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  1. I'll let you send the request if that's alright?
  2. Holy crap that was fast, I-I mean *whispering* holy crap that was fast My username is birb, I'll be waiting for the trade confirmation. Thanks so much!
  3. Hey all! Does anyone have an Amaura (preferably male) that they could spare? Thanks in advance!
  4. Birb

    Anyone got a Ditto?

    Thanks so much! Time zones amiright?
  5. Birb

    Anyone got a Ditto?

    Great, what’s your username?
  6. Birb

    Anyone got a Ditto?

    Can we trade at 17 30 PST? Currently online.
  7. Birb

    Anyone got a Ditto?

    Got it, ready when you are.
  8. Birb

    Anyone got a Ditto?

    Hey! Yup, what do you want in return?
  9. Birb

    Anyone got a Ditto?

    My trade username is birb, thanks.
  10. Hey all, I was looking if anyone could trade me a Ditto. I have 4IV Aron(2), 5IV Roselia(1), Skorupi(3), Passimian(2), Whismur(1) and a 6IV Corsola available for trading.
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