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  1. Automated Movement Goooo Lysander move to F16, equip Wind Cecily move to I14 Reiko hold Tabitha move to I15 and heal Cecily Baldur move to I16, heal Fey Arthur move to J17 Justine move to I17, dance for Baldur and Arthur Baldur move to H16 and heal Reiko Arthur move to F17 Lizaveta move to G16 Fey move to G17 Mim move to H17 Kane move to I16 Lenore move to J16 Shin move to L16 Cecily recovers +18 HP! Cecily is at full HP! Fey recovers +16 HP! Fey is at full HP! Baldur and Arthur move again! Reiko recovers +16 HP! Reiko is at full HP! Enemy Phase Pirate A moves to E9 Pegasus B moves to F11 Sword Pegasus B moves to E12 Mercenary C moves to B12 Scholar A moves to E14 Scholar B moves to D13 Famine moves to E13 Without hesitation, the two Ballista open fire on both Shin and Cecily... and they both miss. “Okay, everyone! Forward march! We meet them now! March forward!" Famine exclaims to his group. This time, Death overhears him and makes his yells audible. “You imbecile! What are you doing!? You're leaving yourselves open; they're barely even close!" Famine clearly pretends not to hear Death. He lets out a loud, annoyed growl. “Fucking damn it...! Fine! If you want to play your little game, we'll play too! Prepare to move forward, everyone! You too, Pestilence!" As Famine's group moves in, the Scholar prepares a Wind spell, hurling it at Lysander- “Time out! Time out! What's the point of using a Wind spell? They'll just heal it up anyway! Hold it and save your tome's power!" Famine peers around the really confused Scholar, looking over at Lysander. “Hey. Hey. That red guy over there; he called you Marvel, right? Are you perhaps related to the Marvel Thief in any way? Of course you are! Why else would you be called Marvel? But, I mean... You could be another Marvel, right? You know, like there could be another Virtuous out there!" Famine gives a small laugh, but he looks serious, from what his eyes could tell you. TURN 9 Player Phase EXP: (8/100) Stats
  2. Automated Movement Reiko move to H15 Lysander move to L15 Lizaveta move to L16 Justine move to M16 and perform for Lysander and Lizaveta Baldur move to N16 and heal Justine Lysander move to H16 Lizaveta move to H17 Fey move to J16 Mim move to K16 Cecily move to K15 Tabitha move to L15 and heal Cecily Kane move to O16 Arthur move to N17 Lenore move to N15 Shin move to M15 Lysander and Lizaveta move again! Justine recovers +16 HP! Justine is at full HP! Cecily recovers +17 HP! Cecily is at full HP! Enemy Phase The Ballistician takes another shot at Cecily. The other Ballistician opts to fire at Reiko, also scoring a hit. TURN 8 Player Phase EXP: (0/100) *LEVEL UP!* Stats
  3. Baldur recovers +17 HP! Baldur is at full HP! Upon opening the door to opportunity, Shin shoots the Pirate into the waters where he attempted to come from. Enemy Phase Nobody moves, but a Ballistician catches a wyvern in their sights... TURN 7 Player Phase EXP: (92/100) Stats
  4. Lenore manages to take out the Pegasus! EXP: (86/100) Stats
  5. The Pirate is a sitting duck as he's left very much barely alive. Justine uses her shiny rapier to stab the Pegasus Rider, though they are on their last legs enough to make a retaliation. EXP: (83/100) Stats
  6. Lizaveta strikes the Pegasus Rider with a blade of wind! EXP: (79/100) Stats
  7. One of the Pegasus Riders is promptly shot down by Mim. The onslaught on War begins with Arthur firing a gust of wind, causing War to feign a little yawn, pissing Arthur off slightly. Baldur hits War; thankfully he was just spiteful enough again to be reminded of how much he hated Lizaveta to dodge just in time. Kane goes in for the finisher. As the knife sticks into War's arm, she groans in pain as she rips it out without hesitation and chucks it into the river. “Don't celebrate your victory. You'll all be dead soon enough... if you think a bit of steel is enough to knock me down, you're sorely mistaken. There's too much at stake for me..." War separates herself from the group with a wall of flames, scurrying back into the trees. Arthur snarls, attempting to hurl another gust of wind after her. "Wait, you bitch...!" Kane thrusts his arm out in front of Arthur. "Don't; we won't be able to catch up, she'll have that rear guard and those ballistae taking us on anyway. We can't rush into this when Death is still prowling... War has a point; if we let our guard down, we'll all be on the ground succumbing to his poison, and I refuse to let that happen to you all. Let her go for now; if we can just take Death, the group will be done for." Arthur rolls his eyes, having met Kane's gaze at his crack at the poison. Arthur wanted to retaliate, but he knew Kane had a point. EXP: (77/100) Stats
