, who did that (most likely the dudes that were once disguised as MC and his mother) and why did he do that? 5. What is Amber trying to say to us all the time? (somehow I think she wants to tell the MC that she loves him/her, could be wrong most likely and its something more story relevant^^) 6. Who is Amanda working for and what is she up to? and still some questions from the later versions: 1. What does Nymerias ritual do? 2. What is Team Xen even up to? 3. what happened to Rune, and also whats up with the Miera Region? 4. Who killed Nora and Thaelia? Just to mention some of them^^ What are your thoughts about that all?
  9. Well, just got home and wanted to go to bed, but this isn´t an option anymore now
  10. For me it was definitly Souta, needed like arround 5 tries to beat him, he just oneshotted nearly every team member.
  11. Finally finished ev training my 2 new teammates Scizor and Chandelure, hopefully they´re coming handy in V12. I´m definitly pretty hyped
  12. Thank you very much, didn´t think about that.
  13. Not too sure what I am supposed to do, Ben tells me that I should take care of the 4 Inkays, but when I defeat them nothing happens and they also don´t disappear, is this a bug or am I supposed to do something else?
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