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    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    Rivalin immediately picks up on Zed’s awkwardness, and wanting to be as antagonising as possible, he puts on his most cheery and saccharine smile. “Oh, of course, my friend! Lead the way!” This is all of Providence’s and Akiho’s fault—I’ll cooperate, but that doesn’t mean I’ll make it fun for them! — Some time in the future... It’s only a day before Akiho departs back to his union and leaves Rivalin to his own accord. Normally, Rivalin would’ve been elated for this day. Now, since he’s been forced to join Providence, Rivalin is just as sulky as usual. The two were in a formal restaurant, picked by Akiho. It would be their last time seeing each other for a long while, and also Akiho’s final night in Eien City. ”Why’d you even invite me here?” Rivalin says, annoyed. “Did you want some huge sendoff, me with a handkerchief and crying tears for your farewell? Go shove that desire to someone who actually does care about you—“ ”Whether you like it or not, I care about you.” Akiho responds calmly. “I wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble if I didn’t.” ”I—“ Rivalin starts sputtering, unable to respond. “That’s—“ ”I could’ve found another Alolan Ninetales, one more willing to participate and listen. It would’ve saved me a lot of issues. But I didn’t, because I genuinely think this will make you a better Pokémon in the end.” Rivalin looks away, pouting. ”That isn’t the only reason I brought you here today though.” Akiho pulls out several objects from his bag, three magenta-coloured orbs. Rivalin learns in, inspecting at them. ”These are Life Orbs.” “What do they do?” “They boost the power of moves by 30%—“ ”30%?!” Rivalin’s eyes widen. “Why don’t more Pokémon use these things then?” ”—at the cost of 10% of your health each time you use a move.” “Oh.” Akiho pushes them towards Rivalin. ”I’m giving these to you.” Rivalin gives Akiho a suspicious look. “Just like that?” ”Just like that. There is a reason I’m giving you more then one, though. Items have more uses then what they advertise, Rivalin. These are A-Class items, and can be traded and bartered as such.” ”...You want me to trade stuff?” ”A concept I’m sure that you’re unfamiliar with, but—“ ”What are you saying? I’m the trading master!” Rivalin puffs his chest out. Akiho rolls his eyes. “Whichever way you delude yourself is fine by me. But I expect you to utilise these items wisely, and not to be stupid in your decisions concerning them. There is another thing I have here for you." This time, Akiho takes out an encrusted bracelet. "This is a Vitality Bracelet." "Oh cool!" Rivalin says. After a moment, he looks up at Akiho, unimpressed. "What does it do?" "Amplifies HP and your lowest defensive stat. In our case, Defense." Rivalin looks up at Akiho. "...Where are you even getting these things?" Akiho winks uncharacteristically. "I have my sources." Rivalin shudders. "Eugh. Never do that again." "There is one more thing I'm giving you." "Today must be my birthday, since you're giving out way too much for free." Instead of taking something out of his bag, Akiho clips something off of his foreleg. First, his key stone. And then, the Alolan Ninetalite strapped on. "..." "You won't be getting anywhere without these." "...I don't want them." "Rivalin, we've discussed this already. You need this--" "Did you mishear me? I said I don't want them, not that I'm refusing them." Akiho gives Rivalin a long stare, and then pushes the items towards the other Ninetales. "That's all you need then." He says, before standing up. "...So you're just going to leave now?" Rivalin says, avoiding eye contact with Akiho. "I thought you said you don't want a big farewell with tears?" Akiho jokes. "Regardless, I don't expect you to be on your best behavior, but I expect you to not be a hindrance. I don't know the next time we'll see each other, or if we'll ever see each other again. But I promise you, that I haven't regretted a moment." Rivalin stays very quiet, still not looking at Akiho. Finally, he looks up. "Hey, Akiho--" But Akiho is already gone.
