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  1. Memoires

    Hey I'm stuck... In a cutscene!

    The problem here is that the lady cannot walk past the ladder tile on the map, and thus cannot complete it's move route, therefore trapping you in a softlock. I could try to help you out if you post your save game data onto this thread. It didn't happen to you because you interacted with her on her left, which will not softlock you as her move route is played differently if you are on her left. However, if you interact with her while on the tiles on top and below her, you will end up in this softlock.
  2. Memoires

    V11 Glitch when opening the game

    This happened to me as well but I was able to fix it by using the new multiple save files feature added in this version. ( I believe.) I renamed the corrupted game with the error message to Game_2, and loaded a test save data as Game, then changed my options to Medium, changed back to my other save file, and it continued as per normal.
  3. In Hospital Of Hope, controlling Lavender, game crashes when fighting alongside Giratina and Braixen against the Scientists and my game locks me out due to the sprite resizer error even though i've already addressed this issue by changing my screen size. The attached image is what I see when I attempt to start up my game during the battle against the scientists. Attaching game file if you can possibly help me change my screen resolution back to medium? Also cannot launch v10, i've tried, but I receive strange errors when attempting to do so. Thanks. Game.rxdata
  4. Memoires

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    jan give me your cat or your misc bar chan thingy lmao
  5. Memoires

    I made a map of Neo Reborn

    That's nice
  6. Memoires

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    jan is a wonderful being and a good boy.
  7. Memoires

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    crispy flaky and spicy janny boi
  8. Memoires

    Pokémon Silver Lifeline - W.I.P

    It indeed will have a playable female character.
  9. Memoires

    Pokémon Silver Lifeline - W.I.P

    Excited to see it! So far, no DL link. It's just stated there. Development isn't completed yet. When me and my team are done with it, we'll definitely update the post.
  10. Memoires

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    you're not you when you're hungry, have a snickers