  8. Automated Movement 2 Electric Boogaloo Baldur move to M16 Shin move to N16 Rescue Baldur, canto to O15 Fey move to N17 Justine move to N16, dance for Shin and Fey Fey move to O17 Lysander move to M16 Shin move to Q14 and drops Baldur on P14, cantos back to O15 Everyone else Holds Shin and Fey move again! Enemy Phase War moves to P12 Sword Pegasus A to O12 Pirate B to N10 Pegasus A to N13, cantoing to N11 War begins to crackle with electricity once more as she approaches Baldur. “Let us see how your resistance holds up." One of the pegasi takes a potshot at Tabitha before regrouping behind the group, but misses his shot. TURN 6 Player Phase EXP: (50/100) Stats
  9. Automated Movement (because movement is boring) Shin move to O15, hold Tabitha Heal Shin Justine move to K16 and dance for Arthur and Mim Arthur move to P16 Mim move to O16 Baldur move to H16 and heal Fey Fey move to J16 Lysander move to J17 Cecily move to S13, Vulnerary Kane move to R14, Vulnerary Lizaveta move to Q15, Vulnerary Reiko move to O14, hold Arthur and Mim moves again! Shin recovers 17 HP! Fey recovers 16 HP! Fey is at full HP! Baldur lives to serve! Baldur recovers 8 HP! Baldur is at full HP! Cecily, Kane, and Lizaveta recover 10 HP, and are at full HP! Enemy Phase Sparks of lightning crackle off of War as she prepares for the assault. One particularly loud spark of lightning seems to throw her briefly off guard, causing her to wince slightly, though she recuperates herself rather quickly, as if it never happened. “...Don't keep me waiting." TURN 5 Player Phase EXP: (45/100) Stats
  10. Arthur moves to G16, uses a Vulnerary Arthur recovered 10 HP! Arthur is at full HP! Lizaveta recovered 10 HP! Enemy Phase War equips Elthunder. War watches the group with keen interest. She especially watched that poor boy on the horse, trying so hard to get up onto it after he had just got incinerated by her flaming fury twice in a row. It would be so amusing to watch him struggle further... but it was unnecessary, quite unnecessary. She had exerted herself for fun enough today... now the real battle began. She levitated two tomes; an Elthunder tome and her Meteor tome, raising the Meteor tome and making it glow, as if she were going to cast Meteor again... but she simply absorbed the magical energy into a refined shield. “Come to die, Virtuous." War obtains an Arcane Barrier! +2 DEF! On the other side, Famine carefully watched Lysander as he stood there, completely ignoring the other potential targets of Mim and Baldur. He seemed to be tilting his head in curiosity, and whispering the words 'Marvel' to himself. Eventually, he raised his Hel tome high, starting to glow with dark energy. “Darkness, darkness, darkity dark! Let my darkness blow you up with darkness! Hel!" The dark spell began to take the shape of a moon once more, before... ...The spell's effects explode into a bunch of particles of dark dust that fall onto Lysander's head, giving Baldur, Mim and an annoyed Arthur some of the residue. “Awww, come on! This tome's broken!" One of the nearby Scholars inspects the tome. "Uh... boss? The tome still looks like it works-" “IT'S BROKEN!" Famine exclaims, before chucking it into the clearing of trees near him, casually opening up his Nosferatu tome and giving a not-so-subtle wink in Lysander's direction after the Scholar rolls his eyes and turns around. Famine's Hel broke...? One of the Ballisticians caught Fey in their sights. "Target spotted!" Fey gets an arrow for her troubles. TURN 4 Player Phase Kane takes 2 damage! Kane's poisoning wears off! EXP: (39/100) Stats
  11. Lysander recovers 10 HP! Cecily swiftly dispatches the Scholar. EXP: (38/100) Stats
  12. Baldur tears through the Hunter like a hot knife through butter. EXP: (35/100) Stats
  13. Mim and Arthur move again! Mim attacks Hunter A! Going for another round, Mim fires at the Hunter. She manages to get one hit in, thankfully! Shin is back up! Shin recovers 5 HP! Kane moves to take on the Scholar that blasted him with wind earlier, this time under the cover of the trees. EXP: (32/100) Stats
  14. Kane recovers +17 HP! "No, I won't worry about it. I'll try to be more careful. Thank you, Rose." Mim opens fire, and the Hunter retaliates. Both are too covered by the forest to do any proper damage, though. Lenore uses her brand new knife to tear the Shaman apart. EXP: (25/100) Stats
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