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  1. Hey. So, I decided to start a series on Tapas about Reborn. The first episode is up and you can read it, it's not too big. I would appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions to improve the series. As for the help, I was wondering if anyone could make a banner, and/or cover for the book. I tried and I failed. Here's the link to the first chapter:https://tapas.io/episode/1181253
  2. MadHappy

    One Word Story

  3. They look really nice. I like Charizard the most. Here are some of mine as well. Mega-Gengar is still not ready, but I'll get to it. Also I'm not sure about Staraptor-F color scheme ( blue-purple ).
  4. MadHappy

    [E18 Spoilers]Relationship Variable Guide

    Does responding to Taka with Yes when he asks you if you punch you way out of things when in Teknit Cave affect relationship?
  5. To make sure everyone succeeds to create a theory of their own, we gathered these simple and easy guidelines to help you: 1. Set your goal Write down the goals of your theory paper clearly and succinctly. Start with a topic sentence, making sure that your argument engages or sparks interest for both you and your audience. You can't hope to interest your reading audience unless you're passionate about the subject, too. Do keep your goal in mind during the process of coming up with a written theory. 2. Wonder "Why?" Look for patterns between seemingly unrelated things. Explore the root causes behind events, and try to predict what will happen next. If you already have the seed of a theory in your head, observe the subjects of that idea and try to gather as much information as possible. Write down the "hows," the "whys," and the links between things as you piece them together. If you don't have a theory or a hypothesis in mind, you can begin by making connections. If you walk through the world with a curious eye, you may be suddenly struck by an idea. 3. Think outside the box. Yes. I know. Everyone says that. And it's true. Most of the theories I came up with are because I began thinking outside the box, taking pieces of information and putting them left and right, to see where they could fit. Some failed to produce anything, while others took form and evolved while being supported by the information from the games/movies. 4. If you think you're wrong, dig deeper. I cannot tell you the amount of times where I gave up as I reached a point where I began thinking "Nah, that's impossible.", only for me to return and realize it was possible. If you think your theory is wrong, think again, search for more information. 5. Take one good look Compile and organize the findings. Does the hypothesis still hold true? If not, rework it according to the results. Try and figure out how X fits into Y, and why it doesn't fit into Z.
  6. MadHappy

    [Art: Sprites] Torterra Through The Seasons

    Autumn and Spring Torterra
  7. So, after 50+ eggs, I finally got my shiny Axew ( if any of you got a lvl 1 Axew from a player named MadHappy, it was me ) . Only, when it evolved into Haxorus, I disliked the color scheme. I'm not a big fan of purple. So, I made new shiny sprites. Transparency is added, so you can download and implement them into your game. I have to ask, should I make Haxorus's plates darker?
  8. This gotta be 6th topic I made today. Hello everyone. I woke up one day thinking "eh, why not make custom shinies". I posted some other works, well met by the community, so I decided to make them into a full pack. Currently, there are 22 custom sprites, front and back, transparency added. You only need to drag the files into the sprites folder. There are a few, as I am one guy making them, and boy is it getting boring af just standing there, recoloring pixels. I might post some "HELP WANTED" later. Anyway Click here to acces it.
  9. MadHappy

    Shiny Dusk Lycanroc Sprites

    So, dear Ame released new sprites, which included Dusk Form for Lycanroc. I know it won't be implemented until ep 18, but i couldn't wait and made custom shiny spites. This will be part of a custom shiny pack I make.
  10. MadHappy

    [Art: Sprites] Custom Shinies

    Noted, miss/mister? @Hukuna the Undying . Also, ran out of color ideas for good ol Krook. That's why the green.
  11. MadHappy

    [Art: Sprites] Custom Shinies

    I made them for him, @walpurgis. He introduced me to Reborn, and asked me for some new shinies, as I am pretty good at pixel art.
  12. Hey y'all. So, I was playing Reborn, like usual, when I caught a shiny Tynamo. I like Elektross, I always used him. The only problem? I disliked the pinkness. A lot. So, I decided to edit the shiny sprite into something better, for my own taste. I figured, why not edit a few more. For Boldore and Gigalith, I took inspiration from Boldore's Pokemon X PokeDex entry : Because its energy was too great to be contained, the energy leaked and formed orange crystals. And so, I figured why not give him multi-colored crystals. And Krookodile, I wanted it to look like an actual crocoodile. What about you, other Reborners on this forum?