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  1. Wait no, I was wrong, Corso has one less. [Unvote] Astra [Eliminate] Corso
  2. So unless I'm mistaken Ali and Corso both have five votes now right? To bad we can't get a triple lynch though
  3. Triple lynch sounds fun lol [eliminate] Astra [reveal] Sindel
  4. [reveal] Tremor I get wanting to kill the info gathering roles too but we don't know who is who...
  5. jeez Sailboat that was a lot to read (I understood half of it). Why should we attack those people in particular tonight? [reveal] Sub-Zero [Eliminate] Newt Also it would be wise for us to post as much as possible remembering what Nick said in the first phase change about some people being more powerful due to the inactivity.
  6. Welp it looks like it's gonna be a slooow day disscusion wise. Can't imagine what the night is gonna be like. Utter chaos I imagine lol. Not that I'm complaining really so long as I live through the night. Nick will probably be rolling on the floor laughing through this game as we muddle through killing each other not knowing who is whom.
  7. I'm also curious about what the non-realmers hidden abilities could be. [Reveal] Shinnok
  8. [Guilty] Also we should probably all whisper our roles to Bean since he's a confirmed townie.
  9. I'll join if those extra slots are open!
  10. How nice that Bean managed to get the only mafia on Night 1! [Innocent] Once the trial on Newt ends, I [Vote] Lía @Nano4
  11. Yeah, we should only need 5 more votes so if you guys could vote Newt (or Hypurr, I honestly don't care) we could at least put someone on trial today @EndearingCharacterTrait @Candy @Astra125 @Jace Stormkirk @Walpurgis @Bok Choi @Seal
  12. Honestly, we can put people up three times a day and then bring them back down so I suggest we put up one of the inactive members, I don't really care which one. Maybe we can get them to say something. @Astra125 Why Hypurr? Or is there no reason? @Nano4 Do people go on trial at the end of the phase depending on how many votes there are on them, or do they go up as soon as we have a majority?
  13. Also remember to fill out your will especially as a visiting role in case you run into Medusa or something like that. Whispering is also an option guys. also with any luck the amnesiac will remember the retributionist and then they could bring back Nicki and they could bring back Lykos.
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