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  1. Mercia didn't understand that, but gave a smile- before realizing, oh right. "Thank you, Sir Candide." Mercia moves to K9 and blasts the Shaman. Afterwards, Rosanne moves to L9 and stabs the Shaman.
  2. Crimson recoils and growls slightly in response, showing a little bit of restraint but still being annoyed at the same time. "Don't apologize, actually use your eyes." Crimson brushes off the spot where he was bumped into, quietly cursing in annoyance under his breath as he made sure to get far away from Shin before he exploded again.
  3. Ganymede stands awaiting you all, looking very less than amused at Baldur's door kicking, looking as if he wasn't listening to Baldur's speech and if anything was just focusing on getting more and more annoyed. “Idiots, the whole lot of those guards! Can't even take down a few inept prisoners and some common rogues! And you insolent dogs have the audacity to barge down my door!? I'll have all of you executed slowly and painfully by my axe!" His words are punctuated by his wyvern giving a roar. Fey recovers 15 HP! Fey is at full HP! Mim opens fire on one of the two Monks. EXP: (100/100) *LEVEL UP!* Stats (Enemy Stats)
  4. Mercia awkwardly watched as Rosanne left without a response to her, though she shrugged it off, maybe she was just annoyed she went down and needed time to herself. Mercia began to head forward, grumbling a bit that the enemies were out of range. Mercia moves to J9.
  5. Mim finishes the job for everyone. Only one goal remained now... EXP: (96/100) Stats (Enemy Stats)
  6. Mim recovers 15 HP! Mim is at full HP! Shin and the Archer exchange another volley of arrows, with Shin coming out victorious. Fey buries her hatched into the other Archer as he barely hangs on. Shin recovers 15 HP! Shin is at full HP! Enemy Phase The remaining Archer looks terrified out of his wits, desperately trying to shoot Reiko for some results; he gets some, but not much. Ally Phase Simeon stays put. TURN 12  Player Phase Ferdiad recovers 4 HP! Ferdiad is at full HP! EXP: (94/100) Stats (Enemy Stats)
  7. Hinabe blasts the Soldier with his light... ...and Crimson finishes the job for him. Hinabe moves again! With his new burst of ability, Hinabe blasts the Archer trying to take cover. EXP: (84/100) Stats (Enemy Stats)
  8. Crimson looks very much like he wants to give Justine a piece of his mind, but for whatever reason, whether it was Justine's solid choice of words, Mim's presence, having calmed down from his rampant murder, or potentially some other reason, or a combination of all of them, he simply turns around and gets back to the battle. "...Hmph!" He punctuates his ending of his part of the conversation by moving on. Crimson moves again! In the meantime, Ferdiad rides up and pierces the Archer. EXP: (78/100) Stats (Enemy Stats)
  9. Crimson twitches a bit at Justine's comment, but thankfully it seems the excess amount of burning enemies (both literally and figuratively) has calmed him down for the most part, his usual calm-yet-still-somewhat-angry tone resuming. "...Don't push your luck."
  10. Lizaveta hurls dark magic at one of the Cavaliers and finishes them off. A bit irked at Lizaveta's showing of magic, Crimson decides to try and one up her, flames surrounding him as he prepared his spell. "This battle is meaningless!" Lizaveta moves again! Most likely working off of spite, Lizaveta attacks a different Cavalier and finishes him. Crimson scoffs. Lizaveta obtains Door Key x1! EXP: (74/100) Stats (Enemy Stats)
  11. Stepping up to the Shaman who made Rosanne go down, her aura seemed to glow with a brimming intensity as she opened her tome of light... "I'll purge you from existence!" Her aura seemed to glow even brighter as she began chanting her spell, before... "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!!!" With a single blast of light, she eradicated the Shaman. Taking a few deep breaths, she looked down to Rosanne. "Ph-phew... that should be the last of them on this side... are you okay, Lady Rosanne...?" Lucan stays put and heals Rosanne.
  12. Mim pelts the Cavalier with a few arrows. EXP: (66/100) Stats (Enemy Stats)
  13. Baldur is a perfectionist! +5 HP Recovered! Reiko recovers 20 HP! Reiko is at full HP! Enemy Phase Archer A moves to E9. Archer B moves to F9. Cavalier A moves to B11. Cavalier C moves to C10. Cavalier B moves to D10. Soldier I moves to D9. The onslaught begins; the Archers fire arrows through the walls at Shin and Fey. Shin flubs his shot due to the disorienting amount of people around him... ...but Fey is more successful on the counterattack. The Cavaliers ride in, and one attacks Ferdiad from his side... ...and the other attacks him head on... but Ferdiad is prepared for him. It seems the Cavaliers had some sort of a bet, because they both look slightly relieved as the last, nervous Cavalier rides up to a very angry Crimson and misses, getting blasted in the face as a result. "Just stop trying, you're a goddamn embarrassment like the rest of your team." Crimson sounds more mellowed out despite his insult. Ally Phase Simeon moves to G12. TURN 11  Player Phase Ferdiad recovers 4 HP. EXP: (64/100) Stats (Enemy Stats)
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