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  1. So... I did something kinda bad I guess, I started to play the game and I was pretty far in it! Then I saw a follower mod ( but I didn´t knew it was a mod ) but it was of episode 17! Well I started to play on it and I kinda saved on it and maybe my normal save file and the mod save file mixed together and now I can´t play the normal pokemon reborn just the modded one, but the guy that modded didn´t make episode 18 so I can´t play it now! It keeps telling me that there are "DependentEvents" line 537! Is there any way to solve it? Can I get my old save file? I really can´t do anything about it? I lost my save file forever???????? SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never download a mod again T -T
  2. So... I captured a Lillipup, a lotad, a Litleo and a Blitzle... Wich one do you guys think that I should put on my team?
  3. Actually I find trying to level up this noibat very funny! I did it once back then and I never felt so happy on seeing a pokemon evolve! I was going to battle against the Ice type gym so the battle was very intense! I wanna know if I can do this again... Yeah I will suffer a little ;-; Thanks for the help! I will try my best (and yeah I know how noibat is terrible ;-;)
  4. I´m currently trying to find a buneary ; w; Maybe I will try to ask my cousin to trade my shiny lopunny (But he´s level is too high ;-;) that I had in my old save file with me * w* Don´t worry! I will get one :v
  5. So... I started a new game recently and I don´t know if my team is good enough... ;-; I just beated Florinia! > Nani?! (Noibat) lvl 25 Nature: Modest Ability: Infiltrator (May plan to change later) Moves: Screech (Don´t ask me why ;-;), Supersonic, Bite and Air Cutter. > Opal (Shiny Persian *-*) lvl 30 Nature: Naughty Ability: Technician (It´s really helping me for now). Moves: Taunt, Fury Swipes (I like to test my luck), Bite and Fake Out. *I really love him :v > Kittle (Meowstic) Lvl 25 Nature: Quirky Ability: Keen Eye Moves: Psybeam, Psyshock, Disarming Voice (To deal with dark types) and Fake Out. > Umi (Primarina) Lvl 34 Nature: Timid Ability: Liquid Voice (Should I change it?) Moves: Icy Wind, Sparkling Aria, Baby-Doll Eyes and Disarming Voice (Hit both foes in doble battles :/). > Weeaboo (Ariados... Please don´t laugh! I had one in my last team so it has a sentimental value to me T-T) Lvl 25 Nature: Brave Ability: Sniper Moves: Poison Sting, Fury Swipes, Swords Dance and Night Shade (Going to change) > Shimmer (Munna) Lvl 26 Nature: Serious Ability: Telepathy Moves: Moonlight, Yawn, Psybeam and Headbutt (Just because it may flinch). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just to make clear that I never tried to make a good team, my last one was a disaster and made me suffer a lot ;-; I´m trying my best now and I know that I might have to leave some of my dear pokemon behind ( bye bye Weeaboo T wT) but I really want to try something different, I want to have fun and stuff since my last playthrough was kinda stressful to me (I never finished it :/) and I don´t want it to happen again! Also I´m sorry if my english is bad! It isn´t my first language @ w@
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