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  1. Yeah so Ryland is definitely the next gym leader owo (also foreshadowed by literally the next gym badge which is in the shape of a pyramid), after that, we'll probably fight Saki which is awesome. Amazing work as always, I'm so, so hyped for this, keep up the good work team Reju
  2. I'm honestly so out of the loop, I want to say Damien since he is supposedly the Dark-Type user, but yeah I think I need to refresh my memory after so much time. Edit: Just remembered that he's actually the Dragon type gym leader.
  3. It seems that only misc cleanup's left, I think I'm reaching hype levels not seen in years.
  4. I really want the next gym to be Damien
  5. So I was like. I'm bored, and then I remembered last time we visited Alamissa Urben we were in the entrance to something but then we were kicked by that mysterious silver surfer dude. I've returned to Alamissa Urben and to my surprise that unexplored place was blocked. But it couldn't sit with me and I wanted to explore it anyway, so I just decided to create a possible scenario of how that place might look in the next chapter:
  6. I mean. Adding the new mons would be pretty easy since it's just spriting + updating the PBS file, but I completely agree with the other new features lol. Also! I just noticed that new content is at 100% o.o, hyped, been craving some Reju.
  7. I could definitely see early Melia having a Wooloo.
  8. I wonder what it could be...
  9. Acedy

    E19 Release

    *crying intensifies*
  10. Acedy

    E19 Release

    *cries in 2020*
  11. I know that the end of those progress bars doesn't mean the release of this episode, but God damn it am I excited lol.
  12. Pumping new customs out since I'm genuinely enjoying these.
  13. Another custom event brought to you by non-other than moi. Enjoy.
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