  2. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    "Thank you for accepting my offer, Elsyian." Akiho says politely. "I will see to it that you don't come to regret this decision. Right, Rivalin?" Rivalin doesn't say anything and continues silently glaring, especially from Elysian's words. "Don't you have something to say Rivalin?" Akiho says in his most patronising voice possible. "Thank you for deciding to hold me prisoner in this stupid group, I greatly appreciate it." Akiho groans. "Ignore that. Regardless, please do not worry yourselves with moving your belongings in and out to make room for him right now. I have my own house in Eien City. He'll continue staying there temporarily." "What the hell was the point of making me even join then if I'm still going to be stuck with you?" "I must've hitten you too hard earlier Rivalin, because it seems that you've forgotten everything that we discussed in the past 5 minutes. But back on subject, what I mean by temporarily is that in a short time, I'll be leaving that house to continue doing my job elsewhere. Since I don't trust Rivalin to be able to live in a house alone--let alone a giant mansion--he'll be returning back here. In that time period when Rivalin is not present here, you can use it to do all the expansions you need." "Oh great. One prison cell to the next." Akiho suddenly gets up. "I'll be taking a leave here, since I need to go report my news of success back to my union. I'll be returning in a short while, but in the meantime--watch Rivalin for me, will you? You'll probably need all the practise you can get here in babysitting him." "Excuse me? Babysitting--?!" Akiho bows his head. "Once again, thank you. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I'll be back in a short while." And then Akiho exits the HQ. Leaving everyone in a really awkward silence.
  3. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    "Thank you, Shirou." Akiho says in response to Shirou's Heal Pulse. The Moonblast didn't do too large of an amount, but if stuff like that stacked up Akiho could've been at risk. Akiho turns his focus to Rivalin again, but doesn't say anything. Rivalin had gone very still at Shirou and Elysian's words, and seemed torn between saying something or just having an outburst. Akiho already knew that Elysian's words had gotten to Rivalin, and was unsurprising when Rivalin dropped the aggressive stance and started sulking instead. "Finally. That would've been the last thing we needed if you kept acting like an idiot." Akiho rolls his eyes at the once-again silent Rivalin, and then turns back to the other Pokemon. "Regardless, with that interruption out of the way, I'll continue. I'm pretty sure that you already expected this from the implications, but this is a request to join Providence." Akiho lets out a sigh. "...Not for me though. I formally request that you accept Rivalin as a member of Providence--" "WHAT?!" "--I know he's been a nuisance, more than a nuisance--" "I WASN'T TOLD ABOUT THIS!" "--and the literal definition of a, pardon my language, absolute pain in the ass--" "I'LL BE A LITERAL PAIN IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME ANSWERS!" "Rivalin, Pokemon are still asleep, and you have one of the most obnoxiously loud voices in all of Catharsis. I swear, half of the region must've been woken up by you at this point. Quiet down, or I'll make you be quiet myself." "... I want to know the meaning behind this." Rivalin says, his voice still aggressive but much more quiet then before. "I'm pretty sure this was everyone's first thought, but no, I'm not requesting him to join just to get him out of my fur (although that certainly is a plus). There are numerous reasons why him instead of me-- the primary being that despite how I act and look, I've grown quite old. My species doesn't stay sharp despite age like Elysian's case, my bones have grown brittle and my stamina has gone down drastically. Even with all my efforts, I fear I'll be more of a burden then an actual aid." "The second is that I cannot leave my position of emissary. I've invested far too much in my current job to forfeit everything for something else. I fear what will happen to my union without me." "The final concerns Rivalin himself. He doesn't act it at all, but he's a rather exemplary battler. Even without that mega stone." Rivalin crinkles his nose. "You sound really wrong when you're giving out compliments instead." Akiho ignores Rivalin. "That is my proposal. A trade. The mega stone for Rivalin being accepted as a Providence member."
