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  1. Report this to the bugs forum and present me your save file and i'll see what I can do. I'm able to load it up just fine. I'm not sure how to deal with map corruptions, so try consulting a developer about this. Sorry.
  2. That's because the help quests from pre-neo East Gearen have been completed by Adrienn (I believe that's their name), thus you cannot complete that quest due to this, which requires the completion of the quest in pre-neo East Gearen. Could you try re-downloading v12 again and try loading it up? If the problem persists, please re-post and I will assist. Um, are you sure? This is where you are when I load up your save. Game.rxdata Here you go. Game.rxdata Here you go.
  3. There you go, just walk down from there and the game will continue. Game.rxdata
  4. You seem to already be past that locked stadium door, though. Just for clarifcation, you have NOT started on chapter 14 (v12 Content) at all?
  5. Nope, we're still going good. v1 will be done soon, at least, I hope so.
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  7. In Hospital Of Hope, controlling Lavender, game crashes when fighting alongside Giratina and Braixen against the Scientists and my game locks me out due to the sprite resizer error even though i've already addressed this issue by changing my screen size. The attached image is what I see when I attempt to start up my game during the battle against the scientists. Attaching game file if you can possibly help me change my screen resolution back to medium? Also cannot launch v10, i've tried, but I receive strange errors when attempting to do so. Thanks. Game.rxdata
  8. It indeed will have a playable female character.
  9. Excited to see it! So far, no DL link. It's just stated there. Development isn't completed yet. When me and my team are done with it, we'll definitely update the post.
  10. Are you ready? This is where it all begins. Let me introduce you. Pokémon Lifeline. Introduction: Welcome to the Opal Region, where crime and injustice never rests. You are the child of an organisation leader. The organisation's name? Team Silver. Living in Creeknoa bores you, and you decide to travel out of your village to find yourself. Meet friends and collect various badges from the different leaders. And in time.. All hell will break loose. Features: All 802 Pokémon. A story based off on what you do. 18 Gyms Total. Rejuvenation's Tilesets. 4 hours of gameplay (So far, at least). Field Effects (Ame has let me use them.) Credits: Jan: Letting us use the Tilesets in Pokémon Rejuvenation. Ame: Motivational support and letting me use her field effects. Reborn: Giving me motivation to do this. Rejuv: Giving me motivation to do this. Also for the tilesets. Desolation: Motivating me to finally do this. My team: Helping me to develop it into where it is right now. GlitchXCity - Music Discord https://discord.gg/snnFfkk Screenshots -My Development Team- ###Development### Want to join my Dev Team? Here's a form. https://goo.gl/forms/DK2OmZHkih3kwkDq2 For inquiries, please message me on discord at Memoires#1024, or leave a post with your question on it. Thank you.
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