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    Looking for Cacnea and/or lucario :D (Resolved)

    Alright my ID is Lexritz, I'll wait for your request
  2. Veras Lexritz

    Looking for Cacnea and/or lucario :D (Resolved)

    I do have one cacnea, give me a moment to breed it. I'll notify you as soon as I'm done Edit: nevermind i got 2 cacnea, theyre both lv 1 is that ok?
  3. Veras Lexritz

    Looking for Cacnea and/or lucario :D (Resolved)

    its ok man i can always breed more shiny.. but the ivs aint perfect tho its 31/31/31/31/15/31. I just want a larvitar so i can breed it later. I'm too lazy to find one in game hahaha
  4. Veras Lexritz

    Looking for Cacnea and/or lucario :D (Resolved)

    i got a shiny riolu do u want it?
  5. Veras Lexritz

    Post your E-18 completion team

    Managed to beat Hardy using this team: Milotic Garchomp Mega Lopunny Umbreon Greninja Pikachu Main Team: Garchomp Mega Lopunny (High Jump Kick on a ghost type is just so much fun) Umbreon Greninja Pikachu (Pikachu isnt here for the trolls lol, fake out + volt tackle LB Pikachu kills a whole bunch of things) Charizard
  6. I would definitely recommend making a SpA Greninja with your IV spread. Although this isn't for early game, this is how I run my Greninja: Timid Protean Extra Sensory - coverage Hydro Pump - raw power move Grass Knot - Killing off huge, heavy rock types. Dark Pulse - deal with pesky psychic types + All STAB You dont really have to worry about the nature, since later in game you'll be able to change it
  7. Veras Lexritz

    What do u all think?

    Guys I need your help and opinions Current Main: Rosey the Roserade @black sludge Lonely Nature 31/8/7/31/12/31 EVs: 4 hp, 252 spA, 252 speed Ability: Poison Point Giga Drain (huge damage + sustain why not) Venoshock (until hopefully we get sludge bomb Tm coz breeding one with it is such a pain) Toxic Spikes (i like opening up battles with rosey because of this) Stun Spore (just in case i came up against poison types/1 pokemon battle events like the Dittoceus/Garchomp) ----------------------------------------------------- Eon the Shiny Umbreon Careful Nature 31/31/31/5/31/31 EVs: 252 hp, 252 spD, 4 speed Ability: Synchronize Wish Moonlight (i dont know which to keep - wish or moonlight, and if I should change, which one and to what?) Curse (setting up can be a pain, but super satisfying when completed hehe) Payback (+6 atk, def, -6 speed with payback just knocks everything out) ----------------------------------------------------- Garc the Garchomp @Draco Plate Jolly Nature 31/31/31/31/31/31 EVs: 252 atk, 252 speed, 4 hp Ability: Rough Skin Shadow Claw Outrage Dig (until i get EQ, this will have to do) Crunch ----------------------------------------------------- Fro the Greninja Timid Nature 31/31/31/31/31/31 EVs: i've only now realised that I havent EV trained this one hahaha (suggestions would be nice for the EV training) Ability: Protean Water Shuriken Smack Down Water Pulse Round (as you all can see this guy needs work) ----------------------------------------------------- Flato the Talonflame Adamant Nature 31/28/8/14/31/31 EVs: 252 atk, 4 hp, 252 speed Ability: Flame Body (I didnt use ability capsule to change it to gale wings since gale wings got nerfed bad) Acrobatics Flame Charge ( i didnt change flame charge and acrobatics to brave bird and flare blitz because i thought i will end up switching this guy anyway. Either to another better Talonflame or another poke entirely) Tailwind Roost ----------------------------------------------------- Meda the Medicham @Wide Lens Bold Nature 17/31/11/31/14/31 (at first i had thought of replacing meda just like Flato to a better IVd version. But as it is with Pure Power, Its been OHKO'ing alot of poke that its earned a spot on my team even without perfect IV) EVs: 252 atk, 252 speed, 4 hp Ability: Pure Power High Jump Kick Recover Psycho Cut Hidden Power (steel) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rotation: Noivern Timid Nature 31/20/25/31/31/18 EVs: 252 Spa, 252 speed, 4 hp Ability: Infiltrator Air Slash Boomburst (people say boomburst isnt all that great on noivern and its true. But in reborn it has niche uses that when the time comes, u wish u had this move on ur team. example: ice gym battlefield effect) Dragon Pulse Tailwind ----------------------------------------------------- Porygon lv 2 31/31/30/31/31/31 Ability: Analytic ----------------------------------------------------- Stout the Stoutland Gentle Nature 17/0/9/14/3/3 EVs: 252 hp. 252 atk, 4speed Ability: Sand Rush Baby-Doll Eyes (never used it really. a 'just in case' type of move like boomburst) Crunch Retaliate (OHKO revenge killer) Thunder Fange ----------------------------------------------------- Flabebe that i have not yet bred properly Why I put flabebe in this list or future florges if u will is because I've gotten another shiny stone from Item tracker? Finder? that thing that shows u stuff on the ground And at first i thought, I should make another, better roserade. coz rosey's iv is just eh But then I looked up on bulbapedia that floette also evolves via shiny stone So i checked out its moveset, and despite being pure fairy type, it has access to many grass type attacks Not also forgetting that Florges has higher total base stat at 552, while Roserade only has 505 Ofc Roserade has higher sp attack but not by such a large margin that it justifies going for roserade. (roserade spA 125, florges spA 112) On the other hand, Florges is a great SpD Wall yes? But that role is already taken up by Umbreon. And choosing Florges over Roserade means losing Poison Stab for dealing with other Fairy Types I laid this out just to help u all make ur decisions and opinion ----------------------------------------------------- So what do u all think? What does my team lacks? Needs Improvements on or rather change entirely? Thankyou for reading such a long post
  8. Veras Lexritz