  4. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    "Well, I'm getting to that part..." Akiho said, suddenly sounding very sheepish. "You see, I was going to request Providence--" [Rivalin's Protect fades away. Rivalin uses Moonblast!] Akiho is hit dead-on by a Moonblast attack from Rivalin, who was now standing up and looking extremely angry. Akiho is flung backwards, but immediately rights himself back up. "That was for kidnapping me again." Rivalin says sarcastically. "When did you wake up?!" Akiho snaps, positioning himself into a battle-ready pose. "A bit ago." Rivalin hops away from the couch, and copies Akiho's position. "Most of you guys didn't notice, so I was planning on just pretending to keep sleeping so I could hear more stuff. But I almost forgot 'bout the aura-things going on with Lucario's. No reason to keep pretending when the supposedly unconscious Pokemon uses Protect, huh?" "I don't suppose you're going to try and escape again?" "Ding ding ding! The old geezer is correct. Want a prize with that?" "Be quiet. Are you that blinded you can't even notice you're seriously outnumbered? And that 3/4's of the Pokemon in this room have a massive type-advantage over you?" "Oh yeah, I definitely noticed that. Hard to not notice the Pokemon with spiky things on their body, and one with literal flames on their back. But anyways, I think I have something for all of you!" Rivalin takes out the mega stone, and Akiho immediately groans. "Are you kidding me..." "Yeah, that's on you, Dad. Maybe you shouldn't leave this highly conspicuous object right in front of the person who stole it last time?" Rivalin winks. "Rivalin, you have no idea what you're meddling in." "Your business trip? I think making you unhappy is a win for me. I've seen what you can do with this thing--it turns you half-Ghost and lets you fly around and phase through walls. I wouldn't even have to fight any of you chumps--I'd be long gone before then. I didn't use it before because I honestly detest this thing, but desperate times call for desperate measures!" "It's a lot more important then that. If you really were awake, have you not heard everything I was saying? That mega stone can save lives." Rivalin hesitates, frowning. "..."
  5. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    Akiho nods at Shirou. "That is acceptable. None of us want to deal with Rivalin immediately attempting to escape the moment he wakes up, and destroying this place." At that, Akiho gives a long look over Providence's lobby area, his expression unreadable. "So this is it... the headquarters of Providence..." He quickly turns to the other Pokemon in the lobby, giving them all a sharp gaze. "I'll formally introduce myself, as to not confuse our Typhlosion guest any longer. My name is Akiho, a former soldier within Avalon's army, similar to Elysian. I serve as an emissary for a union of other former militants now." "Don't be alarmed that I recognise this organisation. The union I am in has been tailing Providence's efforts for some time, and aiding the concealment of said efforts as much as possible. We've been trying to limit any public attention towards it, as that could possibly equal in more interference." Akiho sighs. "Regardless of that, I have been seeking you for some time due to this--" He takes out the mega Alolan Ninetalite stone, and sets it before the other Pokemon. "This is an Alolan Ninetalite. It allows mega evolution of an Alolan Ninetales, which is the species my son and I are." "The reason I'm bringing this stone to your attention is because of a particular ability it gives. I'm sure you are very familiar with Holy Barriers, and the constant problems they have caused for your group." "This mega stone changes the ability of a Ninetales to Infiltrator. Infiltrator not only allows the bypassing of any protection based moves, but also completely ignores Holy Barriers of all kinds. Anyone with this can send attacks right through Holy Barriers, or just phase through one as they will."
  6. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    Rivalin's headstart didn't last for very long. All I have to do is lose him in the crowd, and hide it out for a bit. Then I can get back right on-- There was a rush of wind all of the sudden, and Rivalin's eyes widen as that Lucario from before suddenly appears before him, said Lucario looking incredibly annoyed. --track? Rivalin is unable to react quick enough, and is instantly knocked out by a smooth hit to the neck from the Lucario. - Akiho had managed to locate Rivalin through Eien City's marketplace from simply asking the Pokemon around him. Rivalin hadn't exactly anticipated that his rudeness would make him more distinguishable to everyone, and thus Akiho was easily pointed towards the correct direction. Akiho spotted Rivalin the moment he slammed into that Lucario from before, since it caused quite a commotion in the marketplace. He was prepared to chase down his son once again, until the Lucario simply knocked Rivalin unconscious. The first thing Akiho did was immediately snatch Rivalin's bag away, and search through it. He let out a sigh of relief when he found that the Alolan Ninetalite was still there, and Akiho takes it from Rivalin. "It's... quite alright." Akiho finally said to the Lucario, having recovered from his initial shock fairly quickly. "I'm pretty sure he had it coming, so I thank you for that. I must apologise for him though, and the disturbance he's caused you and the Bisharp--" Akiho suddenly cuts off, and looks at said Bisharp with wide eyes. "You are... Elysian correct?" Akiho bows his head in respect at the Bisharp. "While I'm aware your services were meant to be in secrecy, I've heard quite a bit about you." "I doubt you know me, but I was a former soldier in Avalon's army. Regardless of that, I've been looking for you. I believe I have something that would prove quite useful to your efforts."
