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  1. Sure, I don't mind at all. I am the priest and I had two bottles of holy water which allowed me to save Jelly and Bok. oof must'a missed it sorry. your reads on the rest seem pretty townie to me so [unvote] Dragoknight [eliminate] Lykos I forgot about Nicki earlier tbh. She seems suspicious to me as well due to her lack of reads, but maybe I missed it?
  2. @Walpurgis Do you want me to roleclaim? I don't mind it just didn't feel like it would be helpful at all. I've been super busy but I'll do a real quick read on people. Bean: I have no idea, but no real scumlean on him. It would seem odd to me that mafia would have an ability to just shift a lynch like that and I think he shifted it making it seem like his is town. Dragoknight: personally I find the way he contributes but doesn't say much other than he thinks Bean is sus is suspicious to me. Lykos: Also talking but not offering a lot in the way of reads which seems a little sus to me. Jelly and Sopheria: both have yet to offer like, any reads which is concerning to the point of suspicious. Bok: seems town to me so far. He almost died N1 and his actions seem town for now. Lia: I have to say townlean. Personally I feel like you might be maf but you seem super town so townlean. Candy: A little sus. She hasn't done anything really maf to me but she doesn't strike me as town at all. Bazaro: seems to me to be acting really weird. Lots of shorter posts and random stuff with no info and few reads however the way they are acting seems townish. idk Anti: Either maf trying way to hard or maf trying way to hard. Personally, I'm inclined to think town. for now [Eliminate] Dragoknight [disclose] vanilla townie
  3. Cast a disclose vote to avoid modkill @Caimie
  4. I tried to be clear but if something doesn't make sense about my thoughts or isn't understandable please let me know and I'll do my best to clarify.
  5. So wait, who do we think was puppeted? Cause if Bean was puppeted Newt seems very suspicious to me. At the same time, why would the puppetmaster make Newt act so very odd. Personally I have a scum lean on Newt: for acting very odd, and offering no useful info ever. This will be negated if we find out he is puppeted today. Since he didn't vote himself we have no way of knowing though. Candy: Even though she was puppeted Yesterday she still hasn't really provided any coherent thoughts on any of the players except for Bean who is any easy target to talk about as he rarely makes sense. slightly less scummy to me are Crimsondragon: I would like to see some more thoughts from him really, nothing standing out as scummy from him. Baz: kinda the same thing, not majorly scummy but somewhat lacking in content. Sopheria: Lacking in content but not really suspicious atm, the game does have a learning curve to some extent. Everyone else I forgot about who aren't really saying anything. Bean: I don't trust bean but that's just cause he makes no sense. I don't really think Nick or Alistair are scummy but it seems to me that Nick is saying less then usual and it's a little odd that Ali just voted Jelly like that without giving a reason (I might'a just missed it though tbh). I dunno about Nicki or dragoknight. I feel like Drago is contributing though I can understand the current suspicion on him. Personally I get a town vibe from Bok and Lia. Lia is contributing consistently and seems legit town to me. Bok isn't contributing as much but his thoughts seem town and given he was attacked N1 I think he is town. Lykos is neutral to me. He seems to be acting as he normally does as town. Jelly is neutral too, I feel town because I saved them, but they are also contributing very little. I also have a slight town lean on Anti cause it seems like he's really trying to help however some of his thoughts seem a little incoherent and it seems like maybe he's trying to hard. Also Caimie still hasn't said anything has she? For now [Eliminate] candy
  6. Perhaps I was unclear, it's very possible. My ability tells me who has died in the night and I can choose to revive one of them. It's true there are some strong restrictions but it did allow me to keep two people alive longer. The heals were a sure thing, there was no possibility of it failing unless I was roleblocked or something. I assumed everyone had similarly made abilities. The reason I voted Nano is because he was acting so strangely and I would have changed my vote but he never said anything even when multiple people were voting him. [Disclose] Swindler I guess I can't say who I find really suspicious at this point. I don't like how little Caimie, Nicki, and Candy have said so far, Jelly hasn't said much either but I personally have a town lean on both Bok, and Jelly. It seems unlikely that if there is third party killing role they'd be active so fast considering how slow they were in the last game and that they would attack one of the mafia so early on the game. Probability wise, it's unlikely.
  7. I have a healing ability, but it expires in 6 days and I can only use it two times, so I've used it up (aka Jelly and Bok). also I don't know who is good and who is evil so that's a major bummer as well. it is a for sure heal though which is nice and I am informed who died in the night. @Dragoknight I revealed it for a couple reasons. 1. My ability is running out, and I won't be much help there soon. 2. Info is very important and maybe we can use this to narrow down mafia? Not a sure thing but Bok and Jelly probably aren't mafia. 3. why not?
  8. first off, WHY ALARIS I WENT THROUGH THOSE!. Second, y'alls welcome Jelly and Bok. yo boi saved ya both.
  9. also yeah Nick, sorry i didn't check I just went with what Alaris said here.
  10. the amount of messages make me think it's likely Bean posting the messages (or perhaps an imitator) and Nano seemed super weird to me, and that's just the problem I don't really know how y'all act in these games. Makes it very hard to get a good read on anyone.
  11. Well I sure don't want a tie on the disclose votes so [undisclose] Piercer [disclose] Puppetmaster
  12. tbh the votes and suspicion on my are pretty fair. I just haven't played in a while and am still getting back into the swing of things. Personally I find Nano very odd for obvious reasons. Perhaps he's trying to unlock a hidden part of his ability, or he's a tp like a jester, or one that dies and comes back really strong (it seems like he's trying to get lynched imo), or he's mafia trying to blend by acting crazy. Seems like a weird strategy but I've seen weirder. For now anyway [Eliminate] Nano [Disclose] Piercer I wanna disclose the piercer cause it seems weird that we were heading to disclose him and then the votes shifted to Puppetmaster. Also I think it's important to note that the person sending the message may be bean and as many people have said mean nothing.
  13. who to kill. anyone wanna come clean now and save us the trouble?
  14. @NickCrash That idea works for me, do we need to change anymore votes?
  15. I mean, I had voted for you. Does it still count?
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