    Pokemon Unbreakable

    Ayy I like the idea of the Grand Calamity! Looking forward to your work man, Good Luck!
  9. Veras Lexritz

    Your Real Life Pokemon Team

    A Dark type trainer(?) - Partner is obviously Shiny Umbreon. Cursebreon for days - Mega Tyranitar coz u need at least one Mega-able poke, and what could possibly be better than a Pseudo Legendary. (I know he's a sub dark type but even elite 4 Karen has a spiritomb) - Greninja Protean Greninja with the Coverage(s) - Bisharp I like how it looks.. - Hydreigon the obligatory Dragon type - Murkrow Prankster is fun.
  10. Veras Lexritz

    Appreciate a Dragon Day

  11. Veras Lexritz

    Shiny Gible

    Hey man I've got a shiny gible in my PC do you want it? IV: 3/31/31/31/31/31
  12. Veras Lexritz

    What do u all think?

    Alright then. Getting Flash Canon would be nice later since I dont think I've ever gotten that far yet hahaha. I think I'm going to stick with this team for a while until I can make the changes u suggested Anyway, thankyou so much for the replies man, helped me out a lot
  13. Veras Lexritz

    What do u all think?

    What I mean here is not replacing garchomp with lucario, rather have the role of beating fairy types to lucario with its steel type moves. So the team would look something like: Lucario, Garchomp, Greninja, Umbreon, Volcarona/Arcanine + Future Togekiss. Why? Because Stab. And also, the loss of Psychic type STAB for poison types is taken care of by Greninja with Extrasensory + Protean. Also I think having Lucario will add better versatility to the team instead of medicham correct me if i'm wrong. Ofc I can use Roserade to beat fairies but as discussed earlier, Roserade is better off switched with a future Togekiss right?
  14. Veras Lexritz

    What do u all think?

    @N1Dude Thanks for the reply and the umbreon compliment I know that reading through my long post could be a pain so its very much appreciated. On a more serious note, in this current run, I'm still at the Chess Gym(?) what is that 8th gym i think. So I don't think I have access to togekiss yet correct me if i'm wrong. But I really like the idea - Togekiss would be a great addition since I would get a flying type replacing Talonflame and a fairy type to deal with Dragon types. I know that Garchomp can deal with dragon types too, but I think fairy types in general is much more reliable for that particular role. I'll try looking for how to get one later if possible - Both Arcanine and Volcarona is great replacements I think. Since Arcanine has great stats and volcarona is a great Bug type in general (which I kinda like bug types). I can go either spA or Atk for arcanine or mix even so thats nice. Accessibility wise Arcanine is the one since I already have a growlithe in my pc from the police department - For Greninja I have a question. Since Choice Items locks the pokemon to a single move + stat boost, wouldn't that defeats the purpose of protean Greninja? This is speaking only about PvE content not PVP since I dont do PVP seriously: Say for example I have my greninja against a pokemon with electric type moves. The AI would choose the electric type move since its super effective right? But since Greninja is faster (most probably), I can use moves like smack down and change my type, so it wont be super effective anymore. I wouldnt have that option if choice'd right? - Garchomp: the coverage against fairy types with iron head is a great idea. The only doubt I have is, whether a nonstab Iron head from garchomp, can OHKO opposing Fairies since if not, Garchomp is effectively dead or close to fainting - Medicham: Is Zen headbutt better than psycho cut?? Psycho cut hits have decent 70 BP + stab and 100 accuracy right? Not too mention if I use medichamite (later in the game), wouldnt that means losing valuable accuracy on not perfectly accurate moves? or is the pros outweighs this? - Umbreon: I will give leftovers to umbreon as soon as I find one - I forgot to mention that I got a riolu from wonder trade so do you think Lucario would be a great addition instead of Iron Head Garchomp?
  15. Veras Lexritz

    Shinies + Feebas Giveaway (Merry Christmas!)

    Thanks man
  16. Veras Lexritz

    Shinies + Feebas Giveaway (Merry Christmas!)

    Alright my ID is Lexritz
  17. Veras Lexritz

    Shinies + Feebas Giveaway (Merry Christmas!)

    unevolved with the prism scale would be preferable
  18. Veras Lexritz

    Shinies + Feebas Giveaway (Merry Christmas!)

    dude do you still have a feebas with prism scale?
  19. Hi, I'm trying to fix my team in this playthrough since they have terrible IVs thus am looking for Ditto with decent IVs
  20. Veras Lexritz

    [CLOSED]Getting into breeding and is looking for a ditto

    so do you want anything for it??
  21. Got the monss.. ayee thanks again shingo sry it took so long trading, my laptop being dumb was the root of it all
  22. LOLL it took me so long to answer you forgot ahahaha They were houndour, larvitar and bisharp
  23. So sorryyy I wasn't playing at all yesterday, had an assignment due earlier today. Are you available now?
  24. @Shingo alrighttt like last time I'll inform you when I'm ready