  7. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    Rivalin gets off of the Lucario as quickly as he possibly could, staggering back to his paws and swaying back into place, still unbalanced. He shoots a particularly dirty look at the two Pokemon who were (rightfully although Rivalin would never admit that) accusing him. "Maybe because a psychopath literally is trying to get me?" He hisses lowly, and directly ignores the two's questions. He sidesteps the two, preparing to dash off again. "Regardless, real lovely chat today, but I'm afraid I don't have the time for this. So if you don't mind--" "RIVALIN!!!" "Are you kidding me?!" Rivalin swivels around, to see a distinguishable and all too familiar shiny Alolan Ninetales within the crowds of the marketplace. Glaring right at him. The crowds around Akiho parted away, not wanting to get in the way of such an obviously furious Pokemon. "RIVALIN, I SWEAR. YOU BETTER GET BACK HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANCE--!" "Ahah. Nope." Rivalin rudely shoves the Lucario aside once again, and moves to escape through the crowds.
  8. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [IC] [Event #4]

    The rich side of Eien City was rather luxurious. The houses of the Pokemon there were massive, with large properties and well-furnished buildings. Any Pokemon passing through there would immediately think it as one word--snooty. Well, at least that's how a particular Alolan Ninetales named Rivalin felt about it. And not just snooty, but claustrophobic and suffocating as well. Rivalin could easily say he hated Eien City as a whole for the short while he's been trapped there. Which is why Rivalin is planning an escape... The most recent escape plan of his, that is. Within one of the massive buildings in Eien City's rich side, Rivalin scribbles drawings on the pristine walls of his room, ruining them. He's not actually writing his plan down on the wall, that would be pretty stupid. He's just doing it to piss off a very specific shiny Alolan Ninetales--Akiho his father. Rivalin steps back and admires his handiwork, smirking to himself. He drags several blankets from his bed and uses Ice Shard to pin them in place over the wall. For good measure, he uses the remaining shards of ice to embed into the closed door, watching as they simply bounce off the metal surface. After his previous escape attempts, his father decided that a wooden door simply wouldn't do it anymore. The good thing though, is that ice slamming into a metal door makes a much louder noise. It doesn't take long for a half-asleep Akiho to open the door with an irritated, but unsurprised look on his face as he steps into the room. "Rivalin, it is way too early in the morning for this. What the hell are you doing now--?" Rivalin immediately uses a Moonblast, to which which Akiho's sharp reflexes reacts with a Protect, dissipating the Moonblast. Akiho's sleepiness had vanished at this point, and he stands wide awake and alert, looking incredibly frustrated. "Oh, for Avalon's sake Rivalin. Are we seriously doing this--" He doesn't even get the chance to finish his sentence before Rivalin uses another Moonblast. Akiho immediately uses Moonblast as well to intercept the attack. Akiho looks over Rivalin, a scowl crossing over his face. "You're acting foolishly. We've already been through this song and dance before. Do you think throwing a temper tantrum now will solve anything?" Another Ice Shard from Rivalin, which Akiho intercepts with his own Ice Shard attack once again. Akiho waits in anticipation for Rivalin to say something, but is greeted by silence. "The silent treatment now, Rivalin? How mature of you." Rivalin twitches slightly at that comment but still doesn't respond, but Akiho picks up on Rivalin's rising irritation and decides to press further, wanting to get Rivalin to do something rash so Akiho can get an easy knock-out on him. "Of course, that's just what's to be expected of you. You act so immaturely all the time, and then question why everyone treats you just like a child--" [Rivalin and Akiho both use Rain Dance! It's now raining!] Both of them give sharp looks at each other, knowing exactly what the other is trying to do. It's a signature strategy of Rivalin to use Rain Dance and then Freeze-Dry to completely immobilise his opponents, a strategy that Akiho has adapted to and been able to copy as well. Rivalin