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  1. The child-shaped mass of belts doesn't react at all to the words laid down upon it, though it does remain silent for a moment. "I apologize if my observation that your team appears to have no single point of origin, uniform style, or signs of long-term cooperation offends you." When the card is proffered, one of the many belts winding around the form moves to take hold of it, somehow adhering to it with a light touch, before drawing it into the mass as a whole. Then, after a few moments of pause, as if it was taking a moment to actually process the effect, before suddenly the belts seem to unwind, vanishing, seemingly, until only a few of them remain, though what was revealed under them doesn't exactly resemble either what had been seen before or even the sealed form of the being, but instead an almost uncomfortably attractive... person. Couldn't really tell whether they were male or female, their features definitely fair and with a touch of femininity, but whether they were truly a woman or just an extremely pretty man was hard to tell. Other than their looks, they weren't uncommon in appearance for the area, dark of hair and eye, perhaps a shade or two fairer-skinned than most you see in these parts, and apparently whatever the install was had given them clothes, or disguised the belts as clothes, or... something, as they were now dressed in what appeared to be a black, button-up top, tight-fitting pants, and a loose-fitting, almost floor-length coat,which billows dramatically for a moment. most of the belts they had been wearing seemed to be gone, though several still remain on their arms and legs, as well as at least three around their waist. "Oh, well, this is much better. I'll stand out considerably less like this, I expect." Their voice was... also rather different after the transformation, both clearer and... significantly more distracting, as is most everything about them, for various reasons.
  2. Chise, having already eaten her required amount of crimes against life and sanity today, did not require further nourishment. "I am also curious about several things. I was informed I would be transferred to a team of professional operatives that dealt with high-level supernatural threats. While you seem to have a minimum degree of effectiveness, I cannot help but notice that you all appear to have been, as my previous handler would have put it..." "Your typical group of random strangers who probably met by chance!" Which likely would throw them off a little bit, given that the little bundle of belts went from her normal voice to an entirely different and significantly more human one. "That having been said, may I have the card that was recovered during the fight? I would like to try something."
  3. Chise considers for a moment. They had been trapped in a contained dimensional space which prevented egress and limited their escape vectors, attempting to entrap them. A hallmark of prey. Prey she had designed herself to kill. The belts once again fly free, having had permission previously to unbind herself and the encounter technically having not ended before this one had begun, thus meaning the permission remained. Then, she began to emit blasts of plasma to maneuver rather than simply swinging, replacing the disruptable method of locomotion with simple physics, sending herself rocketing around the arena and slowly but steadily painting the world in her colors, not the enemy's, hopefully while keeping their attention on them the whole time. True False God, Begin Evasive Maneuvers and focus on spreading Invasion.
  4. Nothing to do but worry, yet, noone actually injured, though Marl had apparently been stunned by Johan's... singing... and fallen to the ground. She frowns, helping him back up as she moves forward. "Up you come, let's go help." Anea Moves to D23 and Waits
  5. "IS THIS AN ONGOING ISSUE, THEN? IN THAT CASE, I WILL MAKE SURE TO REMIND YOU. IN ADDITION, THERE IS AN ENEMY WITHIN THE BUILDING AHEAD OF US. IT IS ABOUT TO ATTACK. TAKING EVASIVE ACTION." And so Chise increases her movement speed, pulling out every ounce of explosive movement she can out of her belts, rapidly changing direction, swinging off of objects, and generally endeavoring to be extremely hard to target. DODGE.
  6. Behold, another asshole. And this one not even with enough honor to fight them on their own. Just send lackies, one of which is under the ground. EVADE. Several belts extend out of Chise's body, some grabbing onto Sasha and her bike, others anchoring on nearby buildings and catapulting Chise into the air and off to the side, carrying her away from ground zero of the summons. Then, she begins to swing, using her belts to locomote around the battle, keeping her momentum up, playing things defensively for now, observing the summons and trying to figure out what their game was, what their nature was, how they acted, and if she could get a solid lay of the land.
  7. The True False God looks up at the black creature which was falling, trying desperately to inflict some sort of damage to the group. This was not acceptable. Her eyes flash. Her power surges, everywhere but within Sasha, from whom it recedes. This thing was a mockery of her kind? How fitting. She had something more than capable of binding a true Aramitama, yet alone an imitation. She spreads out her hands, and exerts her will. Full Leather Bunker with the second 6 from the left, drop True False God to activate sealing effect of belts. From inside Fort Jackass, hundreds of belts explode. As they had done to Chise, now they do to it, for it was now a part of her, in a way. The leather wraps around it, binding it tightly, swarming over its body, and around the towers she had already affected. It reaches out, merges, and pulls, attempting to string the skeletal creature between the pillars as she finishes infecting it, attempting to change it to her will. "O PITIFUL SHADOW, LOST IN DARKNESS, BRINGING TORMENT AND PAIN TO OTHERS, O DAMNED SOULS, WALLOWING IN SIN, I COMMAND YOU: BECOME MINE."
  8. Having realized upon arrival that the target of her charity had already helped themselves, Chise refocuses herself on controlling Invasion and speeding up its progress as best she can, though should a sufficiently dangerous attack be launched she will change focus to defend the group now that she is nearby.
  9. Chise ran the numbers in her head, considering options. Where would be the best way to assist? The familiar she had created would almost certainly kill the Fort eventually, though perhaps with that attack it was building it wouldn't be quick enough to really help. She could likely protect Sasha and herself from the blast if necessary, but the others would need to be in close proximity to protect them, and it would take a moment to prepare, plus there were others in different places... OK. She instructs Invasion to focus its efforts on the creature's arm, hoping to gain control of at least part of it as it works its way down. Meanwhile, she addresses her handler. "PLEASE BRING ME CLOSER TO THE INJURED."
  10. Chise could just consume the bits of skeleton being thrown at her. But that wasn't good enough for her. Instead, her mouth opens and she lets out what sounds like the kind of noise an old modem would make, were it significantly louder and also angrier. This carried instructions. They were rather long, honestly, but they basically boiled down to three tenants. 1. Reconfigure yourself into a form designed to perform the following tasks. 2. anchor yourself inside Fort Jackass and attempt to tear your way as deep as possible inside it. 3. CONSUME. Meanwhile, Invasion would continue to gather more and more of Fort Jackass' own flesh to add to the pile, and Chise would manifest hooks and belts out of the mass to help it tear its way forward. Alteration to 6, spend 1 Resolve to turn the infected portions of Fort Jackass against it.
  11. Seeing that the stars were falling again, Chise makes another wish, this one more focused, to increase the virulence of Infection against the skeletal creature that was forming, this amalgam of imperfect souls.
  12. "CONTINUE EVASIVE MANEUVERS. I WILL HANDLE THE FORTIFICATIONS." Order Invasion to focus entirely on infecting Fort Jackass. Meanwhile, Chise begins to conjure waves of plasma, angled more to deflect the incoming blasts than fully guard against them. With luck, the enemy would assume the beast would handle them just fine and not bother them directly. Alter to 5
  14. Eight enemies inside the fort. Unfortunately for them, they were already within the range of her Invasion. She reaches out, and creates a tiny sphere of plasma where the seals placed over their faces were, aiming less to kill them so much as to ruin the carefully planned seals they used to prevent their own base from murdering them. Then she turns her attention to the shrine they were guarding, building up a charge of energy inside it until she gathered enough power to detonate it from the inside. She also directs Invasion to attempt to spread through the Heirophant Gash Adjust to 5
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