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  1. Pumping new customs out since I'm genuinely enjoying these.
  2. Another custom event brought to you by non-other than moi. Enjoy.
  3. Acedy


    I'm going to create it, and it will be forever remembered as mankind's greatest achievement. (I think)
  4. Acedy


    so I was on a 3 hour flight and y'know, like every other person I needed a way to pass the time. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I did a thing. dis is it. (as I said I made this don't take anything from this video seriously.) P.S @Amethyst I want a pulse Budew ;w;
  5. It seems that Zone Zero assets are already available (refer to tileset) so it's more than likely.
  6. Me being bored and thinking about Reju be like:
  7. My Jan works for uncle, I can't really disclose anything but from my understanding Budew is getting a crest and will replace Froakie (and any other starter for that matter) as a starter Pokémon.
  8. Beheeyem Crest +20 HP Gains new signature ability Abduct: This Pokemon has a 30% chance to confuse the opponent with it's attacking moves.
  9. Thanks a lot for the kind words, I've also made another post with a custom event for obtaining Naganadel.
  10. Hey! So I'm back with another custom event, this one took me about 2-3 hours or so to make but it was fun. And now I won't have any feeling of guilt for having Naganadel since it took some effort to get it lol. Hope y'all enjoy~
  11. Just to clarify since I've seen some people asking about it. This is a custom event, I created it. It is not a part of the game nor is it canon.
  12. So I was bored. And had like 40 minutes before my next class. What to do, what to do... I know! What if the player in Reju decided to prevent the events of the ball?! Great idea Ace, great idea...
  13. Welp, I messed with Reborn a bit and cause I was bored how about what if Amaria died back then at the Water Treatment Center Thought I'd post this
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