moves first, trying to take down Akiho as quickly as possible. [Rivalin uses Freeze-Dry!] [Akiho uses Ice Beam!] The two attacks once again meet in the air and cancel each other out. Rivalin lets out a huff of irritation, tired of that happening before proceeding to use Dazzling Gleam. Akiho is blinded temporarily, and Rivalin is able to move closer to Akiho in that brief moment. [Rivalin uses Freeze-Dry--] [Akiho uses Disable!] Rivalin is unable to use Freeze-Dry any longer, and Akiho shoots a smirk at him. With Rivalin now closer to him, Akiho takes his chance. [Akiho uses Freeze-Dry!] Rivalin barely dodges the attack, but his tail is caught by it and partially frozen. Rivalin cringes and hobbles in spot, his balance now thrown off. [Rivalin uses Moonblast!] The attack completely misses due to Rivalin's lack of coordination now, and Akiho immediately responds with his own Moonblast, which hits Rivalin square on, knocking him down. Akiho throws a particularly annoyed glare at Rivalin, figuring that this was a one-sided match at this point. "I would like to suggest just ending this stupid act right here, and going back to bed so I can as well. Or do you want me to put you to sleep myself? I can't imagine getting knocked unconscious is particularly comfortable." "...Akiho." "Finally speaking? I'm not in the mood for your insults and "witty" quips at the moment though, Rivalin. So I think you should--" "Just shut up already." Suddenly, the blankets that Rivalin set up fall down on Akiho, having been released from the Ice Shards' hold because the ice melted at this point. That brief moment of Akiho's confusion is enough for Rivalin to dart out of the room--and slam the metal door behind him. "What the--RIVALIN!!" Akiho roars from behind the door, and Rivalin rushes away, unable to contain his grin. It was his stupidest and most simple plan yet. He's done so many overly-complex escape strategies at this point, Akiho was probably expecting something crazy like before. Rivalin hadn't expected this one to even work just because how dumb it was in general, but somehow Akiho fell for it. Rivalin limps into Akiho's room, scanning it over before his eyes fixate on the prize on the nightstand. He distastefully snatches it up and puts it into his bag, before darting away and out of the house. With 2 Nasty Plots, Akiho forced the door open with a massive Blizzard attack. The first thing he does is head back to his room, already knowing what Rivalin must have done. He is unsurprised, but furious when he notices the absence of a particular Mega Stone--an Alolan Ninetalite. "Damn it all, Rivalin!" Akiho rushes out of the building in chase after his son. -- Rivalin hadn't been able to run away as fast as he possibly could due to the multitude of injuries he had, but he had reached Eien City's marketplace, where Akiho would have a much harder time finding him. This was the farthest he's ever gotten away from his father, and he honestly had no plans of what to do now. His only goal is to get away and as far as he possibly can. Which was a difficult task, since he's been limping most of the way. Quite a few Pokemon have given him concerned looks because of how obviously injured he is, and most of them have tried to steer clear of his path. Rivalin has been shooting a glare at anyone who accidentally gets in his way, and not bothering to apologise to anyone he's run into. What should I do now? I don't have any money on me... but I do have this mega stone. I can go and find that black market Akiho's been whining about and sell this stupid thing, and I'd be pretty well off. Then I can buy transportation services, and get myself a sweet ride to freedom! Rivalin grins to himself, pleased at how things are going. I'll be set from there! This is absolutely perfect-- In his mulling, Rivalin hasn't been paying attention to where he is going, and runs directly into a Lucario, toppling the other Pokemon and himself over. "Ouch!" He sends a glare in the Lucario's direction, deciding to pin the blame on the other Pokemon instead. "Ugh--watch where you're going! I don't have the time for this!"
  9. Chromein

    Pokémon Catharsis [OOC/Sign-Ups Opened]

    I'm a big lurker on this forum and didn't even have an account, but when I heard about a Mystery Dungeon-based RP I couldn't resist . I hope I'm not too late! Here's my profile. I had fun making it! Sorry for the text wall!