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  1. ThiagoRiolu

    Needing help with Devon Corp magic square puzzle

    Okey, Thank you for your help i really appreciate it(Also sorry for taking so damn long to reply and because i can't upload files over 501kb.. oof) but here's the save file Game.rxdata
  2. ThiagoRiolu

    Move Tutor

    Oh, thanks for telling me where it was
  3. ThiagoRiolu

    Narcissa sidequest bug

    Oh, that was the problem, ty
  4. ThiagoRiolu

    Narcissa sidequest bug

    Narcissa's sidequest is bugged and i can't find her anywhere in Route 9 nor in Forlorned cave, someone please help me ;-;
  5. Well, i was talking to this lady that started a cutscene and now i'm stuck in this screen
  6. ThiagoRiolu

    Move Tutor

    I've been trying to find the move tutor for substitute, does anyone know if he is in the game, if yes, please tell me where he is
  7. I've been trying to solve this puzzle for a long time and just can't solve it, may someone help me?
  8. ThiagoRiolu

    Just a little question

    Did Cain freacking die?! ;-;
  9. ThiagoRiolu

    Why is my Rejuvenation save file weird?..

    Already did it sometimes, still the same
  10. Okay i finally got my rejuvenation save back and started pokémon Reju. but when saw my character i saw this. Do anyone know why this happened?