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  1. hecking have a script issue where the game crashed and when it rebooed, I cant move Game.rxdata
  2. So I can't get these laser things. Its when I go into the future and I'm on the pirate ship thing.
  3. I cant seem to find flora for my gym battle in darchlight woods
  4. @walpurgis seems I am in need of assistance again, it crashes at the trainer battle in front of me, saying something along the lines of "trainer doesn't have 2 unfainted pokemon. I am in darklight cave. Also had a minor script error when a venasaur had attempted to use solar beam, but it made an exception, see spoiler. Game.rxdata
  5. Alexie.rxdata Yet another time you saved the day. Now I have a strange question, If I played without getting in the gym battle or switched to v9 for the gym battle then back to v10 and have a save that I caught new pokemon that I want to train up in preparation for the next gym how would I get them Back?
  6. And now my game crashes every time I try to do a gym battle game.rxdata
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